How alpha males and winners do life differently.

In my last post, I talked about how most single men live boring lives. In this post, I want to talk about how the winners, alpha males, and men who truly “make it” do things differently. Over the years, I have had the chance to be around the kind of guys some would consider a “Chad” or “Alpha” or “Slayer”, they just do things differently. As the saying goes, only 20% of men get 80% of the women. Now while you do get outliers like the club promoter who parties all night and sleeps in all day, I have found that the kind of men women actually swipe right on or want to get with have certain habits to their life. A lot of them kill it in life and with dating.

Even if you do see these guys settle into LTRs, it is usually with a good looking girl or a girl that is fighting to keep them. In similar fashion, I will talk about how guys I know who have this kind of value tend to do things differently. I had a couple roommates like this and the results with dating and life were definitely there.

If I was to predict the life of most of these men, it goes something like this.


  • Get up hours before they have to be at work to get workout and other shit done (usually 5 to 5:30 AM, I struggle a lot with this!)
  • Usually something planned during the weekday after work and it varies by day (Date, Networking Event, Hobby, Sports League, Class, Happy Hour, or maybe just a night out in town to explore)
  • Rest their eyes and turn off all electronics an hour before going to sleep (usually reading something or journaling)
  • Go to bed


  • Will set aside a day to go out and party with the boys or just have a good time
  • Something set aside during the day (sports, hobby, event, etc.)
  • Almost always invited to something
  • Will explore a new spot whether on their own or with a crew
  • Will always get approached or get a strong IOI from some girl when they go out
  • Always meeting new people and expanding their circles


  • Usually very positive
  • Future-oriented and always working towards something (project, business, etc.)
  • Easygoing towards sports and celebrity gossip
  • Everything will usually work out
  • So many women but only if they could pick one
  • It’s all so “easy” and it should be easy for others if they just put the work in
  • Rarely stuck in the past (“Yeah it was good but this is just as good”)

Future outlook:

  • Everything is going to work out
  • Less than ideal situations are minor setbacks
  • I have places to be and things to do and it’s amazing
  • I am so looking forward to doing XYZ (and has started doing them already)

What are some common things we notice about the alpha male?

  • A life of abundance with something always going on (waking up early to workout, putting hobbies on their calendar, proactively going to events, etc.)
  • Always looking towards the future
  • Grateful for the current situation but constantly want to make more of it and keep improving
  • Constantly putting in the work to build the  better future
  • A positive mindset that says things will always workout
  • Rarely if ever stagnant, always improving

 I might not be completely accurate here.

As I have said, there are also men out there who party a lot and are not productive with their life outside of dating that “slay” (club promoters or anyone in nightlife). You will also meet a good number of alpha males who might come off as rude and negative. What I am saying is that I have yet to meet a guy who did all of this (waking up early to workout before work, constantly going to events, and proactively working on something outside of work) that did not have a fulfilling life along with dating success.

Really see things differently between this guy and your plain average guy.

The proactive guy seems to always have things going on in his life, you would find it tough to get time on his calendar unless you are a hot girl. The average guy would be glad to suck up your time and talk to you about his glory days while swearing adulthood is the devil. Your proactive and alpha guy is always interacting with people and improving his life by the week, he is rarely stagnant.

If we fast forward life to about five years, the normal guy might get married and have a kid in the suburbs. The same guy would have lived an unfulfilled life, likely have a divorce, and then whine about how life was so much easier in school. Now look at the proactive guy, he would have likely launched a side business that makes him money and double his entire network. Opportunities will open up for him at every corner because even after college, he kept shaking the right hands and got ahead in his life.

Maybe he gets married with kids but even if he does not, he becomes the alpha male that women want to constantly be around and need in their life. When people talk of men whose value peaks in their thirties and later ages, they are talking about men who lived life like this guy did.

So who are you going to be?

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