How to appeal to college girls as an older guy.

Whether you had an amazing college experience and miss spending some time with co-eds or whether you had a regretful one and want a way to experience something you initially missed out on, the fact of the matter is that a lot of guys out there fantasize about getting with college girls. I prefer women who are a bit older but every now and then, I’ve been with a girl who was still in college. What I have seen is this being done in so many ways that are wrong and makes the guy come off as either very creepy or like her dad.

You start being “older” the day you graduate, usually after your early twenties.

The typical college girls that have the college experience are going to go to state schools where everyone, for the most part, is in that 17-23 year old age range. After that, you start being that old guy and once you graduate, you really are an older guy in her eyes. For your typical college, there is not that big of a different between the age of 25 or 30, you’re just “older”. If you start looking older, it does become tougher although I have seen guys pull it off.

Contrary to popular belief, older guys as a whole struggle with college girls for many reasons, some out of their control and some not.

College girls care a great deal about how others see them, this becomes exponentially true if she is in a sorority (more on that later). Despite the notion of women liking older guys, the fact of the matter is that most older guys have no shot at a good looking girl in her college years. A lot of older guys are usually too cynical and jaded for the game and this conflicts with the personality of a co-ed who is full of excitement for life. Now add the judgment a younger woman gets for dating an older guy and it makes it even more difficult. Unless she is hideous or an outcast, she will care a great deal about how others perceive her. Despite what the “experts” will tell you, as an older guy you are fighting an uphill battle compared to some frat guy or athlete around her age.

A lot will come down to your circumstances and where you are at.

In NYC, it is not that rare to see a guy in his forties dating a co-ed, plenty of college girls during internships sleep with local guys well past college age. Now on the flipside, this becomes nearly impossible if you are an older guy in some southern college town where image is everything and women literally avoid anyone outside of their social circles. In college towns where the reputation of townies is bad, you’re in a really tough spot. The reason this isn’t a one size fits all debate is because it is so location and circumstances dependent, I have been in areas where college girls will not touch an older guy with a 10-ft pole and others where it was doable. One truth remains constant, you are in an unfavorable situation compared to younger guys who go to the same school as her.

It all boils down to what a lot of college girl want.

If you have the typical hot party girl or the hot co-ed in mind, these are some of the things most of them want.

  • Fun
  • Parties
  • Anything that boosts their social status
  • Exciting experiences they can look back on
  • Anything perceived as “cool” and “hip”
  • Any guy perceived as “hot”

So here is what you can do to put the odds in your favor.

I list these as things that worked for me but also worked for older guys I know who successfully pulled college girls.

It helps to be “hot”.

College girls care about looks a great deal, unless you are someone who is in a frat and popular on her campus. Then again, you’re too old for that so you need to look good. Being in outstanding shape will negate the hangups she has about dating older guys, after all, age will rarely be a thing with her if you look like Channing Tatum! While not everyone has the genetics to be hot, you can still be hot enough and above average looking after some work.

Try your luck when they are in a situation of not being surrounded by their cliques and social circles.

As we mentioned, college girls really care about how others perceive them, arguably more than any other kinds of women out there. If she is from a top notch party school where Greek Life is usually king, she will care a great deal about how others see her. The one exception is when she is far away from her social circle and at times suffocating social group where perception is everything. In NYC, lots of college girls come to intern for the summer and go home with guys they would not even look twice at in their college towns. The same applies to women on vacation and far away from the judgment of their social cliques. In other words, you’re better off being in a place a lot of college girls temporarily end up.

Have a job or hobby portrayed as “fun” or “cool”.

Bar owner, bartender, photographer, and DJ are some examples of jobs that fit that mold. Photographer sticks out since it is not exactly a “party” job but it speaks to the need for validation and being perceived as hot so many college girls have. All the jobs listed either speak to her need to be a part of the party lifestyle or her need to be perceived as popular which a good photographer helps her do. The more sophisticated white collar jobs that might impress your parents are not going to impress her. Only exception here is if you are at a job or company she wants to be at but even there, with HR, there are so many risks attached. All I can say for those of you with a stable career is to get a nice hobby.

Have a lifestyle portrayed as “cool”.

The other alternative to it all is just having a lifestyle that is portrayed as cool. I doubt Dan Bilzerian will have much problems sleeping with a sorority girl at Arizona St. In fact, I think he would have better luck than even some popular fraternity guys given that he is Dan Bilzerian. In other words, have a lifestyle that speaks to the things she dreams of. Time in exotic locations, partying with fun people, and doing shit perceived as cool will get her wanting to be a part of your life. Posting philosophy, whining about being old, and being boring will get her to run far away from you.

Don’t be the typical “older guy”.

Cynical, jaded, bitter, boring, depressing, and beat down by life; words that describe most older men. The other reason older guys struggle with women is because older men are usually not as excited about life and don’t portray the zest for it that younger guys in great shape do. Most of these girls have been hit on by depressing creepy older guys who sleazily came on to them, they have had bad experiences, you have to be more Dan Bilzerian and less typical older guy.

Sugar daddy game?

When all else fails? Why not. I have not done it but Seeking Arrangement will make it easy these days.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, some girls will just be closed off to you because of your age.

Some college girls legitimately dislike older guys or even guys in their own social circles, this becomes more true for the stereotypical sorority sister at a party school. No matter what you do or who you are, you will struggle and these girls will always pick the popular kid at their university over just about everyone else. Before you get too down in the dumps for your age, realize that not even most guys her age at her school even had a shot with her in the first place. Despite this there are plenty of options to be had!

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  1. I know a lot of people probably envy Dan Bilzerian, but his lifestyle is so unattractive to me. Young girls do desire social status, but honestly, once they reach mid twenties, I think security is much more important.

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