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What is the best dating app?

Just yesterday, and by that I mean 2012, Tinder was the only dating app on the market and it was the “in” thing. Now, seven years later, the market is crowded with dating apps for a variety of people and purposes. Slowly but surely, the dating app market is being crowded with every new dating app being the “it” thing. So what is the best dating app?

For one, it’s all about volume.

Every trendy dating app might pop up but the fact is, it is about volume. The more popular dating apps and certain niche dating apps have that going for them, volume. You need apps that have a high population on them, it increases your odds. While certain apps might be trending, most lack the volume to be decent enough options. The point being, you need to stick to the dating apps that are mainstream enough.

Most importantly, it comes down to the city!

I live in NYC where Hinge is king and most other dating apps take a backseat to it all. Coffee Meets Bagel is a runner-up, Tinder is decent, and Bumble is largely empty. When I was down south, Bumble and Tinder were the solid go to apps and Hinge took a backseat to it all. In order to take this into account, you download all of the dating apps that are mainstream which include Tinder, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel. You can also download The League as a good niche app and a bonus.

Take the season into account as well as the algorithms.

Summer months are usually awful for dating because everyone is out and about, fall and winter tend to be better. Expect a lot more flakiness and a decrease in matches on dating apps for the summer while for the winter, it will increase. The next thing to keep in mind are the algorithms, your first week will always result in the most matches, at least on Bumble and Tinder as your profile is towards the top.

Tinder is still alive.

I’ll say that for now, Tinder is still alive despite the amount it has fallen in quality. The app has now been flooded by fake profiles and you’ll likely pay for top notch success but it is still a solid enough option. Unfortunately, the quality is a lot lower on the app due to its reputation as a pure hookup app. By now, Tinder is more of a mainstream app where everyone who initially missed out on it goes to it. The allure and cool factor the app first had going for it is now gone.

Bumble can net you the highest quality but it is the harshest.

I never rarely met a guy who did better on Bumble than they did on the other dating apps like Tinder. You will get the lowest amount of matches on Bumble of all the dating apps but when done right, it can lead to some quality nights and I have stories from those nights I am more than happy to share. Bumble has among the highest quality of all the dating apps but it is also the toughest due to the fact that women are pickier knowing they have to message the guy. Add to that matches expire within 24 hours and you have one difficult dating app to crack.

But the winner is….


As of 2019, the app meant to get deleted is the best app out there. The ability to comment on the photos gets you to a point where you punch above your weight class (not literally) and the highest quality. Of the main dating apps, Hinge will lead you to the better quality, higher success, and less flakes. While you might normally get less matches, you’ll have higher quality conversions than the other two.

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