A wild Saturday night learning French

I decided to go at Saturday night a bit early than I wanted, thought I’d warm up a bit. What I decide to do is start with some approaches in the afternoon but quite frankly, day game has always felt a bit awkward for me. Despite the struggle, I push through a bit and try to make small talk with some girls.

One girl really catches my eye, this brunette with a ponytail, so I had to go up and talk to her.

Me: Excuse me, you’re European aren’t you?
Her: What, like no, haha I am from San Diego (her face lit up)
Me: Oh you do not sound European at all
Her: You’re like the 5th person to tell me that
Me: Yeah well I thought you were cute, what’s your name?

I won’t bore you with the name but she gave it to me, we chatted, and then I got the number. Great way to start it all off and then as the night neared, I went home to eat dinner. I am set to meet up with my friend but he bails on me, does not want to go out.

So I decide to go out anyways, alone.

Before I go out I watch a couple funny videos and get myself in a light state of mind, down a couple White Claws. After a couple drinks, I start it all off at a local neighborhood bar with plans of heading to another bar. Starting the night off at a bar where bartenders know me on a first name basis, I decide to chat them up a bit and then right next to me these two blondes sit down. One of them orders a Jagerbomb and asks how to down it out loud in front of her friend.

Me: I think you just like drink it
Her: How do you know?
Me: Because I drink a lot
Her: I am sorry
Me: Don’t be, it’s pretty fun
Her: (laughs) You come here often?
Me: Yeah, nice jacket by the way it looks good on you, what’s your name?
Her: (gives me her name)

Long story short, she went to Arizona and we chat for a good ten minutes before I get the digits. I thought if anything, I have a number, but her friends were largely pulling her away. After a drink of my own, I stick around for a few and this one dark-haired girl bumps into me.

Me: Night’s just getting started
Her: Okay?
Me: Uh, it means we have a long night to go
Her: Yeah, great (plain look on her face)

Good old rejection! I decide not to let it get me down. I then finish my drink and head over to the bar I usually end up at, it is not too loud but just loud enough with a packed dance floor. Try to talk to this one redhead who immediately looks away, it is in these moments a great mindset helps. I decide to wonder around a bit, talk to random groups along the way, and then I see a girl that really catches my eye.

She has black hair, a light tan, silky smooth skin that shines, blue eyes, and a really beautiful face. The worst thing you can do here is hesitate and she is there with a couple who are beautiful themselves. I see her hovering around my direction and immediately, I open her.

Me: Excuse me, what made you pick this bar?
Her: Yes, sorry? (smiling, clearly sounds foreign)
Me: Oh, you’re European? I am guessing French?
Her: Ha! Yes, you know, you know French?
Me: No, you can teach me sometime, I think you’re cute what’s your name?
Her: (tells me her name laughing and giggling as we shake hands)
Me: (Tell her my name), so you live in this city?
Her: Yes, over there, not too far
Me: Oh I am on the opposite side but we’re near all the fun

I am not even sure what I said after that but I do remember putting my arm around her waist as the bar was slowly getting packed. We banter for a few about our life and career but I play around telling her she must be a shrink or something, she actually works for the UN. I keep chatting her up but sexualize the conversation a bit, tell her she seems easygoing and laid back instead of harsh. She says I have not pissed her off yet, I tell her I think she would have a cute temper which makes her hit me.

The couple were surprisingly cool about it all, she says she knows them from her travels but they were going to call it a night early. Couple call it a night early and we keep talking but I lock eyes, move her to a quieter part of the bar. After a bit more banter I ask her if she loves exploring, she is surprisingly down for it. I tell her I know a bar that is a lot more peaceful and chill, it is one of my old watering holes.

I take her there and she agrees to come with me, now I need to play it cool, bar is only a couple blocks down. Get there and it is relatively quiet, not too many people around and bartender knows me on a first name basis. I get us a couple more drinks, by this time I am on my fourth and she is on her third. Close my tab immediately, I don’t want to get whiskey dick and I don’t want her to be disoriented.

We chat a bit more, I tell her about the craziness of the city and how I love to relax even after a crazy Saturday night. She tells me that she loves to relax too and I joke telling her she must do it very high-end given she is French, get a seductive stare from her as we are finishing our drinks. Surprisingly, her drink is finished before mines so I tell her that we should relax a bit. Walk with her around the block talking about how great it is to relax after a tiring day and a tiring night, she leans on my shoulder and looks into my eyes.

I waste no time, immediately get her up to my apartment and to my bedroom. Make-out with her, she knows how to kiss better than any girl I have had this year. Waste no time in stripping her naked and I immediately start eating that pussy out, she has a distinct odor to her but it is so arousing. I ate her out under the sheets and she kicked her legs around, having an orgasm.

I put that skinny body over me and let her ride, she lets me hit it raw which is rare in this city and I care little about the risk. After a while, I cum on the mattress while being covered in sweat and making out with her, she has the touch of an angel and is bringing out all of the right feelings from me. We sleep together nude, she is over me, and wake up the next morning with morning sex.

We fucked until the afternoon just wrestling naked in the sheets, she was happy with it all. After some time, I get her number and text her then and there to confirm it is her. Push for her Instagram too, tell her I am going to follow her and she follows me back. I then tell her I want to see her beautiful face and body again, then we make out naked.

Sunday is piling up and I have shit to do, so does she, but that was one hell of a night with some lessons!

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