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Observations about social life and game in NYC.

No matter how you put it, NYC is one of the best places in America if not the world for a young single guy to practice his game and start his empire. Over the past few months, I have started to notice certain things about life in this city that are worth mentioning for any guy who wants to move here. You can thank me later!

For starters, you really only get the full fun factor of this city as a young man by living in Manhattan.

Brooklyn might be a runner-up due to how much talent Williamsburg gets in this day and age but in order to really live out your twenties in this city, you have to be in Manhattan. The rent is higher and apartments lower quality but you are paying for the location and nothing else. All the fun bars, good logistics, available women in the prime of their life, hedonism, and the high life happen in Manhattan. For those who do not live in Manhattan, they come here to party and live it up on the weekends.

Queens is largely families and people who are ready to settle down, Brooklyn has its odd but fun spots, and you might as well not bother with anything else. Do not buy the hype with Hoboken, it is largely cliquish Greek Life crowds that care about that sort of stuff well after graduation.

Hinge is the go to dating app here.

I have found that Bumble is largely dead in NYC for most men compared to other cities I have been to where my matches go up significantly. Make no mistake about it, NYC is Hinge-country when it comes to dating apps. Coffee Meets Bagel is a runner up and Tinder can be relatively decent in this city as well. The next thing you have is an app called Bounce, I highly recommend checking it out as it sets the date up for you as well a picking the spot.

NYC truly is college in your twenties.

Living in NYC is like being in college for the rest of your twenties except the women are hotter and parties are better, as said by many men I have known. No other city in the entire country will offer you an opportunity to make tons of meaningful friendships and run into so many twenty-somethings trying to figure out life packed together on an island than NYC. The parties here will make parties even at the best party school look mediocre, as I have heard from graduates of places like Arizona St, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Florida St, and USC. Maybe the high cost of living forces successful people who would be living alone in a house in most cities to live like roommates in college, add to that the hedonism that comes with it and you have a culture which rivals the social atmosphere of even the most fun party school.

While the Meatpacking District has it’s gems, it is largely overrated and the popular spots are hardly good for game in general throughout the city.

A lot of the places that everyone talks about as being the hot spots, especially outsiders to the city, are hardly ever good places to meet women. Most women out in these places are out with a large group for a special occasion. For the most part, the crowds you see here are going to be people more satisfied with taking a selfie and being popular than actually meeting new people. A lot of these people will also be the ones not living in Manhattan but seeking out the city’s glory which they can brag to about friends back home.

Instead, you find overtime that the trick is to seek out and end up at hole in the wall spots where a lot of the Manhattan locals go to. You will usually meet higher quality women who are down for a fun night for the right guy and are just out to have fun, already being over the validation hungry phase their counterparts from across the bridge and tunnels still seek out.

Speaking of Bridge and Tunnel, you’ll learn to hate them if you are here long enough.

Before coming to NYC, I always wondered why Jersey was the butt of every joke. After being here long enough, I slowly learned why so many people steered clear. Before I go any further, I have friends in Jersey and have nothing personal against the state or anyone from it but this has to be pointed out.

You learn that a lot of the worst stereotypes people have of New Yorkers actually apply to people from Jersey and to a degree Staten Island. Brash, rude, and in-your-face; add to that the embodiment of some of the worst narcissism, hunger for attention and high school popularity contest mindset and you’ll start to avoid places that are “Bridge and Tunnel”. The women are also very icy, looking to find anyone who can help them climb a social ladder and places to take selfies to brag about how cool they are, very much embodying some of the worst traits of your typical millennial.

What makes the NYC bar scene so great is the fact that you run into fun-loving people looking to have a good time and meet new people. Once a place turns into a “Bridge and Tunnel” spot, all that goes away and it ends up being a cliquish spot that resembles a college bar reserved for certain fraternities and sororities.

At the same time you’ll learn that those snobby Manhattan locals and residents are really good people.

All those snobs you heard stories about that were born and raised in the UWS or UES of Manhattan are actually really cool people. A lot of them are driven, ambitious, but welcoming to someone who is not there to mooch off of them. Similarly, the young people who can afford to live in the crown of NYC are from all over the country and looking to live out the last bits of their youth, having a good time doing it. You can have some of the best conversations and good friendships with the Ivy-league grad and find that he is far from snobby, the women are also quite cool despite having high standards. Add to that the European trying to fit in and make friends and you have a recipe for a great social life. Maybe actually getting to Manhattan gives someone that feeling of accomplishment but also humbles them to a degree, it is something that I still wonder about.

In case you haven’t picked up on it now, the best spots are going to be a lot more hidden.

If you are looking for the places to meet a model or a quality woman, you won’t find her at the popular spots everyone is talking about, they are largely Bridge and Tunnel. Instead, you are going to find her at places which are more low-key and only certain crowds in the city know about. The one thing these places will have in common is that most people that go there actually live in the area and are going there to have a night they are looking to become more fun. The spots won’t be the flashy ones with really long lines but they will be gems you will find either by going around the city or continuing to read this blog.

It’s all accessible here if you are someone of quality.

The best part about NYC is that it does not run on as much of a tribal atmosphere that you would get in the south. People don’t care that much about what high school you went to or who you knew here, it’s all about who you are. The city is a city of opportunity as long as you are willing to work hard at it, I cannot say that about most cities in the US. I used to live in a city where people cared about what fraternity you were in well after college and who you knew growing up, that determined your social value, it’s different in NYC.

People here are shallow but it’s over things you can control.

Unlike other cities where people are shallow about who you knew growing up and what family you come from, not to say that doesn’t happen in NYC, the people of NYC are shallow about things you can control such as how you dress, how good you look, how much money you make, and how confident you come across. In other words, the shallowness is straightforward in typical NYC attitude.

That about wraps it up for now.

Now that wraps it up for now but expect me to keep adding to this as we move forward with this site, stay tuned!

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