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Damn this music is too loud!

Maybe I am getting old, who knows?

The past weekend I went to a bar with a packed dance floor and I could barely hear a damn thing my wingman is saying. I don’t know how you even handle it or how I even handled it, to be frankly honest I don’t know when I was able to handle it. I yelled and even then, we could barely hear each other. At this point, I am losing my voice trying to talk to people.

The only way I can stand all of this? Getting damned wasted. Somehow the alcohol makes it all go away, now I can talk more in this booming loud place but still barely hear anything. A part of me wonders how people even make approaches in this sort of a place.

So I bump into a girl and pull her closer, talking into her ears slowly but calmly. Somehow she can hear me now, and we chat for a bit, I guess this is how you are supposed to do it at these places. We talk and talk before making out for a bit, then she leaves to go see her friends.

Now the alcohol is kicking in, somehow, despite the loud noise it is easier to talk. After that the best part happens, they play a song I have a weakness too, time to bust out a move. So I dance a bit and a couple of girls pick up on it, it is Halloween and we are in our costumes.

Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy it, I need earplugs. This music is way too loud. I give up, the music is too fucking loud now.

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