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Friday nights are terrible for going out.


Thank God It’s Friday, unless we are talking about going out to game and meet women. I used to believe that going out on Fridays was peak time for partying, socializing, and obviously meeting women but I was wrong. After years of going out, I have found that Friday is arguably among the worst days of the week to meet women and get laid. Now  there are a few situations here that make it that way, for example, I live in NYC where the culture is a bit different and I have occasionally had success on Fridays. Compared to Saturdays, Thursdays, and even other days of the week; Fridays do not stack up.

For one, it’s a Happy Hour crowd.

Most people use Friday as the prime day for Happy Hours, they are the days they want to relax with coworkers and only hang with them. People use Happy Hours to get ahead in their career by socializing with their higher ups or they use it to kick the shit with their coworkers. Being seen leaving with or even talking to a stranger too much would be frowned upon and have serious social repercussions.

Everyone is exhausted from the week.

Even I can barely find the energy to go out on a Friday unless I go out directly after work. Most people on a Friday are exhausted and beaten down from the week in order to go out to have fun. For me on Fridays, I can use a nice nap after work or even some time to watch Netflix. I often notice that the bars themselves on Fridays are full of social groups in a more chill mode, some too tired to party that hard. The partying that does happen tends to happen in more high volume and energy nightclubs.

Logistics are an issue, too much Bridge and Tunnel.

Bridge and Tunnel may as well be an NYC thing but the problem it presents is logistics. When someone has to wait to catch a subway to the other side of the river or has a long road back home, it becomes tougher to pull. Add to this that most people from this crowd go out to be seen which is why they would value going out in Manhattan in the first place.

So what should you do with your Fridays instead?

I think Fridays are ideal days to have a date, particularly at a more low key place and bring her back. Fridays are less ideal for pulling and going out to pull.

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