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It is always the lonely friend

Due to the busy week I was not able to share with you guys the story of what happened with me the night after I had a fun night with a recruiter.

So I decide to go out to an event an old friend had invited me to a party at more of a Happy Hour type of location. I decided that I might as well try it out given the unstable morning I had after plowing a recruiter. Lo and behold, who would have thought that getting up horny but not being able to fuck since we were both running late for work would have been so problematic?

I digress, let’s get back to the story at hand.

I arrive at the even to notice that it is mostly just couples but decide that it would be time to just chill out. That’s usually the case at these events, no need to go around approaching women or trying anything, just be chill.

Talk to this couple for a solid 30 minutes, the girl is a hot blonde and guy is some older film director. With the couple seems to be this one redhead who I try to talk to and it seems like we are getting places. A few minutes into the conversation I realize how dry she is and she is not interested in me either, no connection there at all. I just could not help myself and my game turned on.

Time passes by and the couple have to leave, the redhead wanders off. I wander around and end up talking to this one French dude with glasses who is trying to adjust to life in the city. Meanwhile, I notice an eye noticing me, like you can actually feel when some people look at you even when you are not looking back at them. I give my best glance and see this one woman with black hair, a hawk-like nose, olive tan, and somewhat of a Latina/Middle Eastern type of appearance. The look did seem intimidating, I think it is because she had heavy eyes that gave off a mean look. In most cases, the type of look that seems to go crazy for me when I go out at nights, game on I guess.

At first I do not engage with her, the French guy on the other hand is going away. I hit it off with this Irish couple who are super friendly and cool with me, they seemed to take well to me. Emotions are contagious!

Unfortunately, the Irish couple have now left. Now I cannot help notice it, the dark-haired beauty keeps coming close and at this point I chat with her. She tells me her friends are off in a corner and she is just seeing what the rest of the party is about. Her name is Adriana and she works as a fitness instructor part-time while being an Accountant full-time.

I move the convo to her Accountant life, how much it must be wearing on her with the stereotypes of Accountants being overworked and she tells me about her being okay with it, that fitness helps her relieve the stress. I tell her how teaching other people to not be fat helps her relieve stress, she gets mad and tells me not all of her clients are fat. I laugh and say I am just joking, she gives me that intense look like she is going to kill me.

I ask her what she asks her clients to do to get in shape, she tells me obviously not call them fat, this comment has seriously pissed her off.

So I talk to her more about how I have put on a few and it almost seemed like not giving in to the temptation of junk food is what saved me. She tells me diet is like 80% of it all at which point I tell her I am so happy I get to actually cook. We chat a bit after I have diffused the tension, she is more calm.

We talk about stretching and how it relaxes a lot of muscles, just the breathing part of it all. She tells me it is one of the best feelings in the world, I tell her outside of a workout only one other thing can produce it, she laughs and hits me.

We chat a bit more and then I isolate her to a more quiet corner of the bar, we are still chatting a great deal and I ask her where she is over at, she tells me she is in Brooklyn and I tell her I am in Manhattan. We bump into each other and I grab her, she is grabbing me back and giving me that intense look. Now I decide to flirt more telling her that she looks intense, she says I can’t handle an intense girl, I tell her she is challenging me and I like it. We make out a bit and then I talk logistics.

I tell her it kinda sucks we can’t really see each other and she says she comes out to Manhattan all the time. I ask her what she has going on tomorrow, she tells me she is taking tomorrow off, I close the deal then and there and tell her I live nearby.

Back to my place.

As soon as I get back to my place, we are just on each other. She jumps on me and makes out but I push her against the wall. Her skin was silky smooth and I could not help but do the little things like kissing her shoulders, neck, behind the ear, and locking  lips.

We make out for a solid few minutes and get her clothes off. Pick her up and eat her out while having her against the wall, this has her moaning her brains out and at one point yelling in pleasure. I slam her down on the bed and continue to eat her out, suck on the breasts a bit before finally putting on a condom which is frustrating.

Now I let her ride me and see those titties flop around, let her lean over and suck those tits as she rides me. Finally spoon her while sucking those tits with the soft nipples and when I go harder, she starts moaning then yelling.

Cum and then sleep with her naked before waking up early, noticed I had a meeting at around 8 so getting by on no sleep, don’t shower at all and tell her if she can ready up to get out.

I realize it is the second straight day I show up to work not showering…

2 thoughts on “It is always the lonely friend

  1. I enjoy this post as always but a question: why are you eating random chicks out the first night?
    It’s submissive.
    Most women I’ve been with LOVE sucking guys off.
    Why not give them the chance?

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