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A night out in Greenwich Village.

Long overdue but I decided this past weekend to spend the night out in Greenwich Village instead of the typical areas to go out to in NYC. Before I come to any conclusion on the area, I want to say I am not a regular there by any means.

I started off the night by trying this bar called Amity Hall, did not seem that packed but it could have been for time of the year. Do see these two hot girls but decided to let my wingman do the approach, he was largely incompetent. The bartender was drunk as fuck and somehow forgot to charge us for a couple drinks. After finding Amity Hall really empty, we decided to head to this place called Off The Wagon.

Head to Off the Wagon to find that it was largely social groups of college kids or couples out at bars. We did find a group of about four women who were easy to talk to, unfortunately they were all married and we stopped it right there. Decided to head out shortly after finding that the place was packed with tight groups to a place with a live band. Cover charge was around ten bucks but worth it, why not.

I’d say the live band bar was full of the rudest and most tight knit people out there that I have seen for quite some time. The guys seemed relatively nice but the girls were either with guys or with their live crew not wanting to be bothered at all whatsoever. I was so exhausted that I sat down, saw it all as a waste of time.

For now, I am going to be seeing what I might have missed about Greenwich Village but it seemed to be cliquier than other parts of the city, maybe it’s because NYU is right there. The bars themselves seemed lively for a good party so no complaints there.

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