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The Hedonistic Glory

I am going to talk about an idea here that is new, unless someone talked about it in the past, an it is something that has stuck on my mind for years. The story starts back in my college days, as I’ll share more of my life story in future posts, I wanted to open up this old wound. I realize that college is a lot of things but what it gets portrayed as more than anything else is a chance for everyone to sow the wild oats.

Unfortunately, not all men get the opportunity to do this and the American college life often boils down to cut-throat social politics where your image means everything. In other words, you’re going to have a tough time living the hedonistic life that gets portrayed unless you are in a top frat, an athlete, or a socially well-connected party animal. Despite this, millions of young men head into school thinking about having the “college experience”, just many walk away not having had it.

For me, college came and went, not that many memories to look back on with joy outside of a handful. Never a part of the cool higher status cliques, not the one hanging out with the hottest sororities, bartending at the popular bars, or living it up on spring break. For some reason, even after college, this bit away at me and it really had me down. I was successful, making a lot of money, doing well in so many aspects of life, even having some dating success, but something was not right.

I had missed a rite of passage.

Most alpha males have had this sort of a rite of passage, for some it came earlier than others. The guy could have been a high school athlete getting with a lot of hot girls, in a top tier frat in college having the experience, or maybe he worked in nightlife at some point in adulthood to finally get it “out of the system”. In other words, before these men moved on to bigger things in life such as starting an empire, they got it “out of the system”. I don’t even mean the sex but the hedonism that comes with it all, the parties as well as the craziness which is worth telling stories about.

Now it made sense to me, why I saw so many “successful” men who never seemed to have the confidence or alpha spirit to them. I could tell that deep down inside, they were longing for something, hard to tell exactly what it was but they were not fulfilled. So many of these men had great jobs, on paper a great life, and everything but they were not fulfilled. In some ways, it felt like in development a step was missed and because of that step being missed, the whole product had some glitches.

Enter the idea of Hedonistic Glory.

Being “The Man”, not just being “successful”, is what I am talking about. You can invent a cool app and be Mr. Change The World, all fair, but you’ll always feel that hedonistic glory if you have not experienced this before. Now not experiencing it before is key, if you experienced it at some point in your life, you’re going to be okay here. For the guys who were never “The Man” in their lives then finally start to have some money and success in their careers, it i going to hit you hard.

Sure you can go on “dates” with girls who are now “more mature” or “past that lifestyle” but even then, it is going to hit hard. You know what is really going on and how she happily put out for some stud in her youth but will make you go through five dates before she does the same. The feeling deep down that not only are you getting someone’s sloppy seconds but the fact that you are the “Good Guy” who she finally runs to after all of the mistakes. Society applauds you in public but deep down, sees you as the sucker being played, someone who never had their chance to be “The Man”.

In case you missed it, here is what The Hedonistic Glory really is.

The Hedonistic Glory changes based on what stage of life you are at but at its core, it remains the same. What the idea really involves is not just having the option to be with a lot of different women though this key but also having a group of friends to party with, access to the loose lifestyle, having nights of going out to have fun, and having those moments where you actually belong to something that is fun. In other words, party lifestyle with a busy social life and some sex involved. You are not just some lonely Pick Up Artist going about on the street, you actually fit in with a crowd and have some fun doing it. In fact, you are in a role for a set period of time of being the guy who gets around but really doing it for the role. In high school it can be the cool athlete, in college the rich frat guy, and in the real world the roles are endless.

The hedonism comes from the part that you are engaging in things your overly uptight parents, if you had them, would not approve of. You go out, sleep around with a few different women, party, have friends to pre-game with, and let loose a bit. The glory comes from the part that you are actually belong, are not some awkward loser on the outside looking in, and you have people in the group who genuinely want to hang out. On top of this, you are also having experiences that you can genuinely talk about and will have others saying that you are not just some geeky shut-in with “no life”.

During this period of your life, you are not just getting laid, you are the guy who gets laid and plays a character that has so many things going on in his life that make a hedonistic and social lifestyle a reality. You’re a cool photographer, a charismatic bartender at a nightclub, a cool promoter, some socially well-connected guy who has hit his stride, and the list can go on. You are accumulating life experiences during this time that will make for wild stories and some fun stuff on top of getting laid yet you’re not doing this on just your own.

Because no one really likes “The Good Guy” in the dating game and in sex.

In American society in particular, no one actually gives a damn if you are inventing shit to change lives, sure that guy gets a golf clap but she is still going home with some jacked MMA fighter or some loose club promoter with little to no morals. So much of media and the money is commercialized towards the party game, the sex game, and the hedonism. Most attractive women rather not sit through a lecture on how to make the world a better place, going out drinking at night is much more preferred.

“So you’re telling me I should give up my dreams of solving world hunger and just be some sleazy nightclub promoter?”

See that’s the issue with a post like this, it can easily be taken the wrong way if it is not read through the end. The reality is that strong men do not give a fuck about what women want or what society really admires, it’s an after-thought to them. An accomplished alpha male rather solve world hunger than be a sleazy club promoter, the former is a much more noble purpose. The reason an accomplished alpha male rather do the more noble thing is because he has already gone through the hedonistic journey, the whole thing means nothing to him anymore. For an accomplished alpha male, it is already done, he has experienced it and no longer has that longing for it anymore.

The problem here is you’re not really an accomplished alpha male until you have gone through that rite of passage, if you haven’t, you will fall for temptation and lose your life purpose.

You see, that is the issue here, the accomplished alpha male can turn down the party life because he has already lived it in the past. The accomplished alpha male operates at a higher power because of the rite of passage he has been through. For the men who have not been through the rite of passage and now might slowly be getting power, they are going to be more likely to fall to temptation, get bitter, be unpleasant, and be hungry for pussy.

I have been around older men in fields requiring a lot of education or fields where men have to put in a ton of work in their twenties which leaves no room for other things, what these men amounted to was nothing to look up to. A lot of these men were the creepy old guys at college parties and the older guy trying to fit in with significantly younger people. While they worked so hard for the noble purpose in their youth, they lost their footing after finally cracking to temptation.

I have made it my goal to have my Hedonistic Glory.

The blog is really my journey through the Hedonistic Glory chapter of my life, I might even give that chapter or part of any book I write that name. Being a guy in his twenties, I realize that I only have so much time until I can do this before it starts to seem awkward. What you have read and will read on the blog so far is my journey through the Hedonistic Glory chapter of my life which came about as a result of being a late bloomer and always being on the outside looking in.

In my view, while it did take a while, the chapter has just begun, have fun reading!

2 thoughts on “The Hedonistic Glory

  1. Interesting theory but also a very depressing theory for a large majority of guys. If you can only live your “Hedonistic Glory” days in your college days/twenties in order to “get it out of your system” then a ton of men are pretty much doomed to die with regrets. I mean what is a guy supposed to do if he is nearing 40 and has yet to live his social/sexual glory days?

    1. I wish I could help but I am not at that age yet. Perhaps if you have enough moved saved up then fuck it and go open a strip club? Hard to say.

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