Certain cities, among younger men, have earned a reputation as being a great place for meeting single women. The cities in North America that get thrown around a lot in this mix are Montreal, Miami, and obviously New York City. I feel like a lot of these things almost come and go in cycles but I recently had a sit down with one of my friends who is an Austin native that has seen the city go to the dumps in regards to dating and even meeting single women.

“It’s like people hear of the gold rush and then everyone rushes except this is different. Now all of the single men are rushing in droves to a city because they hear there are a lot of single women there but on a big picture level, it completely ruins the dating scene of the city. What we have now is a surplus of single men crowding up bars and hounding single women, often creeping them out or validating their egos, something which would have never happened if we had a lack of men.” – My good friend from Austin

Now think about the scenario, you have some programmer living in San Francisco and seeing the horrible picture that is present there. Ugly women having decent men chase them due to the ratio imbalance and beautiful women being few in number, such is life in Silicon Valley. The programmer decides to move to NYC after hearing the promising stories there, except the issue is others decide to do the same thing. On a long enough timeline, a promising NYC night scene turns into a sausage-fest.

Even if the guy is not competition which most men from San Francisco are simply not, what happens is that you have more men validating women, inflating their egos, and leaving those women on a high horse. Now this has made it tough for even alpha men to score because the same girl is having her ego validated and knows she can easily find a man because now there are so many men there.

On a long enough timeline, just the fact that the news has made its way and the city has become popular, the drove of single men flooding a city have now effectively made it a sausage-fest. If these men have game and are alpha males, this simply means other men have to pick up their game which I am all in favor of. What’s scarier is that most of the times these men are not alphas, they are simps that will creep women out having them raise their bitch-shields or simply sucker up to the same women and inflate their egos. Ever notice why San Francisco women seem to be on such a high horse despite not having much go for them in the looks department? Well, that might be your city very soon.

The problem is a lot of these men are undeserving of beautiful women anyways but the fact that they are there has made the game difficult for even deserving men. Such is the thing about great cities for meeting single women, they are supposed to be kept secret, not everyone is supposed to know about them. In fact, such cities are better off being degraded as horrible just to keep more men away. Unfortunately it never stays this way and some idiot lets the cat out of the bag.

Such is what happened when men from Toronto, PUAs in fact, flooded Montreal.

Such is what happened when Californians flooded Austin.

Such is what is happening as Californians flood the East Coast cities.

Promote something as a gold mine and soon, everyone is flooding to it. The point is, that place was a gold mine specifically because it was not flooded from the outside world. Austin was great because Californians had not flooded it and made it a mini-San Francisco.