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A wild night in East Village

At some point the past week I decided to give East Village, the tamer cousin of the Lower East Side, a chance and I started out with a good friend of mines who is also a wing at Beauty Bar. The place is kind of divey and I walk in to find it somewhat of a spot we can move when in the front but a packed dance floor in the back. In-between you have a lot of chairs where you can sit and relax at as you see people walking from dance floor to the bar.

As any decent spot in NYC, quality is to be had and not lacking much. I see more than a handful of good looking women pass by, often in big groups, and run into the same issue I run into with nightlife these days. The issue is that so many women go with massive groups mixed with girls and guys. Now I have to do something and make an approach, something to warm me up. I see this one redhead with an athletic body on the dance floor, ask her if she is naturally a redhead after which she says no and looks away.

Boom rejected!

Okay, not a promising start so I walk around a bit with my wingman, standing around and chatting a bit before opportunities come. I chat with this one Latina and it is going away, really well actually, and we are clicking but out of nowhere her Asian friend comes to tell her that they need to get a drink. Well that was a huge blow, maybe I re-engage later in the night? Still we have the momentum going, the bar is way more tame than the crap I deal with at Murray Hill, Lower East Side, and The Meatpacking District.

So I move around a bit and sit there, end up talking to this one Persian milf who seemed to be into me. At this point I have had a few in me so I am more aggressive than usual, before I know it we are making out and then her friends come in. One friend is not having it, drags her away, there goes my opportunity with her. Too many almost closes, but you don’t get rewarded for almost in life. Easy to feel kind of deflated after all of this but it is not in my character to give up that easily. Looking around, one beauty has really caught my eye.

I see this one group, two dark-haired girls and one guy who is clearly gay and flamboyant. I usually avoid groups with a guy in them in general but I just have to talk to her. I notice she goes away from the crowd and then I go for my approach.

Me: “Your hair are not naturally that dark”
Her: “They are! Why?”
Me: I have no idea, had to talk to you because you’re cute, what’s your name?
Her: Kendall
Me: Kendall Jenner?
Her: UH no… (I am clearly fucking this up)
Me: Damn I thought I met someone famous so what’s with the dress, it’s cold as fuck outside and I don’t know how your legs aren’t frozen right now
Her: Oh yeah well some of us are tougher than others
Me: Or crazier right?
Her: No just tougher
Me: Oh but crazy is fun though!
Her: Oh no too many of those
Me: Okay you’re right, so dance floor too loud for you too?
Her: No, just too much going on with my friend
Me: Well that’s life, hi so going back to your looks, I think you look good. Do I need to say it in another language?
Her: (Laughing) Say it in French
Me: (says wanna fuck in French)
Her: Fuck you! (Laughing and hitting me)
Me: Alright so I know you’re here with friends, let me get your number and let’s go out sometime
Her: Sure okay

Got the number, a minor success for sure, not like much comes from it.

I spent the next hour chilling out, not doing too much. For some reason my drive to do anymore approaches was not there, part of me wanted to actually not seem like that guy when she was in the building.

In the next hour, one other opportunity came up and I knew that the initial girl was out of the bar. I see this one dark-haired girl with a ponytail and a chiseled face, without wasting a minute, I immediately go up to her with momentum on my side.

Me: So do strangers play with that pony tail a lot in bars?
Her: No, you can try, not gonna end well for you
Me: Okay (laughing), just thought you were cute, what’s your name?
Her: Whoa forward!
Me: I don’t do well with beating around, are you single?
Her: I mean, it’s complicated
Me: So what’s your name?
Her: Alexis
Me: Nice, cute name, so what brings you here tonight?
Her: Just a couple friends
Me: Always a couple friends and then it ends up in something else
Her: Such as
Me: Use your imagination (she laughs)

I do not even know what I said after that, we chit-chatted a bit more and then made out for a bit. I wanted to take her home but she said she was with friends and could not be seen doing that, offered to give me her number. Fair trade I thought, told her I am free on a Wednesday night and she says she should be free too. Some nights, you live with the consolation prize.

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