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What part of the USA has the best looking women?

As I have started to travel abroad to different countries and meet people of different backgrounds, the guy talk turns into me being asked what parts of America have the best looking women. I even get American guys asking me quite often where you will find the best looking women in this country. While the stereotypes are heavy on Miami and Los Angeles as being the gold mines, the truth is a bit more complicated than that.

It really boils down to what kinds of women you like.

Some guys love blondes with blue eyes, others love a good looking Latina, some love Asian girls, and the list goes on. Every guy has his “type” that just appeals to him for me to say that one city is the absolute winner here. If you love a sexy blonde, Miami is not going to be a very fun city for you. Meanwhile, you’ll be a miserable man in Minnesota if Latinas are your thing. Instead, it comes down to what kinds of women you like and what area has a lot of them. So there begins our conversation on what area of the US is the best for each kind of guy.

You can’t rival the Midwest if you love white girls, especially blondes.

We can be politically incorrect for a second here, white women are the most preferred race of women out there no matter what your new latest gimmicky dating study might say. Throughout the modeling world, white women are dominant and even the “Latinas” present have a lot of European heritage. Now the Heartland produces an abundance of supermodels as found here.

The “farmer’s daughter” type are found in abundance throughout the region where there is a lot of Scandinavian and German heritage. Now what this means is that you get a lot of good looking blonde women, not the fake bottle blondes but good looking natural blondes that have you wondering if you are in Scandinavia. Compared to white women elsewhere, you’ll also find that Midwestern white women are down to earth and approachable compared to their sisters in California for example. As a bonus, while in some parts of America being a minority can work against you (more on that in a later post), it is not the case in the Heartland.

Not into blondes? No worries, the high amounts of Eastern European influence in the Midwest will throw some sexy dark-haired beauties your way as well!

Go to Miami for Latinas.

After white women, I have typically found Latinas to be the most preferred group and nothing can rival Miami when it comes to that. You get Latinas of various backgrounds in a city that yells sex appeal off the top of the mountain. I honestly believe that if you are not into Latinas, you’re wasting your time in Miami. From personal experience as someone who used to exclusively prefer white women, I found that Miami changed my mind on Latinas very fast. Compared to other areas of the US with a high Hispanic population, Miami has more of a mix with various types of Latins.

The south is good if you are into black girls, Atlanta in particular.

While Atlanta is horrible for gaming if you like white girls, it is great for guys who are into black women. You will find black women of various shades in the city and a lot of them are well-off. The city of Atlanta has been a spot where a lot of successful black people end up at and it has a high black population as well. In general, the southern states of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi have high black populations which make them great for guys who are into black girls.

For Asian girls, head to the Pacific Northwest.

While Asian girls in San Francisco are generally cold and against going for anything other than a white guy, even preferring them over Asian men, you will find approachable and cool Asian girls in other parts of the Northwest. The Northwest will also have a good mix of different kinds of Asians although it will primarily be East Asians (Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese). You’ll also find a lot of Asian mixed with white type of girls in the Pacific Northwest as well which can make guys who are not into Asians change their taste.

For “everything else”, your best bet are big cities or areas that have a lot of people of that background.

The great thing about living in an NYC or Chicago is that you really do get a big variety of various kinds of women without sacrificing on your quality of life. While I love Indian girls, moving to New Jersey would be a dumb mistake because it is freaking New Jersey. Michigan has an abundance of good looking Middle Eastern girls but outside of college or Detroit which is making a come back, there is not much of a reason to go there. If you become location independent, this could be a great thing to try. In most cases if you are a guy who isn’t too strict on a type or wants a variety, you will never go wrong with large world class cities.

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