Why some cultures, cities, and places produce amazing women.

Lately on my blog, whether I am talking about European women or American women, I have brought up that not all cultures, cities, and countries are equal when it comes to the quality of women there. Now this is a hard fact for some to accept, especially in our sensitive generation today, but it is a fact nonetheless. Some places simply produce and have an abundance of good looking women with friendlier than average personalities. While these women might be picky in the men they go home with, they are nonetheless easy to talk to and not out to ruin anyone’s day.

So why is it that some places produce so many amazing women?

Political leanings have little to do with it.

While I might not be the biggest fan of modern day feminism, I think it gets too much flak from men out there. Men claim that liberal and heavily feminist societies turn women into sluts without any remorse for their actions, well as a guy who wants to sleep around, you kind of need that. Even then, I don’t think the right wing and conservatives do that great of a job at making quality women either.

As someone who grew up in a very conservative part of America, way too many conservatives will put on their Bible face but be just as sociopathic and toxic in personality. Southern Belles know how to play the social games and will have the same goals as your radical feminist, just phrasing them in a different way. I think political leanings matter very little in western society.

Instead, I find that what does matter is that the environment is one where people are “free”. Women can go around experimenting with men without being called sluts, men can approach women without having to worry about harassment charges, and things are just very tame in that regard. Sexually repressive cultures produce toxic personalities all throughout no matter what end of the political spectrum you are on.

We definitely cannot ignore gender ratios.

Why are Eastern European women beneficiaries of so many good stereotypes and sought after by so many men? Because Eastern Europe for the longest time had a man shortage, this meant the women remaining could not treat their men like crap unless they wanted to be lonely. On that same note, foreign men became fans of Eastern European girls who were usually kinder and nicer to them than any other woman they had known to that point.

I have long considered San Francisco to be the worst big city in America for a single man, a large part of it is due to the ratios there. As I mentioned in my article of our biggest problem being we have too many men in this country, a ratio favoring women gives them the ability to act in the worst of ways and get away with it. While San Francisco women are known for being hideous in appearance, their personalities are largely narcissistic, lacking any empathy,  hypocritical, and sociopathic. The reason for this cannot be ignored, there are too many tech bros and geeks who inflate the egos of these women who would otherwise be ignored in any decent place.

Which takes us to the attitude of men in the area, culture, and city towards women.

I notice that Scandinavian women for example, are very open to being approached, because in their countries men do not approach them. While the refugee crisis has changed this to some degree, Scandinavian women are not as pampered by their men despite them being arguably the most beautiful group of women on this planet. You see this play out when you meet Scandinavian women abroad, they tend to be very chill and relaxed compared to women from other groups.

Now take women from cultures where men aggressively approach, seduce, and pamper their women; you get women who are jaded and paranoid. A culture where men are extremely aggressive lends itself to women who are constantly on the lookout, paranoid, and have massively inflated egos. You see this in a city like Toronto where the pickup movement has made women some of the most hostile on the planet and the city itself one of the worst in North America for single men.

In areas where men rarely approach and are more than ready to call out the nonsense that a woman might throw their way, the women have better personalities. Ironically, the cultures where that is the case produce stronger women who know how to deal with brash and candid men instead of simply hoping that calling them sexist fixes things.

You also have to look at what the culture in that place values.

Cultures and places with cultures that are based on the plastic and the material tend to produce very toxic people. The cultures that put a ton of emphasis on appearances, looking good, and looking successful produce women that are more likely to have toxic personality traits. One piece of irony here is that I find regions of the world such as Scandinavia and to a lesser extent Eastern Europe do not put nearly as much emphasis on things such as appearing beautiful yet they are naturally considered the most beautiful.

The one thing I found about cities that are particularly bad for dating is that there was an immense pressure put on appearances, more so than other places. People who focus a lot on appearances are overcompensating in similar ways as the new rich differ from the old rich, who usually keep their wealth subtle.

Cultures and cities that place immense value on appearances and perception tend to naturally go into toxic, overcompensating, narcissistic, and cruel personalities. In many ways, these people are so insecure in themselves that they need a target to take their frustration out on. A woman from a culture or area that is not naturally beautiful yet getting lots of plastic surgeries to alter her appearance is deep down broken, knowing she will never be in the same league as a woman born naturally beautiful.

Compare this to women who come from areas where there is a lot of natural beauty and a lot less emphasis on appearances. You will find that often times, even if women from such cultures are not supermodels, they have amazing personalities because their values center around fulfillment, success, family, love, community, and not as much on a popularity contest. Often times, people who engage a lot in popularity contests are just deeply insecure and unfulfilled of their own value.

I probably missed something, there are other factors, but those are key.

I probably missed other things here but so far, that is what has been key. For those commenting, I would be happy to hear about the other factors. To close out this thread, I wanted to list out areas, cities and cultures that I personally believe produce amazing women.

  • Russia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Balkans
  • France
  • Scandinavia
  • Brazil
  • Midwest USA
  • Southern US outside of Georgia
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • French Canada
  • Mexico
  • Uruguay
  • Netherlands

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