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I am getting too old for this.

Taking a new approaching here and telling you guys what goes on in my life. After a great month, I decided to go out on a weekday to have some fun and drink with a friend. We decided to hit up the Lower East Side, an area of the city known for being made for the fresh out of college crowd. Having already done some approaches during the day, I thought momentum was by my side.

I step into one of the bars called Grayson, could not hear a damn thing. In fact, I could barely enjoy it like I should have. I wanted to approach, even had a few girls open me, but I could not do anything with it. Wonder what happened, I can’t do it anymore, the deafening music wore on me. Now I was done, earlier than usual, unable to really be in my own for the night.

The alcohol, no matter how many drinks I had, I was not feeling it. How much more fucked up do I have to get here? Maybe it is just my habits for now, maybe a time with a healthier lifestyle and then going out will put me back in the groove. Whatever it is, I need to figure it out.

All I wanted to do was get something to eat, go home, and sleep. It hit me, I am getting too old for this, way too old for this. Maybe this is why so many men retire from the wild lifestyle of being with multiple women to the family life, how much longer does this millennial remain a bachelor?

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  1. Pro tip: earplugs for professional musicians. Etymotic makes a good pair for $20. They reduce the sound in a balanced way. The biggest thing to get used to is remembering that you still need to talk loud enough to be heard.

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