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How to close.

The date has been going well, attraction is there, and now comes the moment. You get this window of opportunity to make the difference between taking her home for the night or you go home empty handed. Now comes the time for the close!

Lose the shame.

Lose the shame of taking her home, the truth is, people fuck and women love sex a lot more than men. As much as society judges, the truth is women want to fuck men and fuck more than men do. Except, with women, things are more subtle than direct. Instead of being too direct, tell her to check out your place nearby.

It’s like, it just “happened”.

She ends up at your place for a movie or for a view, the truth is, it is less about going there to fuck but it is something that just “happened”. If you are picking up on my message, you find an excuse to get her to come to your place. Maybe you have a nice pool table, a great TV, a great view, and want to show her how apartments are like in your part of town.

Her: How do people afford to live here?

You: I mean you sacrifice on quality

Her: I mean it can’t be that bad

You: Okay fine, I’ll show you, then you be the judge

She did not go there to fuck you, she went there to check out the apartment, the sex just “happened”.

All about framing it.

Frame it as “let’s go to my place and fuck”, you come off as a perv. Frame it as “cool stuff at my place you should check out”, you leave yourself an opportunity. Women hate to be seen as sluts, being seen as a slut is a Scarlett Letter even in today’s world. Instead, women need their “just happened” moment in order for sex to happen.

Or just LEAD.

Pretend like you are not even going to your place, just walk with them to your place and open the door. Now you end up at your place without even mentioning it, it “just happened”.

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