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Leave the negativity home before going out.

In the past few years, I noticed a sense of negativity overcome me. I was a very negative guy and not someone who went out into the night with the best of moods. A part of it was I ran into a lot of bad experiences with people when I first started going out and that really killed my mood. Before I know it, there was a spiral of negativity going on and I could not even enjoy the best of nights out.

Missed opportunities, one after another after another.

I would have so much in my head whether it was talking of past rejections or past failures with women that I would carry to whatever bar I ended up at. As a result of this, I often ended up so in my head that I would miss even the most obvious signs that could have led to my success. So many wasted nights due to me being stuck in my own negative head.

So I made it a goal to get out of my own head before going out.

My goal was before I went out, I would sit down for a good ten minutes or so to collect my thoughts. I knew that whatever hatred, bitterness, negativity, insecurity, trauma, and bad memory I had needed to be checked and left at the door. Most normal people go through some form of a bad experience in life that stays with them and a surprising amount are unaware of the impact this experience has.

I decided to tackle my demons head on before going out and the results were phenomenal. Some nights, I’d go out and would feel like I am in an entirely new world. I no longer went through being in my own head anymore like I was all too accustomed to. Rejections were now funny, I picked up on good vibes from girls, and the results spoke from themselves.

Leave that baggage at the door!

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