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Success with women and dating is an investment.

A while ago, one guy who I look up to as almost a mentor asked me a question that sticks with me to this day, this is the very question I want to ask all of you:

“What are you willing to bleed for?”

Now the question sounds very intense and it no doubt sounds kind of intimidating but think about it, we all have that one area of our life where we are just willing to bleed for it. I don’t mean literally bleed for it, I mean make a great deal of sacrifices in order to achieve the highest possible results in it. For some, it is fitness so they are cautious of what they eat and the kinds of working out that they do. For others, it is their careers so they will work 80 hours a week without making a single complaint.

The unfortunate reality is that on a long enough timeline, when you bleed for some, other areas of life start to suffer to some degree. You see, you only have 24 hours in a day and you need a great deal of them to get enough sleep to function. The remaining hours you have to invest in distributing where they need to be properly distributed.

When people think that success with women and dating is an exception to this rule, they are dead wrong. The classic belief says success in other areas like your career will help which I do not entirely disagree with but there is a downfall to that way of thinking. In order to be good with women and dating, you have to actually put yourself out there and go through the journey of learning the same.

Make no mistake about it, part of it is a lifestyle change of putting in the work to look better and have a better lifestyle. The other part of it is actually putting yourself around a lot of attractive women which usually takes some sort of investment on your end. One other key part is actually going out and running game when you have time, building up the momentum and the skills overtime that get you the kinds of girls you want.

So what is going to suffer?

Hopefully you get to keep your job because you need the money and ideally you want to be in the best shape possible, as for what suffers, just about everything else really. Your social life would suffer if you decide to sleep around since most people frown upon that sort of stuff. Your “hobbies” will suffer if they make you antisocial and not actually interacting with women. Your life in general is going to change in a big way once you go through this journey of getting better with women because you will realize things such as how much your initial friends might have sucked or how much society misled you to it all. Yet, you were the one that decided to bleed for it.

The guys who leave unfulfilled, whine on Internet forums about the current dating market, end up with women they are not happy with, and ultimately fail did not want to bleed for it. For guys like that, it was too much to talk to random women and deal with the countless rejections or go out and deal with the hectic nature of nightlife.

The rejections, hectic nightlife politics, and loads of other BS that comes with game? That was the bumps, bruises, and cuts of getting better at game.

Just like the Investment Banker had to get by on two hours of sleep or how the shredded guy had to watch every calorie, you had to deal with every rejection smiling.

Before you decide to be the next Dan Bilzerian (you can start by not getting angry at him and reading my piece on him here) or the next guy who gets the kinds of girls he wants, you need to decide, is this something worth bleeding for?

For most men, it’s not. It’s better if you marry the average girl and get it over with. It is better if you not go out and deal with all of the BS in order to raise that lay count. It is better if you not do any of that because, you will have to bleed for this.

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