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The diminishing returns of knowledge when it comes to game.

Ignorance is bliss

I sometimes go a little bit off the deep end when it comes to talking about dating and game as you have seen from my theory posts. Well, here is the reality of it all, they’re really just theory. I have thoughts that come to mind sometimes and I share them. For all I know, I could probably be way off and you might find a lot of counterexamples to what I say. What I did want to talk about today is something else, how there really are diminishing returns when it comes to game and the content you consume. In other words, you’re better off not knowing and keeping it simple.

Those that can’t do, teach.

Over the years I have met a number of guys who could ramble off theories, talk about why women do what they do, are psyche experts with game, and just know so much about it all. You could talk to these men about women and dating for hours and walk away “enlightened”. Hell, most older guys in urbanized lower-income areas of America will ramble off game theory to the point where even someone with a PhD on it cannot compete with their ramblings.

The reality is, those guys very rarely if ever get laid all that much.

Most “naturals” or men I know who had the results were not really the scholarly type, in fact, they were pretty fucking ignorant. Imagine someone with the demeanor of Rob Gronkowski, that’s the kind of guy who probably get laid a lot. If I was to talk to Dan Bilzerian right now, he probably would have 10% of the knowledge about game and women compared to some Pickup Artist or habitual poster on game forums. We all also know how much incels on a incel forum will talk about game theory day and night as well, then realize that they’re incels.

Here is all you really need to know.

The thing about game is that it is simple but not easy. If it was easy to sleep with attractive women somewhat consistently, everyone would be doing it. The path is simple enough to where you will know what to do but hard in the sense that very few will be able to do it successfully.

Look good enough.

In other words, be presentable enough. Don’t be way out of shape, ideally be in great shape. Wear clothes that fit and have a style that is good for that particular area. If you take care of that, I’d say most men are good in this department. You do not need to be Jeremy Meeks or Zayn to have the results you want, good enough is just okay. Most men can get to being good looking enough. Don’t have awful hygiene.

Have social skills and “game”.

Don’t say things in public that you would say on a Youtube comment section in private, talk less, listen more, and have social skills. Ask people about themselves, learn to make your intentions clear, and respect social norms. This is where most men can learn in terms of moving things along and isolating women but even then, the basics will cover the rest. You do not have good game without taking social norms into account or having decent social skills, the two go hand in hand.

Get a “life”.

Have friends, make friends, get hobbies, be social, and learn to interact with normal people (not forum posters). Have something you are working towards instead of posting on the internet, binging on Netflix or playing videogames. Seriously, find a way to just interact with people and make friends. Finding your hobby and niche also play a role here. Do all of this so you do not end up being a hermit without social skills.

Move out of a shitty living situation and get a decent one. Learn to provide for yourself.

Stop living with your family after the age of 22-25, get your logistics fixed, find a place to live on your own, and be in a big enough city. If you want to jump to marriage and that sort of life immediately, go to a suburb and just join a religious community or any community. Learn to be independent, prioritize this before game.

Be confident and don’t be scared.

Talk to that hot girl you do not even know knowing full well there is a possibility you will get embarrassed with a rejection. Approach that hot girl who has been giving you signs all night knowing she might be teasing.

That pretty much covers it. Outside of that, the rest is probably just gravy. I found that the less I knew, the more results I had. The less I was reading game blogs and materials, the better my results were.

Am I saying you should not consume that stuff? Now that is not my point at all, it is good to know. I’d recommend reading blogs and consuming  game content when you genuinely have something you are stuck on. Maybe your approach is weak, perhaps you get the date but cannot get the close, or maybe you cannot move things along. Find where you are struggling and then consume material relevant to that. 

Only consume additional material for the shits and giggles or just because  you are bored and want something to read.

So why is knowing too much a bad thing?

I used to wonder why it was that the less game content I consumed, the better I did while the more content I consumed the worse off I was. After a while, I learned what was really going on.

A lot of the content is pretty depressing and the writers putting it out are unfulfilled people.

If you consume content that is even relatively close to “red pill” or stuff you would find on an incel site, it is quite depressing. You’ll know a lot but you will grow helpless, bitter, and just give up on game. I’ll give credit in the sense that the stuff is right such as women wanting the best guy possible and looks mattering but it just leads you down a bad feedback loop. Most game communities are also depressing places full of losers who have failed and just need somewhere to vent. Exceptions exist but they are not the norm.

Analysis paralysis and overthinking.

After the depressing aspect, let’s add how you will now have a lot of thoughts running through your head. Did you approach at the right angle? Were you too aggressive? Did you say a word the right way? Did you talk about the right topics? OH SO COMPLICATED! You overcomplicate things, forget the basics, and fuck up.

You just lose the drive from the negativity and knowing too much.

Why approach women when they are all hypergamous? Why commit to a woman when she will cheat on you anyways? Why talk to her when there are better men out there? Why be nice knowing that women hate nice guys? As you can see here, you get so beat down and depressed from all the content you consume that you don’t really bother to try your luck. As is the thing with youth, you know less and are so excited that you do not care for how tough life can get. As you get older, you get bitter as you know more and don’t even bother.

Thinking replaces doing.

Sometimes, it is more addicting to talk about game with a bunch of dudes, it’s easy and low risk. Actually approaching a 10 at a bar surrounded by friends? Tough as nails. Actually approaching that hot girl on the street? Rough. Actually holding your shit together when you have approached a beautiful woman who has started to chat with you? Jitters!

You are only going to get better with practice.

You can go out there with years of game info in your mind but if you are making your first approach, you will fuck up. The guy who has been doing this for years but barely knows game theory? He will best you every single day of the week. Same analogy used for sports and just doing anything, reading about it is not doing it.

It’s a lot more nuances and illogical than you think. Experience bests all.

The truth about game is that it barely makes much sense, it is emotionally fueled. Sure you could have said a line better or done something better but if it is not your day, then it is not your day. Once you actually do it, you start getting a sixth sense for this kind of stuff. You start to get a feel that cannot be explained in words but you know something, whether it will work out or not, and then you just go about it. You know when a date crashed or when it will work out, reason being because you have been through so many good dates and shitty dates to know one from the other.

You will say lines wrong and fuck up parts where the experts will tell you should not be fucked up, even after all that? You’ll sometimes get laid anyways.

You will have moments where you think you did everything right but still? You don’t score.

The point being, experience is your only teacher. The game is simple even though it is far from easy.

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  1. You’ve been killing it lately. I’ve written a few quotes down from the last few posts to ruminate on. I’m inspired. Excellent work.

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