What makes a city a good place for a single guy?

One other way someone will ask this is what makes a city a good place for “game”. In the future, I will be doing a topic on what my top five cities for men are in North America but before I did that, I wanted to set the standards. I will also be doing a thread on what the worst big cities are too and the standards on that. In order for a city to be a top place for game, there are a myriad of factors that must come together to make it more realistic for a single guy to go home with an above average looking woman every month if he does not have an exceptional social circle. An exceptional social circle is going to make just about any city good for you no matter how bad it is for men in general.

A question I ask is, how well could a single guy with above average looks, no major personality issues (too shy, socially awkward, etc.), and a decent enough salary to care for himself while having money to spend do in this city?

If the answer is that he could go home with a decent looking woman every month and not lower his standards, it makes a city great. Now if the guy can do that multiple times a month, it makes the city amazing and worthy of top five honor.

A lot of it comes down to where in the city you are.

I live in NYC and if you live in Manhattan, you are in a prime spot for game. Brooklyn is another great area and Queens is doable, as soon as you get outside of those places, it turns into shit. The same thing goes for any other major city out there, if you are not in a prime area, you are not capitalizing on anything. I would say you are better off focusing on how you can be in a prime area of any city out there as much as just picking the city.

Now for what makes a city great for men…

All about the ratios.

The term sausage-fest becomes relevant here, under no circumstances is a sausage-fest favorable. In most cases, the root cause of a city’s issues that make it unfavorable for men is that it is a sausage-fest. When the numbers favor women, the culture itself bends over backwards for women. If you look at any city where radical feminism is a way of life and accepted as the norm, the root cause of it all is the fact that there are a lot of single men than single women.

Men will do all sorts of things to get laid and when the numbers are unfavorable, they do not mind turning on each other and bending over backwards for feminism. A bad dating culture for men can all be boiled down to the fact that there are tons of men in a given city and hardly enough single women, supply and demand 101. When women have the numbers in their favor, significantly, they write the rules.

On the other hand, when there are hardly any men around and you have a lot of single women, you will find that local women become nicer. In parts of the world where a shortage of men was an issue, women had to go above and beyond to find a husband or any guy. In order to make this a reality, most women from these cultures would look nice for men and act nicer towards them than being icy.

A socially welcoming and inclusive culture.

The other thing that makes a city great for men is that the culture itself is not as cliquish, it is actually socially open. When locals are open to meeting new people and making friends with outsiders, that means that there is a lack of cliquishness around and women are more open to dating men outside of their social circles. On the flip side, a cliquish local culture where everyone is stuck in a high school mindset usually means that women are going to sacrifice on quality to go for guys that are a part of the local “in crowd”. You heard that right, you will lose to local men who are uglier, less charismatic and less well off than you because women do not want to break the “social norms”.

A culture that is liberal, politics aside.

I am not talking politics when I say liberal, instead I mean socially liberal where things like sex before marriage, hooking up, sleeping around, being single after the age of 30, and partying are not frowned upon. As beautiful as the women in Utah might be, you are not going to be experimenting much due to the social norms. On the other hand, Las Vegas is a blessing to any young guy because of the culture being rooted in hedonism. You are not going to have fun in most cities that are in a conservative part of the country since the local culture will still be pushing for things like marriage and slut-shaming is going to be the norm.

A thriving nightlife with lot to do!

A city that has a thriving nightlife is going to be a hotbed for hedonism given that so much is being invested in alcohol. Any city with a thriving nightlife scene is going to offer opportunities to guys not just in nightlife but outside of it. When the culture panders to nightlife, it means that the local women are more open to getting around and that is something that rings true altogether for life outside of the bar. What this means is that social hobbies will have a lot of people in them that are not strictly conservative about sex.

An overall younger population.

When a city is the city where lots of people in their twenties head to right after college, it means that they are not leaving all of college behind. In fact, in a lot of cases people who head to these cities head there to live a life they might not have been able to live in college. What this means is that the bar scene and the club scene is going to be filled with people who are looking to get it “out of their system”. I would venture to say that some of these cities make even the most fun college campuses seem tame in comparison.

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