Are NYC’s golden years behind it?

Not long ago, I came to NYC having heard how great the city is for single men and I started to go out more with a friend of mines who is a long-time local. We explored the Lower East Side and the Meatpacking District’s nightlife to find that the ratios were not as geared in the favor of men. In fact, go out to any bar in the Lower East Side these days to find that most women are either going out with their large crew of guys and girls or it is mostly men on the hunt. From what my friend told me, it was not always this way.

Every weekend I go out in this city I cannot help but think that perhaps I am witnessing the deterioration of a once great nightlife scene. Given that I do a lot of approaches and often ask people where they are from, some troubling conversations have led me to believe that we are headed for a major decline of NYC nightlife.

A lot of people from The Bay Area and Canadians from culturally toxic cities, mainly Toronto, seem to be making their way here.

Due to the rise in the tech industry slowly taking over with Google opening an office in NYC and Amazon attempting to, it has led to the most toxic culture in America penetrating into NYC. By the most toxic culture in America, I mean Silicon Valley and The Bay Area, a post of its own for the future. The home of radical feminism, the most narcissistic people on the planet, hypocritical liberals, morally self-righteous, manshamers galore, and the list goes on. I will do a post soon on how bad the average California girl from The Bay Area is, unfortunately that is who is flooding NYC. Now mix that in with Toronto, the birth city for the Pick Up Artist movement, and you have a shitshow waiting to happen.

As soon as the hype came up about Williamsburg’s scene, the toxic cultures from elsewhere flooded. The same happened to Colorado and Austin as Californians who had nothing in their own backyards flooded these cities, only to turn them into the sausage-fest dump that California has become. How one state can produce so many deluded narcissists is beyond me, I ask, if California is so great then why not stay there?

The problem is these people have no value to offer and attractive women do not come from these cities. The cities mentioned are a hotbed some of the most bitter, judgmental, narcissistic, and cynical people out there and that is even more true of the women from these places. If were getting women from Miami, Texas, Europe, or Montreal coming to NYC en masse then it would be an entirely different story.

So I have told you about who the culprits are but is it too late?

I would say that we have a couple good years left before the nightlife and dating culture of NYC in general goes down the drain for single men. For now, I’ll say NYC is decent for a single guy but it is by no means a city where decent looking women are in any way being starved for a man anymore.

The influx of the Silicon Valley crew and Canadian PUAs has led to more than enough opportunities for a woman in this city to have her ego inflated. Right now I will say NYC just passed its peak but it still has some quality left in it. I would not dare put NYC in the same boat as San Francisco but I say give it a good five or ten years max and in a decade, the dating culture in NYC is going to be bleak for a single man.

2 thoughts on “Are NYC’s golden years behind it?

  1. If these tech fuckers actually respected the city and it’s culture, it’d be a different story. But no, these narcissistic parasites want to convert NYC into a place like SF. Also, the most self-hating Indian and Asian women I’ve met have always been progressive-left SJWs from California (imagine Mindy Kaling if she were from the West Coast.) And you’re right, I have noticed more and more people from Toronto (another toxic place), moving or trying to move to NYC. I shudder to think what NYC might be like this coming decade.

    1. You are definitely on to something here and one cannot fathom the narcissism of a San Francisco resident, they are a fucking cancer for the most part. I will say though, a beautiful thing about a world class city like NYC is that it keeps its grit to it.

      This means the landwhale from the Bay Area can whine as much as she wants but she is not being let into Meatpacking District bars and nightclubs that easily.

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