Do looks really matter as a guy?

The question was bound to be asked and bound to come so I decided to address it early on in this post. I see this question get asked so much and it has a polarizing view on it, either looks are everything or either they barely mean much. As with anything in life, this is a question to which the answer is not so black and white, it is an area that is shaded grey.

Instead of boring you and forcing you to read the whole thing, the fact of the matter is that looks do actually matter.

I have deviated a good bit with looks in my life, at one point I was at a low bodyfat percentage which made my face more chiseled. At another point in my life I was chubby had a gut, that was not fun at all. I have experimented with different haircuts throughout my life, clothing styles, and really put in the work on my looks when I could. The treatment I received from women was night and day, in fact so was the treatment I received from people.

Good looking guys almost always get away with things that most guys would not be able to. Girls care about looks and want good looking guys to come up to them and talk to them. In today’s age of social media and dating apps, a man’s looks matter even more.

But there is a downside….

After a while, I started to realize that a lot of good looking guys I knew ended up settling own with relatively average looking girls or girls who were plain looking. Even when it came to seeing them hookup, I saw them with uglier and plain average looking women. I started to wonder why this was and what caused it to be this way.

When you’re hot, ugly and average girls chase you hard.

Most guys who are hot get spoiled by the attention and love having an ego boost of girls that want them desperately. The fact of the matter is that hot girls are never really desperate and while they will pick a hot guy over an ugly one, they still expect him to put in the work. Being hot spoils you, you have no reason to put in the work because it is so easy. Most guys will take the path of least resistance and getting hot girls in general is tough, for everyone.

The best part is though that you have a lot more control over your looks than you think.

Hit the gym, workout, get some sleep, eat well, and dress well. Most of the times, you can go from plain to looking above average. Being handsome is dependent on genetics but being above average looking is good enough to pull hot girls if all else is on point. You have more control over your looks than you think.

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