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Did you really miss out on that much?

For those of you who missed my last post regarding late bloomer woes, I wanted to propose a question. Did you really miss out on that much?

The answer might not be as clear cut as it initially seems so let me put the context into it. For the purpose of this post, let us say that a “late bloomer” is someone that blooms after their early-twenties. So this means if this is someone that sit on the sidelines, they have missed out on all of their adolescence and undergraduate years. Some major milestones that have been missed include:

  • Hitting puberty and getting sex during those years
  • Missing rite of passage experiences in high school (prom, etc.)
  • Missing freshman year of college
  • Missing the “college experience” (spring break, Greek Life, etc.)

We say a normal man lives to be around 80 years old and at this point, the late bloomer has missed out on perhaps the first 25 years of his life. If we divide it out (25/80) this person would have missed out on a little over 31% of his life, but it is not so linear here. Some years carry more weight in terms of fun than others and no one will argue that 16  to 25 are generally more fun than 65 to 80.

Now as we dig in, we find that your typical late bloomer missed out on:

  • Teenage romance
  • Teenage milestones (prom)
  • Learning how to get good with women in his adolescence
  • Female intimacy at a time his sex drive was at an all-time high
  • Social life in a period where there was a ton of opportunity (around a lot of people his own age)
  • Fun and fucking around in a time when it was borderline encouraged
  • “Experimenting” with women looking for fun
  • Memorable social experiences with a lot of people his own age (Freshman year of college, Spring Break, etc.)
  • The first few years into drinking and partying
  • The “college experience”

I likely missed a lot more there but to give you perspective, that is some of what we are working with.

To answer the question, yes you did.

I hate to say the bad news here but the reality is, you missed out on a lot and in many ways are behind the curve. The fact of the matter is that you are a point where it starts to become a bit more bleak as life goes on, something far from normal. Most men, to some degree, experienced success at some point by the age of 25 so a kiss less virgin by that age is in a bad spot! Even from an emotional standpoint and mindset one, your confidence and feelings have dried out to make the journey even tougher.

The good news is, it is still salvageable.

The reality of the situation is that your situation is very salvageable because as much as the media wants you to believe life ends after college, it does not. Lots of people over the  age of 25 have lots of sex with lots of different people. Lots of people party, get wasted, and drink hard. Lots of people travel and “experiment” with life.

The better news? There is no better period in modern history than perhaps right now for you to salvage it, in fact, the trends favor the late bloomer.

Due to the moral decay that has happened in society and the older ways dying out, things like premarital sex and bachelorhood are slowly becoming the norm. The idea of a man being in his 30s and partying life away as he fucks random women is no longer a folklore, to some degree it is the norm. So while the situation is bleak, the trends and the times are surprisingly on your side.

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