Are white girls “easy”?

We beat around the bush with race but the truth of the matter is that it actually matters as more posts I make in the future will discuss. One old stereotype I have heard time and time again is that white girls are “easy” and after years in the game, I kind of wanted to talk about this. For reference, I am not a white guy myself and men of my race for the longest time were not on the end of flattering stereotypes. Despite that being the case, I have still done well with white girls but I would not say they are “easy”.

When I say white here I typically mean Northern European, WASP, Anglo-Saxon, and for the most part do exclude people from the Mediterranean.

So why does everyone think this?

I think part of it is the image of white women being the main ones to party hard, go out, openly sleep around a lot in their youth, and brag about being sluts. While a lot of this stereotype is based on what actually happens, the truth is that sluts actually have standards and are not willing to sleep with any guy out there. As a matter of fact, party girls and girls that go out a lot are the kinds who will be the pickiest about the men they sleep with. Whenever the YOLO girl stereotype and party slut comes up, it is usually a white girl that is involved.

Here’s what I have actually found to be true.

White women are actually the pickiest but they are usually the pickiest around things you can control. If I had to boil it down to how white women evaluate men, they are picky but not as prejudiced as women of other races.

Let me tell you about a friend of mines named Ken, he is a tall muscular Asian guy who was born and raised in California. What kinds of girls usually give him the toughest time? You’d be surprised but Asian American women usually rip him the most and are the toughest for him to get. When it comes to white girls, Ken absolutely kills it whether she is European, Aussie, American, or whatever.

Here are the keywords in that statement that you missed, Ken is a tall and muscular Asian guy from California. If Ken was some short out-of-shape Asian stereotype, he would not be getting that much action. Even though Ken is tall and good looking, he still struggles with Asian girls although it is for an entirely different reason. The reason Ken struggles with Asian American women is because he happens to not be a white guy.

You heard it right, white women aren’t all that prejudiced, they’re just picky.

Why are so many PUA programs and online communities loaded with Asian and Indian men whining about not being able to get white girls? Well, the answer becomes quite clear when you see the kind of guys white girls go for and how most of the guys in these PUA programs look like. While your typical Stacy is going for a tall and muscular Chad, your stereotypical Asian or Indian guy is not going to be on that list. Note I said stereotypical, what I mean by this is that I have seen Asian and Indian men who defied stereotypes and were a hit with white women.

White women tend to care more for things like how hot you are, how fun you are, and whether or not you are “cool”. Along with black girls, I would say that white women probably care the least about your race as long as everything else is on point. The reason being here that white women usually have the highest quality men competing for them, they  don’t need to compromise on their standards. I will say that if you are of an ethnic group not portrayed as hot but you make yourself hot, your value does go up a great deal.

Now this is different from ethnic women who might not be the pickiest but are more prejudiced.

Remember when I told you about my friend Ken who cleans up with white girls but gets a ton of crap from Asian American women? Well, I have noticed this to be the case with most ethnic women myself. When I say ethnic I mean just about any race that is not black or white. I have had white friends who were not that good looking and as a result struggled with white women, at the same time they were saved by the fact that there were a lot of Asian and Latina women that wanted them just because they were white.

In other words, you’re going to have a tougher time getting with Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latina, or Mediterranean women in high numbers than you would white or black women if you were a handsome ethnic guy. The reason for this I can lightly touch upon, main one being that women from those backgrounds put more value on race due to being insecure about their own social standing. You can also add to that the fact that those cultures typically prize whiteness and look down on darker skin even to this day.

So in other words, white girls and black girls are more attainable as long as you have a lot of things on point.

I have met a lot of Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and obviously Black guys who were in great shape, cool dudes, and had a fun lifestyle; all of them did well with hot white girls and got serious attention from black girls. At the same time, most of them did not do as well or hook up as much with ethnic women. Whether it was for a lack of trying or what, who knows, but their lay count was not that high with ethnic girls. A handful of them did tell me how a Middle Eastern or Asian girl often passed them up for a less attractive white guy which kind of confirms that ethnic women are far more prejudiced than white women.

So are white girls “easy”? They’re not, they’re just more attainable.

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