Why you should stop relying on favorable avenues to meet women.

I was going to title this post the harsh truth about favorable options for meeting women but that would have been far too long and confusing of a title. Today we are going to about the harsh truth of favorable avenues, places, and “hobbies/activities” for meeting women. When I say favorable, I mean avenues that give you a shortcut or advantage of meeting a lot of good looking women, the type where the odds are more in your favor as a guy.

Every now and then, I get guys asking what is the best way to meet women, the most “effortless” way. How can they meet hot girls without having to approach them or have stellar online dating profiles. Well, the answer they are looking for is what activity or move can they make to where the game is heavily in their favor. You might not like what you read.

A story about yoga classes.

I one time sat down and talked to a girl I was good friends who told me a story about yoga classes in her city. We get on the topic after discussing her need to use yoga to be at peace but then she talked about how she could no longer find peace in yoga classes. We chatted about the situation and she said that when she first went to yoga classes years back, they were peaceful.

You would go to a yoga class as a woman and find that it was largely other women looking to use yoga class to do yoga. Over the years, a troubling trend emerged, more and more single straight men decided to do yoga classes. Now this might not seem like an issue because most men will not approach women creepily in a yoga class but let’s face it, a lot of these men went to yoga classes to meet women.

Now here is the issue, creeps give off vibes that talk even when they are not approaching. Women are much more intuitive than men and good at picking up these creepy vibes. Now a yoga session turns into that never-ending feeling of that guy behind you staring at your ass as you do yoga. Well, my friend happened to experience just that, and slowly it got worse.

“If the vibes weren’t bad enough, some of these guys actually tried to talk to me and take up my time after class to hold me behind when I made it clear I was not interested.”

Now even the smooth guy who has game is going to struggle a bit or go through more hurdles, all because a large group of creepy men already flooded yoga classes. I am sure that there was a period when cool enough guys made yoga classes into their fun avenue for meeting women and it was favorable, after what my friend went through though, not for long.

No matter how good any hobby, activity, or city is for meeting women, that gravy train is on its way to ending as soon as that idea gains popularity.

Even in my post about European women, I mentioned that Eastern Europe is no longer a good place to meet and date beautiful women for most men. While Eastern European women might be the most beautiful in the world and friendlier on average, that is slowly going to stop. The reason is, as soon as sex tourists from places with significantly lower quality women realized that Eastern Europe is a godsend, you had a horde of aggressive creepy men flooding the area to practically harass local women. Now an otherwise approachable Polish beauty turns almost as icy as women from elsewhere.

Same goes for any major city as well, even NYC nightlife is actively being ruined by pickup goons from dumps like Toronto and San Francisco. As soon as word got out that NYC is a top tier city for meeting attractive women due to ratios, men from less favorable cities flooded here. I even think that due to my post on American women, it won’t be long before pickup artist creeps flood the midwest and scare the women there.

By the time you have heard an area, activity or place is great for meeting women, the bad news is that you missed the place in its prime. Tons of other men on the planet are now flooding to that place and the gold rush has started.

Photography? Now ever guy wants to be a “model photographer”.

Co-ed sports? Every guy is already in on that.

As you can see, you are always chasing gravy trains that are about to end.

Instead, focus on being the most attractive and successful guy you can be.

Hit the gym and eat right so you can look good. Be passionate about something in life so you can stand for something at least. Work on a job or business so you are not leeching off of your parents while having dreams of being a playboy. Find ways to cultivate the cool personality that makes people want to hang out with you. Find ways to build status and social influence. Once you have done all that, now try to rig the odds in your favor but know you are always chasing a gravy train on its way to ending.

By being attractive, you don’t need the luck or favorable circumstances, they become that much more fruitful when they do happen. When you are wealthy and attractive on top of that, you have avenues available to you that the common man cannot even touch. You have set yourself apart in so many ways that trends tend to affect you less. Now when a gravy train comes around, you benefit that much more from it and you can likely find a gravy train before it has even become popular.

Truth of the mater is, the game is fucking hard no matter where you go.

Unless there is some major leverage involved (eg: women wanting a green card) or you end up in a lucky situation, you will always have to work for it. Whether you are in NYC or San Francisco, you need to be able to talk to women and look good so they are attracted to you. You need to be able to be an attractive guy that women would want to be with. You have to be able to move conversations along, account for logistics, and convince women to go home with you. No matter where you go, you will run into cock-blocking and jealous people trying to stop you from meeting women or having success.

When you do find a gravy train for yourself, please shut the fuck up.

Please don’t be that guy screaming to all of his guy friends and the world how amazing a given city is for meeting women or how great an activity is. The pioneers and good detectives will find it for themselves. Most men have no business benefiting from a shortcut or a gravy train, evolution did not intend for it to be that way. Let the lazy cynical slackers with a bad attitude stay home and be by themselves. Save the gravy train for yourself, you will be glad you did.

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