An American guy’s thoughts on European women.

So this is a post I have been wanting to do for quite some time but never got around to it until now. My opinion here comes from travel experiences to various European countries as well as living in international cities that drew a lot of European tourists and expats. I cannot promise that everyone will be happy with this post as it is quite blunt.

We all know the various countries they have in Europe so I cannot possibly tell you how I feel about “European women” without at least breaking it down by country.

Even the ratings are more broad and can vary, for example, a woman from one country might be higher on the attractiveness rating compared to one from a neighboring country. I made it a point to list out countries that really embodied the good ratings and mention them by name.

Eastern Europe produces the best looking women in the world, hands down.

I read, cannot find the original source but this is the closest I could get that Estonia produces the most models per capita. After staying in various Eastern European countries, it was tough for me to debate if any region of the world could rival Eastern Europe when it came to producing beautiful women. Whether you love tall blondes, raven-haired beauties with light eyes, or the slightly tanned Latin look; Eastern Europe had it all. If I had to make my personal pick, I would say that Hungary probably edges out all European countries in terms of having beautiful women but Poland is not far behind.

My theory is that due to the Ottoman Sultans only keeping the finest women in the harems along with the Vikings invading the region led to the diversity you have. I think this is one of the mysteries of the world which can keep us guessing but I hope when we find the solution, it starts getting applied!

When it comes to pure aesthetics, Eastern European women just cannot be rivaled. If you like blondes, go more to Estonia and Latvia. If you are a fan of raven-haired beauties then Hungary has plenty of them. I’d argue that Eastern Europe probably is the area to be if you have a weakness of beautiful white brunettes, almost no other part of the world can rival it.

One catch here is that due to the large number of Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Italian men flooding these countries for sex tourism purposes; women have become more defensive in recent years.

Attractiveness rating: A+  (especially for Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus)

Friendliness rating: A (especially for Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian women)

Women in the Balkans are also very attractive but tough to talk to, they have high standards.

Among the Balkan countries, Serbia won my vote for having the finest women with Croatia coming up just a hair short. I’d live in Croatia over Serbia any day but be ready to deal with tough competition from local men who are usually good looking and have dominant personalities. Women from the Balkans are also quite icy compared to their Eastern European sisters and don’t mess around with foreign men as much. I found that expats from Western Europe and North America who lived in these countries had a very tough time meeting women compared to Eastern Europe where women were more open.

Attractiveness rating: A (especially for Serbian and Croatian women)

Friendliness rating: D 

Scandinavian women are obviously beautiful but tend to vary on personality based on the country they are from. As a whole, initially less social but open up fast, especially when alcohol is involved.

I found that Norwegian women were arguably the most attractive of all the Scandinavian women but they were also the most stuck-up. Swedish women were runner-ups for being attractive but they were much more social and outgoing than Norwegian women, especially at nightclubs. Danish women are considered to be the least attractive of the three but are also the most social and approachable.

Norway and Sweden had a large number of beautiful women from more foreign backgrounds, particularly Middle Eastern girls. I found that Middle Eastern women in both Norway and Sweden were far more approachable and social than the typical Scandinavian blonde.

One warning I will give is that if you are a Middle Eastern looking guy, you might face some prejudice in Sweden, not so much in Norway and Denmark. Ever since the refugee crisis, the Swedes have become a lot more cautious of Arab looking men.

Attractiveness rating: A

Friendliness rating: C

Dutch women were surprisingly friendly and also quite attractive.

I was a bit thrown off as to how many brunettes there were compared to blondes, I’d say more brunettes than blondes from my experience. What did throw me off on top of that was how cool, laid back, and relaxed Dutch women were compared to women in neighboring countries. The obvious answer is that legalization of marijuana and prostitution means that local men are more relaxed and fulfilled to not approach as aggressively. Even the rejections I received from Dutch women were relatively tame and I found them to be very social.

Attractiveness rating: B+

Friendliness rating: A 

French women are aloof but surprisingly beautiful with varying looks.

Whether you want the hot blonde or the tanned brunette, France has it all. I would say that initially, French women can be cold and standoffish but once you get past that barrier, they are quite friendly. French women also tend to be a bit insecure about what others think of them and how France is perceived, particularly by Americans, Australians, and Anglos.

Just like Scandinavia, France has a lot of diversity in women and you will find some of the most beautiful Asian, Black, and Arab women in this country. I’d say that Northern France was a bit colder in personality while Southern France was a lot more showy. As a whole, you can have a great conversation with a French girl who will game you instead of just being a pretty face. The key is to get past that initial barrier and not take things personally.

Attractiveness rating: B

Friendliness rating: C

British women do not deserve the bad press they get.

