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The biggest problem I see plaguing dating advice communities these days.

In my own personal development from a guy who initially struggled with women to having success, I looked for help from certain communities. Thanks to the world of the internet, you could get resources and information that was not locally available to you. In some ways, these communities can get a bit addicting, I was at a point at some point in my life where I made better friends through them than I did anywhere else. Every now and then, I lurk such communities to see what is going on and lately, I’ve realized an issue plaguing them more than any.

Men who want to waste time on irrelevant nonsense and have no intention of taking any action or improving their dating lives.

I think at some point, the point of such communities got lost. We started having nonsense ideas like MGTOW become popular and the message became very muddled with nonsense. Most of all, it became acceptable for men to use these communities as outlets for their depression and treat them as places where they can whine about women rather than be attractive to women.

But there’s more to life than pussy breh

You are 100% correct but the reality of the situation is that you took the time to join a community dedicated to making men better with women, so in this case, there isn’t more to life than pussy. Stop deflecting and wasting everyone’s time with nonsense used to take away from the fact that you are too scared to talk to women. You are wasting your time and the time of everyone else by flooding up discussions with politics and irrelevant nonsense.

It all really boils down to fear.

It’s more comfortable talking about how much feminism sucks and how much the world is fucked than it is to actually approach a woman, knowing a bad rejection can be waiting in the mists. The communities have become flooded with men too scared to face up to their fears and it is showing in the discussions that happen. We are talking everything unrelated to dating and what we have done to fix that for ourselves, instead we talk politics because it is easy to be bitter, it’s the path of least resistance.

Truth be told, I have rarely met men who were know it alls and did well with women.

Maybe men who were intelligent or well read knew how to hide it really well but the one thing I noticed was, they talked less. The well-read guy who seems to know all about politics and such was rarely the one who was getting the most attention from women. Most men I knew who were always in the know about world politics, psychology, and the sophisticated scholarly type royally struggled with women. So while it is good to consume this information, it rarely helps to be obsessed with it to the point that makes up most of the real estate in your head.

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