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How to get southern girls.

Alongside the West Coast and to some degree certain midwestern states, it can be argued that the south produces some of the best looking women in the entire country.  At times in my life I was a sucker for SEC girls, they seem to have that special kind of charm which is tough to rival. I’ll argue that when girls from the south look good, they tend to look really good, and SEC schools are known for churning out some of the best looking women this country has to offer. I actually spent a good portion of my life in the south so I can talk a great deal about southern girls.

First, the south is a huge region, so let’s differentiate a bit.

You would be surprised how culturally different various areas of the south are to each other and how Texas and Florida are in a world of their own, southern to some degree and not so southern to the next. The reason I bring this up is because some southern cities produce women with that southern charm and stereotypical southern girl demeanor while others produce women that are indistinguishable from the women of places like Toronto and San Francisco (mainly talking about Atlanta here). Don’t be surprised if you approach some girl from suburban Atlanta who calls you a misogynist pig for talking to her. While I will refer to Atlanta every now and then here, I’ll save a post for the city’s culture in the future.

So let me break it down a bit.

South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana produce a lot of your more stereotypical friendly southern girls.

I’ll say Kentucky and Louisiana can be a little different and distinct but the rest of the southern states are very much full of your down to earth sheltered southern girl types. Approachable, friendly, easy to talk to, and chill as fuck. If she is out in a big city and relatively new there, she will love a guy to show her around and will still be mostly trusting. I have found that I have had great success with southern women from these states.

North Carolina, Virginia, and surprisingly Alabama girls are picky and somewhat cold.

Perhaps it is due to the heavy transplant population in these states or the fact that they are significantly wealthy but do expect to get more icy reactions. I think Alabama girls are turning icier now because of the popularity of the football programs there which has led to the schools being flooded with transplants, usually people from the northeast that want to go somewhere warmer for school. You will have to look good and it won’t be that different from gaming northern girls.

Georgia girls, especially from Atlanta, are not that different from California girls and put a lot of emphasis on coolness and popularity.

Don’t expect to get a date with a good looking girl from Georgia unless you are socially well-connected, have tons of social media followers, and are willing to be the stereotypical cool guy. Now this might be less true if she is not from Atlanta or Augusta but if she is, expect to put up the image of the cool guy worth partying with. I’ll do a post on Atlanta and the culture of Georgia later, for now, just know it is not going to be that great of a use of your time.

Texas girls are blunt, so cut to the chase.

Texas girls don’t like bullshitting around, just cut to the chase with them. Some people do not even consider Texas the south but I am throwing it in there from my experience. I actually do love Texas women because of their forward attitudes, cannot say the same for some of the other southern states listed above.

Florida girls are very friendly.

In my experience, they have been the friendliest girls to talk to. I have had a lot of fun with Florida girls but do beware, they can be pretty hedonistic and you might have a night that gets too wild!

We’ve also heard the south is “racist”, well I wanted to kind of clear that up.

Yes, the south can be a little behind times but not all minorities will struggle with southern girls, it just depends on where in the south she is from. Obviously if you are a white guy, you are good to go and don’t need to worry about race. If you are a black guy, you’ll do real well with Atlanta girls as well as North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida girls; you might struggle a bit with girls from the other southern states. All minorities that are not black (Asian, Indian, Latino, and Arab) will do very well with southern girls as a whole but will struggle with Atlanta girls, North Carolina girls, and Virginia girls. The trend here being if it is a southern state loaded with transplants and leaning somewhat blue, she is going to think black guys are cool and all other minorities stink, although exceptions do exist.

So how to do well with them?

Southern girls can be surprisingly relaxed on looks, unless we are talking Atlanta girls. Most of them will not care if you are slightly overweight but they will want men who more of a macho demeanor or are manly men. It helps if you follow sports, particularly football which is huge in the south. Whatever political or religious beliefs you have, keep them to yourselves, your typical southern girl will be be a “Christian” who usually leans more right. Only exception here are Atlanta girls who will be Christian, or at least pretend to be, but might actually lean more towards the left.

Compared to Northern girls, Southern girls are surprisingly easy to talk to but you will need to be more indirect than direct unless they are from Texas. Do not go right in being vulgar and blunt, it will make you look poorly. Try to come off as a gentleman at first but at the same time, make your intentions known. In most cases, as soon as they are away from friends, they will make their own intentions known to you.

Most of all, be polished.

Unless she is from the backwoods, she is going to want a guy who is somewhat polished so the rugged in your face style that would work with East Coast girls won’t fly well with a lot of southern girls. Despite the happy-go-lucky attitude, southern girls do care about how classy a guy is and whether or not he shows status, you will be shocked as to how much status matters down south.

But being rugged does not hurt, they love workin men!

Southern girls love “working guys” a lot, meaning someone that can actually do yard work and actually works outside. The kind of guy who has the calluses on his hands because he worked outside for an hour, they look up to that John Deere stereotype down there. Needless to say that unless she is from Atlanta (something you’ve seen me say a lot on this post), she is not going to be that fond of a hipster that stays indoors all day. You want to have that rugged edge to you as a guy if you want to do well with southern girls, they are suckers for masculinity.

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