I am not saying English women are Scandinavian or Eastern European women by any stretch of the imagination but they don’t deserve the bad press they get. If you ask around, men will typically tell you how English women are trashy and not that attractive. After staying in Ireland, Scotland, and England; I found that the women were quite friendly and fun loving. Ireland had a surprising number of dark-haired blue-eyed  beauties despite being stereotyped as a land of redheads. Of the three countries, Ireland was by far my favorite and had the friendliest people.

While Brexit has happened, I still wanted to mention my experience in this area. I found English women to be a more tame and relaxed version of American and Canadian women. While American, and especially Canadian, women will shove their radical feminist beliefs down your throat; British women are relatively laid back.

Attractiveness rating: C

Friendliness rating: B

German women are indeed very cold.

I’d say that German women are like an uglier and less friendly version of Dutch women and among the coldest in Europe. Most German women have a dry personality and do not like to be approached. The refugee crisis has made things even worse in some cities where foreign men who are aggressive will go for local women. German women tend to be cold, cut-throat, and extremely materialistic of all the women. Most are usually expressionless in general and you won’t often get that much of a smile out of them.

Attractiveness rating: C

Friendliness rating: F

Belgium is even worse.

I would say that Belgium is an even worse version of Germany except with an added sense of superiority that seems to come out of nowhere. Women in Belgium are often dismissive and have a superiority complex like none other, this gets even worse when they travel abroad. I’d say that most are intentionally disrespectful, entitled, and rude.

Attractiveness rating: D

Friendliness rating: F

Italian women are hideous both inside and out, scary at worst.

I often wondered why Italian men are so eager to meet women of different countries until I stayed in Italy and interacted with a lot of Italian women in my travels. In terms of looks, there is not much to see in Italy. While Northern Italy might have some beauties; Italian women as a whole tend to not age well, have a lot of moles on them, hawk-like noses, rugged facial features, and excessive body hair.

Most Italian women, especially in the south, tend to resemble the Wicked Witch Of The West from their appearance. The facial expression in general gives off bad intentions, almost a look of wanting to rip someone off.

The personalities are also really bad, I’d say they are among the most narcissistic, sociopathic, confrontational, and rude women in the world. Italian women are not above physically hitting a guy if they are offended. One saving grace about Italy is that Northern Italian women can be beautiful and at times more cultured and fun.

As a whole, I’d say Italy has the ugliest women in Europe with among the worst personalities. Now it is no mystery to me why Italian men are so eager to swarm tourists and make up a sizable amount of sex tourists as well. Needless to say this even carries over on to Italians in America as Italian American women are nothing to peek at.

Attractiveness rating: F (but we can upgrade that to a C if we are talking Northern Italy)

Friendliness rating: D 

Spanish women are beautiful and nicer to foreigners that are not from the Mediterranean but are generally among the pickiest in Western Europe.

The women of Spain probably take the prize of being the best looking in the southern half of Western Europe. I found their demeanors very friendly, warm, welcoming, and outgoing compared to women from neighboring countries. One catch here is that Spanish women are also quite picky even though they might be nicer to foreigners.

If you are a blond-haired or lighter skinned guy, you can have a lot of fun in Spain as local women adore the Viking look. A more swarthy looking white man on the other hand will struggle to get one night stands and will often be passed up for a Chris Hemsworth lookalike. Spanish women absolutely adore blond and red haired males and men from countries like Holland, the Scandinavian countries, and Germany often have a lot of fun here. The further south you go, the more fun it becomes for you.

In general though, Spanish women are very picky and among the pickiest in Western Europe if not the entire continent. Local men struggle to get one night stands and have a tough go at it.

Attractiveness rating: A

Friendliness rating: B (but are very picky!)

I probably missed some countries.

At this point my list is so long along with this post that I no doubt missed some countries. I visited Switzerland and various other nations out there too but did not feel the need to mention them for their women.

2 thoughts on “An American guy’s thoughts on European women.

  1. Lmao at the Belgian and Italian women section. I have to say that Swiss women also have a reputation for being cold, which I can definitely see. Have to disagree with your rating on English women though, in my experience they are towards the bottom of the list, especially if you’re not white or black!

    1. Swiss women are spoiled by ratios in their favor hence the reputation. Then again outside of the French, it is mainly Italians and Germans so that explains it.

      When you say bottom of the list if you are not white or black, do you mean their racial preferences? If so, I disagree from experience. I find English women to be very open to exotic looking men. My Indian friend from Canada cleaned up in Manchester, taking home a beautiful blonde one week and a handful of gorgeous brunettes throughout his time there.

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