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Looking back at 2019 and looking forward to the roaring 20s!

So we are almost halfway into the month and I did not even get to wish you guys a Happy New Years. Quite frankly, I have not been the biggest fan of the New Years Resolutions. In my view, you either do it or you either don’t, it should not take a New Year and a New Decade for you to do something you are already supposed to be doing.

But we can look back to 2019

The year that one guy decided to share his life experience with all of you and bring this blog to life. On August of last year, I made my first ever post and now I am well over 50 posts. I am on pace to make at least a post a week to not keep you guys bored and I am glad of all the things we had a chance to talk about. Occasionally I’d share my night out into town, sometimes I’d share wisdom and life lessons, and other times I’d just generalize women based on where they were from. I am glad after all that happened that I finally had the guts to pull the trigger and share my life story.

Some big goals for 2020 and material to look out for.

On 2020, the focus is going to be on the following:

  • Really sharing my life story so you guys know me better
  • Organizing posts based on category and into a library
  • Talking more theory and psychology behind dating
  • Potentially talking social issues and how they tie into dating (we may or may not talk racism and sexism)
  • Talking about the social trends and what is to come for men in the new decade
  • Continuing to share more of my experiences as they happen
  • Potential guest posts

A lot will depend on how big this project grows and how much attention it gets. If we end up flopping and this site fails to grow, I might shut it down altogether. Who knows!


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