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The Millennial Bachelor Story

It’s a long story…..

That describes my unusual and unconventional life today, a long story. Regardless of how long it is, it is a story I had to share. I realize that to some degree in this age, I am putting myself at risk but I thought I owe it to my readers and followers to really know me. I did not put in very specific details of my town and school but I put in enough for you to know a lot about me.

I am a believer in the idea that it is hard to take advice from someone or take them seriously unless you really know who they are. Given the downtime this crisis has produced for us, I decided that I am actually going to share my life story with all of you readers. Given how long it is, I am going to break it up into different parts (chronologically) so it gives all you some time to digest. Part 1 which focuses on my upbringing is coming up very very soon. You will laugh, maybe cry, maybe cringe, and who knows what else will happen in the story to come. Overall, the story is a 6 part story so that should keep most of you very busy.

The story is broken up into key aspects of my life and how they impacted who I am today. You will get to see me at my worst, my average, and at times even my best in this long story. I will release a part a day, that is the game plan, and you will slowly get to know me. I might put all of this in an about section, a long long story of my life for all to read.

The truth is, writing my story was tough for me as I reflected on my past and what made me into who I am. At times I kind of laughed but sometimes, I really just cried and broke down, I cringed a lot too thinking of the kind of guy I was having to stop mid-way for the story itself, and then slowly I came to appreciate the way life had played out.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe a lot, maybe you’ll cry, you might become a huge fan of this blog after seeing my success, and maybe you’ll just stop reading altogether because you think I am a loser.

I have no idea how this will play out but without further delay, you will see my life story.

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