The Millennial Bachelor Story (Part 5): “Gonna give that thing a rest kid?”

So the long story starts to get even longer here as I talk about those post-grad days.

During the tail-end of my college days, I know I did not want to go to grad school and I know I wanted to earn money in my twenties as soon as possible.

I was too lazy in the tail-end of my college career to take action. I was told by my dad to not worry or do a thing, he informed me that due to what I had done I was all set and any action I take would just throw everything off. So for that time, given that my dad was still family, I put my faith in him. To be more honest with myself, I was too depressed and lazy in my college days to prepare for what was to come afterwards myself, thinking somehow it is going to workout.

My average grades and lack of activities really put me in a spot where even getting internships was hard. At the same time, my dad had promised me the moon and a job making a minimum of at least 80k, I never questioned it. Thinking back to it honestly, I was just wanting for things to be handed to me and have that path of least resistance.

“Wait, I thought YOU had it figured out.”

In a convenient twist of events, my dad flipped the script on me and said what he had ready was just a “backup at best” if even that. Yeah, after telling me I was set word for word in college, I was told the whole plan was a backup and I had it “all figured out”. I did not listen to my gut here and I more than paid the price for it. What awaited me after graduation was moving back home with my parents and practically doing an apprenticeship for my major, a fancy way of saying working for free just to put something on a resume.

I was in a strange and depressing place but it did not hit me as hard this time. I found that the major I was forced into was unemployable without grad school so I looked around every day, in my off hours for apprenticeship, for jobs I could find. I did extensive research into jobs and found that there were a couple fields I could qualify for. The nearest big city to me was Atlanta and I had a pretty reputable school on my resume so I knew if I cast a wide enough yet focused net centered on what I was good at, I would find something. I earned an onsite interview for one company but they were taking months to get back with a decision.

The “apprenticeship” itself was infuriating, I was made to do menial and occasionally soul sucking tasks while being shouted at by PhDs, not fun at all. I still managed to keep my cool and a level-head through it all though. A couple of middle aged chubby women did often go out of their way to stir the pot with me and life was miserable. I had fights with my parents every week but at this point, I gave less of a fuck and wasn’t scared of them, to some degree I knew there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The serpent attempts another strike.

After about six months in, my dad sees me at my weakest and attempts to talk sense into me. I had an application forged in my name for a graduate program with horrible employment rates, it would have sucked out two more years of my life. My dad forged it and attempted to get me to go to a couple interviews to take it, I refused and fought him outright, even calling him an under-handed serpent to his face and asking how someone lives with themselves trying to ruin the lives of others. By standing up for myself, I got him to back off.

I used the anger I had to ramp up my job hunt efforts ten fold, knowing that if I did not then I could be out on the road. One day, I get a call from a recruiter for a role where I have to take a test to get it, I pass it with flying colors and they call me to an onsite interview. A day before the interview, I am told by the company who put me on hold for months that I have been made the offer. I sat in my car and cheered, heard this during the apprenticeship break, after eight long months. The interview concludes and on that very day, I get told I am getting the offer along with four other people who would be my future teammates.

The person who announced this was the VP for the team I would be on, a middle-aged man with glasses. I also had a chance to meet my future boss, a black man that looked like Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. The drive back home was more satisfying now, knowing full well that after around six months I had moved out of a dump of a situation.

Welcome to Atlanta, where the players….okay let’s get to that later. 

I arrived in Atlanta with new hopes, finding a decent apartment with a good community complex. The first few months on the job were very energetic and felt great, we barely got started on much of anything. All team meetings were feel good sessions for about the first three or so months, something seemed off, people cannot be this happy go lucky all of the time. My boss at the time seemed to be a little too happy go lucky, so I played along with the whole team.

My apartment had a gym as well so I really took to working out a lot and eating healthy. The lifestyle trend I pursued here would stay for many many years, it paid off greatly as I used to do it a lot in college.

In some ways, life was really good, probably better than it had ever been and I was filled with hope. The area I lived in at the time, Buckhead, was very beautiful and it felt great to finally make my own money. Come to think of it, it was the first ever real job I had and one I was more than grateful for. I felt surprisingly free inside, no longer living at home and just now living on my own, there seemed a world of possibilities in that short moment. I started to explore the bar scene and go out more, often alone, doing some approaches when I got the chance but really just taking it all in. After being in a town where the average population age was close to forty, it was yet another breath of fresh air.

After about five to six months on the job, the climate started to change on on our team. We always had a daily team meeting to talk about work and how our lives were going but people showed their true colors more. Gossips became the law of the land, team members were ridiculed more often, and I slowly saw the true colors of my manager so I could learn what it is like to work for a sociopath. Team meetings became more about my manager’s fantasies of beating up, assaulting, and harassing other managers who he was not very fond of. The team regularly took turns to make fun of family members and even handicapped kids of others who worked at the office. I found most team meetings centering around unsolicited life advice (as in “you should take this life advice outside of work if you wanna impress me”), aggressive probing into the personal life of team members, and blatant disrespect all done by the manager.

