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A real man goes after what he wants.

Given the momentum of the week, I decided to go out on a Saturday night. I ended up getting a date with Alexis, ended in a make-out although I could not pull her home. The weather in the past week has hit hard in NYC, just the past Monday it hit night at 4 PM. With the sudden cold, I almost wanted to stay in but a part of me said I can do that a lot when I get older anyways.

I hit up one of my wings with my game plan, we start our night off at West Village bars and after around 11 or so, we go to either the Lower East Side or East Village. Decided to have a few drinks at my own place to loosen up and then head to Galway Hooker, one of my favorite bars in the city. Unfortunately, the Galway Hooker is kind of cliquey, you get large crowds and most girls are there with friends. I treat it as more of a spot to do warm-up approaches and then head to a real bar with momentum by my side.

My friend and I arrive at Galway, the door guy there knows us on a first name basis. We go in and surprisingly, there are opportunities everywhere. I would say the ratio is more like 60% girls and 40% guys. Now I know I had to get going and start doing a few approaches, I give myself five approaches until I can leave. See this one tall blonde in a group and go up to her to chat.

Me: So you get asked this all the time, how tall are you?
Her: 5’11
Me: Me too, what’s your name?
Her: Kate

By now, with one word answers, I know she is not feeling it. I don’t persist anymore, one approach out of the way. Now I wonder around a bit, go upstairs and see this one Latina by herself dancing to Rack City by Tyga.

Me: Must be your jam
Her: Yeah
Me: From California?
Her: No
Me: Where are you from?
Her: Here

Once again a woman that is not feeling it, second approach out of the way, three more to go. I walk around a bit more but have to use the restroom, after getting out I see this group of girls dancing. One is this cute blonde and after she settles at the bar with her phone, I approach and get blown out. Three out of the way, two more to go.

I walk around a bit and see this blonde with a white coat, she is dressed fancy. Now I had an idea of an opener in mind, asked her if she was European. Lo and behold, her husband was sitting right next to her so I walk away. Four out of the way, one more to go.

There is one girl at the bar I have seen a couple times, has long curly hair. I approach her because she was just my type, that Brazilian look almost. She is with a shorter friend.

Me: Are you Brazilian?
Her: No, are you?
Me: Nah, I wish haha!
Her: So what are you?
Me: Mixed
Her: Me too!
Me: With what?
Her: Part Jewish, part black, and part Native American
Me: Cool shit, that’s very unique
Her: Yeah I know it is
Her friend: Excuse me but our Uber is like a minute away
Her: Yeah it was great to meet you

Just like that, the fifth one slipped away, I acted too slow. I had to get out as it was a little after 11, me and my wingman bounce. We decide to head to the Lower East Side but do a bit of an audible, instead of going to Grayson or One on One, we go to a bar called The Backroom. We arrive, the bouncer is really nice and cool, something you do not get out of most Lower East Side bars.

We go inside and it is a more relaxed vibe, obviously not a place you want to go around spam approaching as it can look bad fast. Then I see her, a dark-haired beauty, she had kind of a unique look to her. I would not say she was a super-model but she was definitely attractive. A saying goes that hesitation is the killer, I do not waste a second and immediately approach her.

Me: Hi, I am (name), nice to meet you!
Her: Oh hey (smiling)
Me: So how is your night going stranger?
Her: It’s going, Allie by the way (smiling)
Me: Cool, so where are you from Allie?
Her: I am actually from California but I am staying here now
Me: Yeah, the modeling and acting opportunities are not as great there
Her: (smiling) So I am actually here with friends and I have to go see them but you have a great night, you’re real sweet.

And damn indeed, she was a stunner. In the past year, I have grown a thing for women with that Latin look and sexy dark-haired white girls, they haven’t been the easiest to go after. I stick around for a while, don’t want to go into spam approaching. Talk to a couple of guys who seemed cool to get the social muscle going, an hour must have flown by. At this point it is a little after 1, I know the pickings are going to be slim. Allie is nowhere to be seen but I see one other girl enter the building, she kind of looked like Emily Ratajkowski, had that tanned brunette look going for her. Hesitation destroys opportunities and I have to go for it, despite a very rough night.

Me: (tapping her on the shoulder) Hi, I thought you were cute and had to come talk to you, what’s your name?
Her: (smiling) Leah
Me: So Leah, you love giving one word answers!
Her: I mean yeah no but yeah (laughing)
Me: How’s the night going so far?
Her: Fun, how’s yours?
Me: Fun, I am (name) by the way, nice to meet you
Her: Okay (my name), you talk to strangers at bars a lot me?
Me: Only if I like them, you?
Her: But you barely know me
Me: We can change that fast
Her: Oh okay (laughing)

Not sure what Leah said after that or how the conversation went, one of her friends was trying to drag her away but Leah kind of waved her off. At this point, my brave wingman comes in to save the day! I end up chatting with Leah for a bit longer and we have a couple drinks, start making out. She asks me where I am at, and I tell her where I am at, we are nearby each other. At this point, I tell her we should check out this one local bar near my place if she has not been already, she surprisingly agrees.

We go to that bar after getting in an Uber, have a drink too. After that drink, I know I cannot have Leah tipsy. I lead her a block down and up to my place, as soon as we get in we are immediately making out. Leah is now in my bedroom, both of us naked. I sucked on those nipples, ate her out, and fucked her after putting on the condom.

After a lot of rejection, it felt vindicating. The night ended on a high note because I went for what I wanted, even though it took a lot of rejection to get there. A real man goes for what he wants no matter what barriers are in the way, a post on this idea to come later.

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