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The case for Dan Bilzerian

Whether you are a raging feminist or someone on the opposite end who is pro-game, Dan Bilzerian is someone who is without a doubt one polarizing figure. I won’t talk much on this pot about objectifying women or not being the most moral guy out there, instead, I want to talk about Dan Bilzerian being portrayed as someone who is fake or just paying hookers.

It isn’t really the situation.

The fact of the matter is a lot of guys out there who are wealthy might be able to do what Dan Bilzerian is doing and a lot of guys play the sugar daddy game. Instead we go into how the legend of Dan Bilzerian actually started.

Making a very long story short, Dan Bilzerian used his money to create an attractive lifestyle for himself on Instagram right when it was taking off. What led to and still leads to Dan Bilzerian’s success is that he is a popular guy who created his lifestyle in a unique way and went viral. Women saw the fancy places he traveled to, the following he had, and saw that as a chance to advance their own potential modeling career. A decent chunk of good looking women saw the life Dan Bilzerian was living on IG and wanted to be a part of it. Unlike rich guys having girl problems, Dan Bilzerian figured out a brilliant way to make a lifestyle that would net him a revolving door of hot aspiring models.

“But it’s so fake, they’re just using him for his fame”

Welcome to reality there kiddo, in the game you better have value. The idea that some aspiring model who cares about her image is going to go for some guy because he is “being himself” is asinine. As a matter of fact, think back to your high school days, the hottest girls typically went for the most popular guys. Now think about your college days even, the hottest girls were chasing guys in the most prestigious frats, sports teams, or socially well-connected men. At times, women even looked past the appearance of the guy and still fucked him because he happened to have the right Greek Letters or ran with the right crowd.

Well, Dan Bilzerian is the adult world version of the popular kid that gets the hottest girls. If you have not learned by now, hot girls are not going to sit around and wait for you to speak about your coding hobby, it just doesn’t happen outside of very rare circumstances.

In case you have not got the point by now, hot girls care a lot about image.

Of all the things out there, hot girls care about image and being cool. The reason so many of them take all those selfies, have top tier accounts on social media, and want to be at the trendiest spots is because they want to be perceived as having a cool image. Sure, you’ll run into exceptions but most attractive women do not really change that much in the amount of stock they put into being cool, unless they stop being hot.

Unless you are exceptionally hot yourself, most hot girls will not overlook your weird quirks or lack of understanding of the social world. In today’s age, social media likes and followers are a currency for how cool you are, the more the merrier.

Dan Bilzerian simply found a way to play the image game.

Is it fake? Well that’s debatable but the game does not care about your morals.

Is he hungry for validation? We can debate that too but even if he was, this is not about being a good person.

The fact of the matter is that when all is said and done, he is the one partying with model-tier girls in exotic locations, 99.9% of men out there cannot claim that kind of a life even if they have money. Dan Bilzerian simply found a creative way to be the modern-day Hugh Hefner. Top notch women will use strict standards when going for most men, these include looks, popularity, lifestyle, and your image. If you want to deny it, go for it but don’t come crying to me when you are stuck on a Saturday night watching porn because the hot girl passed you up for someone who had more social prowess.

So why the hate?

I always wondered what it is about Dan Bilzerian that makes him hated among certain men who claim to be pro-game. What I have realized is that a lot of these men are usually bitter towards the social politics and popularity contests, often dismissing them and anyone who plays them as fake, not realizing the social ceiling they put on themselves by being out of touch with the world hot girls are in. Most of the times these men will get with lesser attractive women or socially reclusive women, having some success but always being cancelled out by hot girls for more socially-connected men.

When a guy like Dan Bilzerian comes through and doe things in ways that they are not used to, such as not spam approaching but using social media instead, their own theories are thrown on their head. This is why so many men who are pro-game dislike what Dan Bilzerian does.

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