Some good things to look forward to after the Coronavirus threat ends

Before I start, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to those whose loved ones have been affected by COVID-19 and those who have been affected by it themselves. Health comes before all and life is valuable, for those of you who are safe and healthy, please be grateful. This thing is going to have some really massive impacts on the economy, I worry for the worse. Now I will start my post which is focused on dating and I completely understand if for some of you, that is not even near the top of the list of priorities. 

We are definitely living in a moment of history right now and the stories that come of this will be those we will tell many of our future generations as we get old. Unfortunately, this is a moment that has impacted a lot of people for the worse and the economy is definitely going to be in a rough spot, at least short-term. Regardless, this is a moment in history which has affected almost all of us in some way and one that the next generation will read about in the books.

I have taken this whole Coronavirus lockdown, which could potentially get worse, as a way for me to really reflect on what I need to improve and fix about myself. Working from home, not having the long commute, and the bars shutting down have given me time to properly go into the self-improvement mode. Unlike others who seem depressed and really beaten down from this event, I feel like it has in many ways given me the chance to reflect and think about what matters. What really keeps me going? The many things to look forward to as Coronavirus boils over and passes.

Everyone is going to be super-excited to go out as soon as the bars and restaurants open back up.

Once people come out of social distancing, the bars are going to go wild. Party like Coronavirus ended might be the new party like its 1999. You are going to see bars packed with women looking to let out months of social distancing. With cops cracking down on even house parties these days, we all know how even a good house party cannot fly. The areas where restrictions are not as strict might see this on a minor scale but the NYCs and Londons of the work, it is going to be one hell of a party.

Women are going to be out on the hunt and dating will pick up like crazy.

Once this whole thing boils over, women are going to be out on the hunt for new guys like crazy. Due to quarantines in some city and date spots closing, meeting up has been tough to do for a lot of amazing women out there. Guys I know who are meeting women are generally going back to women they have already been with and built that rapport with. Once this whole thing is lifted, you are going to see a renewal in the energies and women more excited than ever to meet new men.

Sugar daddy game is really going to take off.

Sites like SeekingArrangement are going to take off in a really massive way as more and more women find it to be a viable way to make money. For older guys, it is going to be a godsend as women will want to leverage this more than ever given the negative impact the economy is going to face. For all men out there, focus on your career and get that on lock first, as I mentioned on my post here.

Remote work might slowly become the norm.

I have valued not having to get up two hours earlier to commute to the office compared to just getting up and doing work. The whole ordeal of Coronavirus leads me to believe that companies will be more than happy now to move towards remote work. A lot of costs will be saved on maintaining or opening a new office when you can just have employees work remote, they are usually cheaper. One downside here is that companies will pay cheaper salaries to even professional employees in well off areas.

We might actually be okay in the long-term and those who survived this unscathed will be way ahead.

So in the long-term, we might be okay because this is not like the 2008 crisis where the problem was more with the fundamentals. We might see an upswing in the stock market and then realize that the effects of it all were just temporary. Those who managed to keep their jobs, found the time to generate a second source of income, and saw this as an opportunity to succeed will likely come out stronger and hit the ground running hard.

Some promising social trends can come of this.

I already mentioned remote work but as someone who does well with dating apps to the point where they make up the majority of his success, it is possible that an expansion and innovation happens in online dating culture as a result. Dating apps themselves were an evolution from the classical OkCupid but where does this leads us now? I also think that online communities will become more mainstream and the norm instead of things that just weird shut-ins do.

Needless to say, things won’t be the same.

Whether it is social changes or things that happen which have a huge impact many years from now (Coronavirus baby boom?), society as we know will change due to the shutdown which has happened. Not all change is for the worst though, some changes are from a genuinely good place and offer society a chance to evolve. The virus has shown some gaps in the way we address things and from that, there will come innovation. In times of chaos, the successful see opportunities.

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