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The problems is there are too many single men.

The United States of too many single men.

I have constantly heard the rants about how modern times are so tough for a single guy, how the game is rigged, women are entitled, and it is so tough out there for a guy. Some blame feminism, some blame videogames, some blame the nature of women, some blame politics, and the list goes on. The answer is actually pretty simple, there are just too many damn single men out there.

For beginners, let’s examine this map right here where you can actually play around with the age group range. Now initially, we get something like below.

Promising right? HOLD ON!

Now at first hunch, most of us would pack our bags and move to NYC, something I see too many guys from California doing which kind of ruins the ratios anyways. Now let’s look at the chart carefully, it has the range from 18-64, there is an issue with that. I will venture to say that the prime years for casual dating and hooking up range from 18 to about mid-thirties for both men and women. As men, let’s be practical too, we want to mainly date women in their twenties, thirties, and some exceptions their forties. No one is really looking to date a woman past her forties unless you are one of the very few with a fetish. Now let’s change it up a bit to 20-34 and see what happens.

Now that ladies and gentlemen is what we call a sausagefest.

Now we have a more realistic picture of what is going on, even on the east coast cities you have more single men than single women. In general, the numbers still weigh in the favor of women in this country, of course she can be as bitchy and entitled as she wants, because she is the one with the advantage! All throughout the east coast, west coast, and midwest you have major cities flooded with an overabundance of single men but not enough single women to go around. When does this start to change? Please see the image below.

Now we know Andy Stitzer’s struggle

How does this affect men in general?

Whenever men are out there whining about women, how unfair society is to them, women get away with everything, and how any decent looking girl can get away with so much; it all ties down to this. Classic supply and demand, the demand for women is high while the supply is low. On the other hand, men are practically seen as disposable because there are so many of us to go around.

With less women and more men, one gender is going to get more desperate than the other. When you hear of all the stories of guys being duped by women so easily, spoiling women, and women getting away with taking advantage of guys with ease, this is why. All you see of guys thirsting over average looking women on social media and these women having an army of white knights, well it all boils down to this. Supply and demand, society as a whole caters more to single women because they are in short supply while single men of breeding age are in abundance.

When you heard of men going to places like Eastern Europe or Russia and women there being so kind to them, it isn’t because of the “culture” per se, it is because single men are in short supply. As a result of single men being in short supply, of course women are going to be nicer and more grateful whenever a decent guy comes along. Meanwhile, the standard local men have to live up to is not that high, the reason being women don’t have much of a choice. Now in a city like San Francisco this is the exact opposite where women can be total slobs and still get a well off decent looking guy due to the ratios favoring them.

“Yeah fuark the ratios brah I am an alfa who not scared of nothing this don’t affect alfas like me rawr rawr rawr!”

Alright calm down Mr. PUA Self-Improvement Mindset is Everything tough guy, on one hand I admire your mindset but on the other hand, it absolutely affects you. When women are in environments with a lot of single men around, this means she is being validated a lot by their thirst. What this does is put her on a high horse to where anything less than exceptional by her standards is going to lead to guys getting harshly rejected. What else this means is that women will be entitled to date way above their league, such as a fat ugly woman thinking she is entitled to male models.

So Mr. Alfa, this does affect you, even if you have great game. Women have already been approached relentlessly throughout the day by creepy dudes and had thirsty men validate them on dating apps to the point that your approach will fall on deaf ears. By then she has had enough for the night and just wants to go home, no matter how great you are, she just wants to go home. The issue here is her mood, she has already been so flooded that by the time you are going to approach her, her mind is made up.

I have long believed that the closer the ratio gets to 50% for single men being present, we have a shitshow on our hands. We have a situation where men are turning on each other and a rise in sociopaths willing to murder and do anything possible as a result of the lack of single women. In an ideal society, the ratio of men should be no more than 40% because most men are worthless anyways, only there to boost and validate egos of average women while doing nothing special with their lives. Even outside of game, I worry this is risky for society as a whole which is why I think the only way to resolve a lot of the “game” issues men complain about is to hope that our gender gets severely outnumbered by women.

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