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What to do if you are feeling bad emotions when going out.

I did something yesterday night that I have not done for a while. For starters, I did not even do my usual routine of meditating a bit before going out, instead I just went right out and ended up trying my luck. A group of hot girls passed by me and honestly, I had no guts to approach them, so outside of my usual element.

For some reason, I could not put a finger on it, but I was feeling very negative. The emotion can be described as bitter, hateful, and just having a lot of bad thoughts running through my mind. My mood was off, it was bad, and I went into a couple of bars only to find that I was just standing there doing nothing. I even had a couple of girls bump against me and show interest, and I did nothing at all.

So I did the one thing I feel like would be right in this situation, I went home.

That’s right, go home, and here’s why.

Emotions are contagious.

Emotions are very contagious and quite frankly, they rub off on people. Women can feel the vibes and when you are out as pissed off as John Wick when he lost his dog, they will distance themselves. Your bad emotions rub off on people and women will not be very keen on having a fun time with someone who is not out to have a fun time. In fact, it will probably lead to you having brutal rejections that even worsen your mood.

You will avoid a lot of trouble, especially under the influence of alcohol.

The thing about nightlife and night-game is that it attracts a lot of shitty people, there are guys who go out just to look for a fight. A lot of women go out to nightclubs and bar just to reject any man bold enough to approach them. Now combine this with you being in a bad mood and running into some bad characters in nightlife, now add in some alcohol, and trouble shall ensue.

You’re not going to experience success anyways.

While exceptions do exist, once you are feeling angry and shitty, you are not going to be accomplishing the goal you wanted from nightlife. All that is going to happen is that you will just run into bad emotions that pile up due to people being shitty to you or not having the luck you want. You might even be a dick and ruin someone else’s night.

Better yet, check those emotions at the door before heading out.

Maybe watch a funny standup session, talk to a few friends, read something funny, or find something motivational. Watch those videos and have a nice laugh before going out, it will lighten up your mood. Better yet, remember the good times going out or moments when you had success at night. Keep that highlight reel running in your head!

I would also recommend getting to the bottom of your frustrations if they are behind your bad emotions.

Job worries? Find a way to make side income and have a recruiter pipeline full to find your next job. Learn relevant skills to make yourself marketable.

Hate the city you are in? Move instead of whining.

Toxic friends and family? Cut them off.

You might be better off taking a break from meeting women and getting other shit sorted out first if it is bothering you. All in all, leave the bad emotions behind when heading out. You need to be in a state of mind where rejections are funny and you pity the men who are trying to start a fight, even feeling sorry for them and their state in life. Good emotions are powerful and help you accomplish just that.

I am happy that I made the decision to call it quits early into the night and go home. Some nights, you realize it just isn’t worth it and you make the decision to lose the battle but work on winning the war. Some nights, it is best to just go home.

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