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Breaking news: Women are not your enemy!

One idea that a lot of the masculine movements got across the head of men was that somehow, women were the opposition, it was an “us vs. them” kind of mentality. We have all heard the saying of “bros before hoes”. I am here to tell you that it isn’t really a war of the genders out there and that most women out there are not exactly your enemy as you may have been taught whether by PUA or Red Pill.

So where does this idea come from?

The idea of women being the enemy of men comes from lower value men getting a voice on the internet, plain and simple. Guys notice a lack of success with women, see those same women going for a hot guy, and then start coming up with all sorts of theories in their head. Women are emotionless, women have no empathy, and women only care about themselves are some of the things said. Women are power-hungry and will drop you like a fly if things do not suit them or go their way.

Well, welcome to human nature.

As a wise man once told me, you came into the world alone and you will leave the world alone. Even your “bros” will backstab you and turn on you in a heartbeat if it was convenient for them because in most cases, everyone is really out to get theirs. I don’t mean to make this a depressing affair but it’s a fact of life, you have to look out for yourself first before you can save others.

The hot girls at the bar or the pretty girls who never looked your way growing up? Nothing personal, they just had too much going on with their lives. You were not adding value to it so they could not even fathom to give you minutes of their time because there were too many people fighting for their attention. Such is the way of the world, a man with no value is non-existent.

So what is it with women then?

If only they cared about your geeky hobbies like you do.

If only they loved you for who you are.

If only they passed up the young Orlando Bloom lookalike for you.

Only if….

Yet how often would you pass up a model and go for a girl that is unattractive and has a depressing personality?

How often would you pass up socially mobile and connected friends for a hermit who cannot even hold a conversation?

Women are only looking out for themselves because they have to.

Women have to be on guard when going out at night and be ready to dish out a harsh rejection. Why? Because if they get lenient with some sleaze bag with hidden intentions, then they risk being violated or rewarding bad behavior from him.

Women have to be choosy about the men they spend time with. Why? She wants a guy who is connected and makes her look good to her friends, a hermit who plays video games all day is going to take away value from her.

Women have to value what you bring to the table. Why? Those genes are getting passed and no one wants a habitually whiny, socially awkward, and cynical son.

Women have to reject you in a harsh way when you are not at your best or coming at them with the best game. Why? Because if they give even the slightest of leeway, then the “nice guy” will become a leech that will not leave them alone.

Women can enjoy the highlife of partying, drinking, and having immense amounts of fun in their youth. Why? They are at their peak and that is an opportunity afforded to them.

When you start to empathize then you can see why women act how they do and it is totally justified. Any rational man right now has no reason to view women as enemies or adversaries, the reality is that you are not even on their radar unless you are bringing value, this is especially true for attractive women. In most likelihood, you can fall off the face of the planet and they will rarely care or know, you were never really on their radar in the first place.

Yet for some of you out there, it potentially gets better.

Under certain circumstances, the age old saying of men gaining value with age is true. Whatever you are working on, if it generates you a nicer lifestyle and if you look better with age, then your time will come. You will become wealthier, potentially get better friends, be more connected, your hard work will show, and the women at their peak at 21 will slowly start to hit a downward trend.

So instead of seeing women as the enemy, see the lies being told to you as your adversary. You won’t automatically become more desirable after 30, it is going to take a lot of work. You are not entitled to shit, especially not a beautiful women. Most men are not your “bros”, in fact I’ll argue in the future about why they are your enemies compared to women. At times, you can be your own worst enemy!

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