I usually do not talk race but this is something I had to say. A lot of my good friends are Italian so I hold no ill-will towards any group but the content of this post will be very offensive, apologies in advance.

A month ago I was starting out my night at one of my favorite bars in the city and in front of me in line were these two brunettes in high-heels and a nice tan. I go into the bar and one of them bumps into me, it was intentional. We start chatting, the interest is clearly there, and at some point we talked about each other’s backgrounds. I initially thought these girls were Eastern European, maybe Turkish, but lo and behold they told me they are Italian and specifically Sicilian. At that point, I had come to an awful realization about myself that I have learned to accept, I might just be prejudiced.

Needless to say, I excused myself and walked away.

A short story that dates a while back.

Back in my college days, I ended up going out one night and approaching this one blonde who was not feeling me too much but her friend was. The blonde’s friend (and sorority sister) was this beauty with black hair, brown eyes, and a light tan. A date a week later turned into sex which turned into one wild relationship.

Some relationships really define you and given the time it came in and the emotions involved, this one was scarring. I realized a few months into the relationship that while this chick came from a wealthy and privileged background; I had ended up with a sociopath. In that year, I endured having everything I do questioned, my privacy aggressively invaded, physical abuse a couple times, aggressive mind-games, and even breaking up was hard because she had a tough time letting go.

To some degree it puzzled me as to why my ex was this psycho despite having it all from a nice upbringing to being in a respectable sorority on campus. Granted she was not in the top sorority which would only let in tall beautiful blondes but that’s the south for you.

I’ll talk more about my horrible relationship and the scars it left in a later post but, for now, I’ll give you a look into my prejudice.

I am one of those people who tries to investigate and sees why people do what they do, just what is up with their mentality?

Maybe I am wrong to judge an entire group of women based on my experience with my ex and I do not hold any bad blood towards Italians myself, this is just what I have noticed. I believe that a woman’s culture has a big impact on how she turns out and certain cultures just produce better women than others.

Whether it is traveling to Italy, having Italian friends, or being in an area with a lot of Italians; I have noticed certain things that turn me off from the women. Even my experiences with Italians have gone a certain way that made me ask some questions. What’s hilarious is one of my best friends is an Italian woman who is a lesbian so my hang-up is only over never wanting to date one.

A lot of what I am about to say is not just my observation but comes right from my Italian friends themselves.

Here are a handful of reasons I would want not want to date an Italian woman again:

1. While I may have lucked out, they’re just not very attractive as a whole.

I’ll say that when Italian women are hot, they’re very hot. They might not be in the same league as a sexy Scandinavian, a beautiful Latina, or a gorgeous Eastern European woman but they can be special.

I lucked out in a big way with my ex and have no doubt that her looks are what got her into her sorority. The silky smooth shiny skin, high cheekbones, tall height with volleyball player body, shiny dark hair and shiny brown eyes definitely made her a hit for a guy who have a thing for that type. I’d say my ex looked closer to a Serbian or Eastern European woman than an Italian woman though. Even with my ex, there was somewhat frequent waxing and shaving.

As a whole, Italian women are not that good looking. Even my Italian friend joked that the reason so many Italian men venture out to Poland and Eastern Europe or pounce on tourist women is to get away from their own women. The hawk-like noses, poorly tanned skin, excessive body hair, and overall short stature do not make for an overall good looking group of women.

I long wondered why Italian men seem so desperate to go after women of all groups but their own, it didn’t take much for me to find the answer.

2. Their personalities are not that much better, often even worse than their looks.

Often in a sour mood, bitter, narcissistic, arrogant, judgmental, and usually in the mindset that every guy is out to get them. One of my friends told me that Italian American women are raised to think that all men are evil by their mothers who often run the household. Most of their fathers spoil them and have them thinking that they are the perfect little princess, as was the case with my ex.

As one of my friends from Italy puts it, Italian women are raised to think they are god’s gift to earth and perfect while simultaneously envying the fact that gentlemen in their country prefer blondes from Northern Europe. The collision here between a massive ego bred from years of being spoiled versus reality makes for one of the nastiest personalities out there.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Italians, especially Italian Americans, are very sensitive. While a WASP, Irishman, or a Jewish man will often laugh off a joke, Italians are very sensitive about any criticism. I am not surprised if this post gets me killed but better to embody the first amendment than not.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Can you guess which one is Italian?

