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How to get laid while having an unsexy job.

In a previous post (link), I talk about the impact that your job and career choice have in how well you do in the game. One of the biggest takeaways from the post was that it is not even the job itself that makes you undesirable but all that goes into the job such as the kinds of people you surround yourself with, the pressures of the corporate world, and also the hours. So here are ways you get laid while having an unsexy job.

Long work hours, the amount of closeness your work requires with coworkers, and work situation itself will impact a lot of these.

Look as good as possible and have the most flattering photos for dating apps.

By far the most cost-effective and efficient way to do well for just about any guy out there. Get in shape, look good, get flattering clothes, and find a good photographer in your city that can take the most flattering photos of you. I would suggest hiring a photographer who has proven success before and having about a good 5 or so photos taken for dating apps. The biggest time-saver of them all is online dating, as much criticism as it gets. A top tier online dating strategy its going to be your biggest savior when you are working jobs with long hours or ones that require frequent travel, apps like bumble boost your profile when you are new to a city.

Make fun friends outside of work.

This part is always tricky since making friends alone is tough enough. You want friends who are in entertainment, service industry, or give off the vibe as the kinds of people that love to party and go out. Work on hanging around crowds and social circles where you are likely to find fun people and the party crowd. Expect to run into a lot of people who are going to be rude to you, in reality you really need one or just a handful of people in order to make your goal a reality. Through fun friends and cool friends, you are likely to meet cool women as a result.

Take up a fun hobby and commit to it.

Maybe it is kickball or maybe it is something like a dance class that introduces you to more lively people. You want hobbies that will put you around cool guys and the party people, you can find this with hobbies that are almost centered around alcohol. The formula is simple, you want to be around people who are almost the exact opposite of a boring corporate drone. You want the kinds of people that take pride in partying, going out, and being socially connected to the party scene.

Find a coworker or professional also in your situation.

So you are a consultant for a financial company or an Accountant, find a fun coworker who might be cool to hang out. For those that fear coworkers being competitors, find someone in the same or similar profession who does not work for your company but wants a similar thing out of life. Try not to make it too much about work but rather the fact that both of you work in the same profession and are just trying to make life more fun after work. I have made some great friends by just networking over drinks and finding that we had similar struggles and wanted the same things outside of work.

Find a fun side-gig.

This is definitely the last on the list and in the very few situations done right, you will benefit the most out of anything else. The reason this is last on the list is because it is just very tough to pull off if you want quality here. Some gigs that come to mind are DJ, any decent job at a nice bar or nightclub, or model photographer. Unfortunately, all of these jobs have odd-hours and will usually tend to conflict with the 9-to-5 work schedule. If you want to see benefits here, which you will see moreso than with anything else on here, you will have to be at the right place at the right time and be willing to go the extra mile.

So there it is

Not impossible by any means and no reason to really walk away from a fat paycheck, all of these do require a really big commitment.

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