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The truth about your career and success with beautiful women.

We were all taught growing up that working the typical white collar job that society respects such as banker, engineer, lawyer, doctor, and any job that makes you proud will generally be a benefit with dating. After all, women do love to end up with a guy who has his “shit together” or is more well put-together compared to a loser right? I thought the same way too growing up, thinking that a nice degree or career is going to get me that supermodel wife or the hottest girl in town. As I got more real-world experience, I started to look around and found an odd trend that made me question what I thought.

To be clear, I am not talking about marrying a beautiful woman or even getting into a relationship with her, I am talking about sleeping with enough decent looking women throughout the year….

I realized I was being naive.

For reference, my experience is only in the USA and to be specific, on the east coast. I looked around and saw that it was rare, almost unheard of, for me to see someone in a well-educated type of white-collar profession having success with hot girls. In fact, I found that the guys commonly struggling with women were typically in the fields that would make more parents proud. A more depressing picture was to see that it was the guys not working the well-educated professions who were often sleeping with the hottest women or dating them.

What happened? My mind could not figure it out until I got some ideas.

Why is it that the guys who had the brains, the cash, and the prestige of working for a great company somehow were struggling to get a date with a good looking woman? I started to ask myself that question more and more, some theories came up, and I started to slowly find why it was more common to see a plumber or bartender sleeping with a hot girl than a software engineer or banker.

1. Time

Professions such as investment banker, doctor, lawyer, and a lot of the well-educated professions are an investment. When you are in your twenties, you are throwing in so much time just to earn respect. Bankers can work 80 to 100 hours a week, sometimes burning out from the pressure and stress. Compared to fucking around working at a bar, working at a bank or hospital means working long hours in stressful environments. What this also means is less time to take care of your health, look your best, and overall just only downtime to relax.

2. Not being around a lot of hot women.

Compared to a guy working at a nightclub or a DJ, you are not around a lot of hot women in most of these white collar professions. Even if you are around a lot of hot women, well that is something we get to later in the next section. When you are separated from hot women for a long time, you act less natural around them compared to someone who is around them a lot. Despite what is said, women do prefer to spend time with guys who they are around a lot or have something in common with, this is especially true for attractive women.

3. The environment and people you are around, walking on eggshells!

Even if you end up in a work environment with a lot of attractive women, debauchery is not just discouraged but can be a detriment to your career. A lot of corporate environments and educated professions suck the masculinity and game out of you. The environments are cut-throat, deceptive, and you deal with a lot of power-hungry people looking to screw you over. Even if you luck out, sleeping around is heavily discouraged in general from well educated professions. Being around this kind of an environment long enough just naturally drains the life out of you.

4. The guys who get into them are naturally not the men who get laid a lot.

Traits such as confidence (on the level of irrational), risk-taking, being sexual, and being used to being around a lot of hot women are not common to guys in white collar professions for the most part. Most men who get into these professions are naturally more academic, intelligent, and shy around women. A lot of the raw masculinity and being up front with wanting sex do not come naturally to these guys. Meanwhile, the guys who get into less educated professions have less shame and care less, they are more upfront with women and going after sex.

So I quit my nice career right?

I am going to do a post soon on how to get laid despite having an unfavorable career, be on the lookout. You don’t have to quit your career if you are passionate about it to have success with good looking women. The truth is you will have to do things differently than someone who might be a DJ at a strip club, bouncer at a nightclub, or bartender at the hottest bar in town.

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