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A wild night with a recruiter

So it was quite a busy week for me a week ago and it started Tuesday with a networking event.

I didn’t have wild aspirations for much of anything and I can barely write out much about it other than the fact that as a man, you need to go for it when the opportunity is there. As soon as I arrived, I warmed up and chatted with almost everyone in the area. A few of the guys were a bit high on themselves and took somewhat of an elitist vibe, often talking up to their achievement and talking down to others.

The event itself was downstairs in a Speakeasy and to a degree, the area was packed. After a bit of socializing, I noticed the groups started to interact with each other more and more. I talked to a couple of the guys who were down to earth, one being this Hispanic kid who had a brilliant idea for a startup to help create equality in hiring.

After talking to the Hispanic kid, this one Asian woman comes up and talks to me, she is being a bit touchy feely now with some alcohol in her. I decide to talk to her and let her feel up on me a great deal while getting awkward looks from the event organizers. Now I decide that enough is relatively enough and distance myself for a while before one girl bumps into me.

Immediately, there was some chemistry, I could feel it. She had black hair, blue eyes, a cute face, and a British accent. We chat for a few before I go to get a drink and find her busy. I then find her talking to someone else so I talk to others in the area. Now I talk to one other guy for a few before running into her again and getting back to talking to her.

Immediately after a few minutes, I take her to the more empty and spacious part of the bar and we chat again. A few minutes later, we are making out and barely anyone could see us. I feel my blood boiling and heart pumping so I propose we go nearby my place.

I end up getting her home and we immediately got naked and fucked. I ate her out as she put her body over my shoulders and she sucked me good. I felt a rush I had never felt before and something about that English accent really had me going. Wish I could say more but I have a long night ahead 🙂

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