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Does it get better for men with age?

So there is a belief going around, particularly from more of the “red pill” type of crowd that it gets easier for men as we get older. The red pill, particularly The Rational Male as one of the writers, sold us on the belief that men age like fine wine and women age like milk. The idea behind it all being that as a man you become more attractive women as you age while women become less attractive with age. For a while it had a lot of younger men excited but I consider myself a realist so I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

The truth is, it really depends on what you are looking for.

If we are coming at this from the perspective of being good marriage or long-term relationship material, then in a lot of cases, it does get easier for men with age. The kinds of things that women value for a long-term relationship such as “stability” are things that older men have. My point being that if you value a relationship or something long-term, things are easier for you as a guy with age. The girls who overlooked you back then will now consider you marriage or boyfriend material.

But if your goal is something more casual, it does not.

I will say that anywhere after the age of 30, getting regular one night stands becomes significantly harder for a variety of reasons. Your teen and twenties are the prime years for you to sleep with as many different women as possible and get your dick in as much pussy as you can. Anywhere after the age of 30, it just gets a lot harder to sleep around and have casual sex with a lot of different women. You don’t normally see or hear of a lot of playboys or fuckboys after that age range, it becomes relatively rare. I am not saying it can’t be done, it just become a lot harder.

Here is why…..

  1. Women around your age group are more relationship-minded as opposed to one night stand minded. While you can date and fuck younger women as I talked about in my post here, it takes a lot of investment on your end involving looking good (and preferably younger) as well as having a lifestyle geared for it. Women your age who would have readily fucked a random guy ten years ago at almost no cost are going to require a lot of investment from you for a fuck.
  2. Your potential company around your age absolutely sucks. Let’s face facts here, older guys are more bitter, cynical, and jaded about life. Younger friends are open to exploring life and trying new possibilities, going out, drinking, and having fun. Older friends bitch a lot, they whine a lot, and they are usually bitter towards game in most cases. Most have moved on and even if they try, they are too bitter and jaded to be the kind of guys women want to be around.
  3. Your lifestyle changes a lot as a result of age. Going out partying hard at 25? No problems! Going out partying hard at 35? BIG PROBLEMS. You can no longer surround yourself with the hedonism and alcohol-fueled lifestyle which puts you in touch with loose women willing to throw themselves at some men or where sex just happens. People just get older and slower. It becomes a lot less socially acceptable to fuck around after a certain age.
  4. Your sex drive slows down with age meaning that you are less willing to go out and fuck a lot of different women. Instead you get settled into the idea of a long term relationship or commitment because it is so much more comfortable.
  5. You will tell yourself you don’t want to do it anymore when really, you can’t even if you wanted to. Very few men can realistically sleep with tons of different women after the age of 30, the rest just rationalize it all as growing up and having “bigger goals than pussy”. These men deep down always yearn for the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle but they do not have the means for it, something they learn the hard way, but they save face by saying they are over it.

The list undoubtedly goes on and there are many more reasons to it but the truth being, it is tougher with age. Your ceiling to have tons of sex with tons of different women is a lot higher in your youth than it is in older age for many reasons, in most cases, but life does have exceptions which I will discuss in a later post.

Stay tuned!

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