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Even the experts can be wrong when it comes to women and dating.

I thank a lot in my life to the rise of the internet but one thing I thank almost above all is the ability to hear from guys who have been through it all. While the dating advice and seduction industry is full of nonsense, phonies, and guys who are straight out frauds; there are guys and sources out there who actually do give legitimate advice. Throughout the years, I have found experts who I thought were true experts that lived the life they preached about and gave legitimate advice. Now just like a phony can give great advice (hence a broken clock being right), even an expert can be wrong and it happens more often than you may think.

So why? Well…..

The game is emotional, it isn’t meant to be logical.

You can read all of the statistics and everything about human behavior but when it comes to dating, we are emotional creatures. A girl who hates you one month could want to fuck you another. People make no sense and dating is very sporadic and emotion based. You can have all of the good advice in the world and knowledge at your disposal but the truth is, you’ll still lose because it just happened to not be your day and the emotions were not there. Now this is a big reason as to why I laugh at dating “studies” and barely take them serious and why analytical/logical guys struggle with dating.

Times change and the game changes with them.

We are in the age of social media and dating apps, truth be told that a lot of your mentors who may know their shit are just not with the times right now. Similarly, when a lot of the experts were in their prime years trying to pick up women, times were different. Women went out to bars and nightclubs to actively meet men instead of going there to be on social media. People got married early and settled into family life by the age of 30 at the latest compared to what we have today. Truth be told, you cannot expect someone who is not in tune with current times and experiencing the dating game as someone single (let alone having success) to know what they are talking about.

Older does not always mean wiser, it often means more bitter.

I am one of the few guys that advises young men not to put too much faith in an older mentor, something I will talk about in a future post, the reason being that older guys are generally a lot more bitter. Now there are obvious exceptions to this rule, for example, you might find a handful of older guys who are very joyful and cool while being satisfied with life but they are few far and in-between. Most older men are bitter, washed up, and just sounding off while trying to find a younger guy to take their life’s frustration out on. In many cases, it is like a parasite feeding on a host.

No matter how good you get, you will always have weak spots.

Some guy might be phenomenal at cold approach but fall flat with social circle and online dating, same with other combinations. Even if you think you maxed out or know it all, you really don’t know shit. The more you wake up and the more you experience it, the more you realize how much you did not know and how even the experts were way off. You cannot blame the experts because you always have to grow and learn in this space, same with business.

Some guys have their own agenda and it is not to see you succeed.

Think about it, most men would not want to see others succeed because it is not to their own interest. Even if some magical piece of advice existed to have the life you want, they would not give it to you because then that life will become oversaturated. If a piece of advice really helped men become that great, the dating industry would be dead because men would not be paying for courses. In other words, the experts might not tell you everything for a reason, secrets exist for a reason.

So what can you do? 

Not even I can be trusted, I advise everyone to 100% question everything on this blog. My advice will be out of date if you look back on this blog about five years from now. The reason is, so much would have changed by them. While I can be an occasional guide, it is your ship to sail!

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