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The number one piece of advice I will give to every guy in his twenties.

Throughout the internet you see a lot of material giving advice to everyone in their twenties and telling them what they need to do. I do not feel like there is enough out there giving advice to young men in their twenties and that really needs to change. While I have seen a lot of material out there giving men in their twenties advice, I have found that it does not give good advice. Sometimes I find that a lot of the advice out there has an agenda and it does not mean well for young men in their twenties. The twenties are a part of life where you will likely go through more changes than ever and be thrust into what is called the real world. Despite all of the adversity, there is one piece of advice I will give to every guy in his twenties.

Get it out of your system!

You read that right, get it out of your system while you still can. If you are a guy in your twenties who feels that he has not done anything yet that is worth a good story, this is your time to do it. Now is the time to party hard, sleep with lots of women, travel around, make cool friends, do crazy fun shit, and do things that are worth the story. I know there is a dialogue out there about the thirties being a man’s prime and life getting better for men as they get older due to value going up with age, while it is true, there is a catch to it.

You’ll see it commonly with men in their thirties, a lot of them are just a lot more bitter or usually over it. The truth is while you might have the resources, that zest for life will not be there. I will be speaking more about this.

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