3. The culture is also very shallow and vain, whether in Italy or abroad. The way to describe it is more of a plastic flashy culture. 

Initially, it might be tough to believe that the same people who gave us Leonardo Da Vinci and the same area of the world where Rome was born would be lacking substance. Italian culture, whether in Italy or abroad, is all about appearances and image more so than any other culture out there and that is all it is about. Traits like compassion, empathy, care for a fellow human being, and acceptance are not very keen. Given how much western media has romanticized Italy, it is not hard for Italians to have a massive ego and look down on everyone.

As you can see, that is not a kind of a culture that would produce kind women. One of my Italian friends told me an Italian will act prideful, snotty, and smug towards any non-European (and especially non-white) person but the second you have any status or wealth he/she wants, they’ll aggressively try to force their way into your group by any means necessary. In other words, they might be prideful but it is a materialistic culture that runs on status and wealth, if you have it then they will swarm to you. Expect an Italian to take everything of value from you but expect to get nothing in return.

You even see this playing out in NYC where you’ll often find Italian Americans (usually from Jersey or Staten Island), flood into mainstream bars that are touristy and “popular”. On any area of the east coast that is “popular” with the nightlife, you will see it flooded with the stereotypical East Coast Italians. So far, no surprise that anything considered “popular” (Greek Life, nightlife, etc.) by the mainstream gets flooded by Italians fast.

Italian culture is quite plastic and image conscious, the people often attracted to it are also very shallow and desperately trying to be cultured.

4. They are likely to have a lot of family members who are quite racist and backwards, even if they are younger. In some cases, they’re pretty racist themselves.

Not being a white guy myself, I am surprised my ex even went for me given all I have heard of Italian women, perhaps she wanted to piss off her dad. Usually, they say Italians long to be blonde and their type is usually a blond haired guy. Compared to other Europeans, Italians are not very fond of darker skinned males and that is putting it lightly. I learned this the hard way when I first met my ex’s dad and her brother.

Of all the European groups, Italians genuinely hate minorities and will make your average redneck in Alabama seem tolerant by comparison. Some say it is because during the Middle Ages, parts of Italy were conquered by Islam. I’ve also heard that Italians have more to prove in terms of being white compared to someone from Sweden for example. If you ever want to piss an Italian off, tell them they are not white. When you hear of the way Muslims and Blacks are being treated in Italy today, you will be shocked that a country in the western world can be this way.

Italian men will chase women of other races to prove a point but let’s just say that the second they find their sisters potentially making more Sicilians in the future, it’s not going to sit too well. So if you are not white and happen to end up with an Italian woman, especially in the Tri-State area, expect a lot of racism from men of her background who will try to harass you. Some might be able to deal with it, most do not want to go through that.

Let’s put it this way, there is a reason France has a diverse soccer team and Italy does not.

5. A knack for power games and drama.

The Prince was written by an Italian and let’s say that Italians do have a knack for power games. Social ladder climbing and controlling others is something they practice quite a lot at a young age as it is a group that values image and power above all else. As one of my friends who is English put it, Italians being Allies in one World War and Axis in another tells you a lot about the way their mentality works.

Italians as a whole are very cut-throat and want to get ahead, they do not have the same compassion and empathy that Europeans of other backgrounds might have. Given that this is the case, expect for women who come from this kind of background to embody more gold-digger traits than women of other more worldly backgrounds might.

So that about says a lot.

I’ve unfortunately taken home girls from a bar on some nights who ended up being Italian background, given that I am in the Tri-State area, it happens. What does puzzle me is that given I am not a white guy, it should not happen often but it does.

I know it makes me bigoted and even prejudiced given the situation right? I see a beautiful white girl with dark hair and assume she is Eastern European or maybe Irish, things are going great. Then she tells me she is an Italian and I walk away, by definition that does make me a racist. I am glad I can admit my flaw, the reasoning behind it, and one day tell you guys the scarring story that led me down this path.

One thing I can say for certain is never ever in my life will I willingly date an Italian chick.


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