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Why I gave up on the Red Pill Community

For those of you familiar with it, the Red Pill was a masculinity movement mainly intended to wake guys up to what was going on in society and help them survive by giving them the harsh truth. At its root, the movement was formed to help men get laid by giving them the harsh truth about the game. The whole idea was based on the Matrix reference with the purpose being that men can either believe the lie by society or accept the harsh truth, putting in the work to improve.

When I first read about it, the whole thing seemed interesting and the community itself had some very interesting content that peaked my interested. It really was great for me to come across the honest truth and unfiltered view of modern society, the writing was as powerful as ever. I started to feel like I was on to something but after a while, I started to see that I made a mistake and was a bit naive. After digging in for long enough, I started to realize that the red pill I might have been interested in was no longer the same.

While there were many reasons for me to give up on the red pill, the number one reason was that it lost its roots and finding value and turned into something else entirely, likely due to unfit men sticking around.

While it was initially interesting to hear men talk about gender differences, have discussions about what is going on, offer their controversial opinions, and occasionally share a success story; I realized that almost everyone in the community was about avoiding. “Red pilled men” wanted to avoid than actually do anything about succeeding with women. Sexual shaming became the norm and men who actually wanted to do things like sleep with lots of hot girls or live the playboy life started being chastised. Instead, everything became about the “life purpose” or the classic “more to life than pussy bro”. It became all too common to hate men

On one hand, I completely relate, the game is really tough at its core. You have to look good, be bold, and have one thick fucking skin or it will swallow you whole. We don’t often talk about this but it is the plain hard truth, it is more than a grind and there is so much you just have to account for. The game will hit you with hard hooks and head kicks, the question becomes how strong that chin is. Most men are all about the ideal until they finally go out, get rejections, and realize how much time goes into being good to where you can somewhat regularly pull hot girls.

So instead of accepting how tough it is or that it might not be for them, men who came in to improve stuck around and decided to preach about “life purpose” and practically anything to get themselves and others off path. To put it in other words, the red pill lost its roots and the very purpose the community was founded on was defeated. Men who were unfit for the game just stuck around and turned the red pill into their own soapbox and pedestal.

Instead of discussions and materials on sexual strategy, it turned more into chastising men that contributed relevant material. I think the discussion itself which the red pill was founded on forced men to live with their failure, you don’t discuss sexual strategy and game when a place is flooded with bitter men that burned out of it.

I realized that the nonsense political discussion and a host of other things made the red pill an incel soapbox rather than a place of productive discussion. At some point, I came to the realization that I was done and just walked away.

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