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Falling out of the game plan

The past Saturday reminded me of a valuable life lesson which I wanted to share with some of you out there only our journey, the price you pay for not sticking to your game plan. My Saturdays are usually precious to me, I love to go out and really enjoy a fun night with friends as I do some approaches and have some fun. I have found it to be a great way to meet amazing women and have yet another fun night.

My game plan lately has been that I dedicate 3 days a week to approaching and doing game, usually about 3 to 5 approaches on those days to get better and going out is an excellent chance to do this.

At around late morning, say 11, one of my old matches hits me up. I had matched with her on Bumble a few months ago and we had fucked a few times, she has a body and face made for sex. My match had jet black hair, a light tan, chiseled face, and body of a fitness instructor while being in her thirties. I thought nothing of the situation really, maybe I drop by for a few.

So I arrive at her apartment in the Upper East Side at around like 4, she’s doing well for herself so the apartment is high quality for even Manhattan. I am greeted by her and I notice she has that smell to her, she has probably been thinking of sex all day. Wasting no time, we almost immediately get to making out and fucking. I thought an hour later of fucking in her hot room covered in sweat would be enough but she locks me in, cannot move at all myself. We fuck a couple more times and now it seems like time is flying by.

I experience my body being sucked out of all of its energy after fucking her for the third time, she is in almost the same spot but stuck to me like glue. The goal is to get out now but once again, her body is wrapped around mines and I am stuck in the bed. Sex addiction is real and I am stuck to this cougar like she is stuck to me, covered in sweat and losing track of time.  I check the time, it is almost 10 PM…..

There goes the game plan.

Pre-game? Forget about it.

Heading out early to the bar to warm up? Forget about it.

The worst part?  I can barely get up off the bed, my body is toast. I have no energy left after hours of fucking. Now I am done, but I finally find a way to get away from her through much struggle.

Then I improvise my plan of going out at night.

Yes, as tiresome as it was, I took a nap after having dinner and attempted to go out. I had a couple beers with my friends at my place and then went out close to 11:30. Hit up my warm up bar and went at it.

Tried to pass by in the crowded space and opened these two girls telling them that they have prime real estate standing where they are. I make small talk and then walk off, all of it was really for the warmup.

Then I walk through and make eye contact with this tall cute blonde, we dance for a second and I open her.

Now it was at that time I felt it, the fatigue.

I just could not hold in there, as much as I wanted to, my body was spent. As much as I wanted to at least take this blonde girl’s number, I didn’t, and had to walk away because I know the night had me beaten down. I was barely able to stand and keep up with the energy of the place and felt like tapping out as midnight came coming. There it was, a great opportunity in the air, gone for good. She was into me and I had a chance to do something but I gave out fast…..

That’s the price I paid.

I should have spent the Saturday getting my chores done and relaxing so I was amped to go out at night but no, not at all. Instead, I gave up the chance to meet new cool girls out on a fun night because my body was spent. My game plan was shot and toast for good now. So I ended up chilling at a low key bar with a friend and complaining of how tired I was.

We find two attractive women standing behind us and neither of us approach, the old me would have approached in an instant! Instead, I was spent, and I called it an early night.  My most precious day of the week, now gone, because of the fallout from my game plan.

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