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Are American women really that bad?

Over the years, I have noticed that there is a tendency among men to (particularly American men) berate American or “western” women. After having had experiences with women of various nationalities and ethnic groups, I wanted to give my thoughts on whether the dislike for American women as well as the criticism they get is really that warranted. I have long heard of men saying that American women embody the worst traits of human nature and are the archetype of the psychotic bitch in a movie but is this really warranted.

I will admit that some parts of the United States do produce the worst kinds of women who are ugly on both the inside and the outside.

In some ways, it depends on the kind of area they were born and raised in.

You will see the worst stereotypes of American women embodied in the basic white girl archetype, usually from a suburban or upper-middle class type of background near major cities and went to a top party school to join a prestigious sorority. The narcissism, vapidness, calculating nature, lack of empathy, fakeness, social media obsession, and overall cold demeanor with absolutely no consideration for other people. You’ll typically find that small town girls that are not raised in suburbs of major cities tend to be more tame and down to earth, similarly American women from urban or working class areas can understand the struggles of other people more.

Now where it starts to vary is the extent, for example, a suburban girl from Nashville or Dallas is going to be a lot more down to earth and have emotions of a normal human being than one from San Francisco or Atlanta.

There is a catch 22 here though. Some areas might produce great women but as a whole they fall victim to women settling down early into family life meaning you have to be LTR minded or hope these same women move to global cities to meet men. The areas that do have a lot of hedonism going on will often produce the most toxic women as well.

So what is really the verdict here?

I’ve been beating around the bush a lot but if we were to condense it, I’d say that American women are not really as bad as everyone gives them credit for. For one, the sample size is too vast and different for us to conclusively say that. Sure, your typical San Francisco girl absolutely sucks and as do women from the Bay Area but what about the pretty blonde from the Midwest raised in a good family? On top of that, I often find that the toxic personality and bad traits people blame American women for are easily found in women throughout the world these days anyways.

What I have found is that when American women are good, they are really fucking good. I will say that the top tier of American women are overall a better package than top tier foreign women simply because they bring more to the table. Not only do American women look very beautiful on the higher end of the attractiveness scale, they also tend to be more worldly, independent, fair, and caring rather than being a doormat. Now notice I said the top tier of American women, not the average American woman. Sure, the average American girl is probably lower quality than the average European girl but when it comes to the top end of the looks scale, American women are simply the best. On the flip side, when American women are bad, they are really fucking bad (hypocrites parading as girl power activists, psychos, violent, crazy, toxic personalities, and you name it).

Why guys have this disdain.

Most guys who have this dislike for American women tend to be western men who are simply tired of western women. It is normal for us to want something different at some point and men of any nationality will complain about their own women on a long enough timeline. The other aspect of it is that as rich western men go to poor countries, they love the foreigner treatment and flattery which women back home do not give them. Sure, there are a lot of toxic American women but quite frankly, it is getting to a point where women of any culture can showcase those traits unless you really have something they want.

“Damn I wish you did for this post what you did for the European women post.”

You mean generalize American women based on where in the country they are from?

Describe the average attractiveness of a woman by city and region?

Grade them based on looks and personality?

Sure, be on the lookout for that!

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