I also realized how managers play favorites despite performance because they just happened to like a team member. One of the worst performers on the team with a poor work ethic was tasked to “mentor” me when the job got more higher volume because I was the least experienced of anyone else, not having held a job before. The whole thing was humiliating but as someone who could barely afford to pay rent and didn’t want to go back to the walking Satans called parents, I dealt with it. I also had to dance with pink pom poms at one point, which was recorded, because I lost a contest one month even though nothing was agreed to or announced, it was a surprise punishment for losing.

Meanwhile, I dealt with some of the most racist and sexist coworkers you can ever work for, who ironically complained a lot about how bad Trump and the Alt Right are. I mean at this point, my sanity was being tested, let’s see how much my college struggles and finding myself had prepped me. Let’s just say that there was added pressure to hang out with coworkers outside of work to show that you are a “team player” or your head could be on the chopping block. I slowly started to BS excuses on why I cannot do this, for my own sanity really, and looked for new jobs.

I had one coworker who was the most senior and really had it out for me, she was this short Indian girl that would constantly stir the pot everyday. Come to find that it is a small world, she is very closed friends with Abbas who you may remember from the previous part of the story. Abbas got a job at an Ad Agency and was the target of admiration for this girl who was in the friendzone with him. We were all “strongly convinced” to attend her housewarming party where Abbas was the guest of honor, he brought three girls, one decent looking and the other two not so much.

The ordeal was sad to see with the girl trying to get his attention and Abbas just hungering for validation the whole time. One eye contact I did make, I got a stink-eye, never got his deal but whatever. We did however get scolded the following week by the girl who had leadership responsibilities on the team about how we did not engage enough with Abbas and gave a bad impression.

I should ask God why I have had to deal with so much shitty people at this point.

On one September, I met up with old college friends at their home in Virginia Highlands to see what was up. I was told about a church literally next door to me, a three minute walk from where I lived, and the community it provided. First, it was my awful parents and then my boss plus coworkers, what in the world did I do to attract such people. I must have been some kind of a crazy villain in my previous life to fall into this type of a fate or maybe there were aspects to my personality. So, I went to the one who I felt like would help me understand this, God.

I don’t consider myself too religious but the church played a big role in making my life better although even to this day I struggle with my relationship with religion. The reason is, it interferes in my long-term goals of getting laid a lot and living that high life. Regardless, the church offered me a home and a community I am thankful of. I met with my pastor who was a younger handsome (no homo) guy and went to a young professionals meetup with the church.

The church offered a community for me and a group that got me through the rough times at work, giving me advice throughout the way. Through a miracle, I was able to make it past one year in the most toxic environments I had been a part of in my entire life but maybe my rough past had prepared me for just that. I’ve always found that the church helped me in times I was low on my luck and this time was no different.

I would join a small church group with two guys who became my brothers, having coffee with me before work. Just having that community to lean on became so big for me that I would not have made it through tough times without it. I’d advise any guy going through a rough time to find their community.

Through the church community, I also made friends with one really cool guy who smoked weed and went out to party, not against the hookup culture himself. I was surprised to find such a friend through church given how morally uptight everyone was, his name was Jim. Jim was a former high school quarterback who went to Furman and we’d hang out all the time, comparing matches on Bumble.

One night, I go out to Dark Horse (a bar in VA Highlands, amazing one and my favorite, I highly recommend checking it out) with Jim as my wing, we approach and go pretty far with these two hot blondes. I mean they were super into us and it went far along, lets leave it at that for now. Now I finally had a wing to go along with and through Jim, I met this cool black guy named Cam. We would go out regularly together, not doing too bad with women for a cliquish city like Atlanta, and the three of us made an amazing team. The friendship presented me amazing events and my best memories in the city.

As miserable as I was at work and disrespected too, something that got worse with time, my friendships and light social life I developed outside of it kept me level-headed. Funny how it can all spiral into great things. My boss even tried to poke a way into my social life, he did it to try and control my life outside of work which he made plenty of attempts at. Meanwhile at work, I was getting undermined in many ways, even getting poor performance reviews despite a great performance which made HR schedule a meeting with me to see what was going out. I didn’t want to “burn bridges” so I  kept my mouth shut and said it is my first job, still “refining” certain things. I cannot believe to this day I didn’t tell the real situation but they do say HR doesn’t protect you from the company, they protect the company from you.

To make things even more personal, my manager had the Indian girl assigned as my direct manager and said that everything I do has to be approved by her. As a result, I decided to play along, knowing full well my manager wanted me out.

Then I finally decided after lots of scolding and an unfair letter of reprimand from my petty boss that it was time to make a tough decision. I took time off to interview, even in new cities, but none of them amounted to much. I felt that I was not my sharpest self in the job interviews which led to me not getting the offer. Given that my petty manager also hit me with a letter of reprimand, I decided to pay him back with a letter of my own. During that time, the Friday before really, I sat in the apartments commons area really thinking about it but four people came in with beers. From there, a conversation sparked and a new friendship happened.

I talked to this guy and after making small talk, told him I am going to put in my two weeks and if he has had any experience being in my situation. What started with small talk turned into a tight friendship afterwards, out of thin air really, all it took was one night meeting. We helped ourselves to some Creature Comfort Beer, I highly recommend it if you are a fan of IPAs. The guy encouraged me and put me in touch with three of his friends at some of the top employers in the area. As Monday came, I decided to make a key life decision.

Thank you for the opportunity, here’s your two weeks notice bitch.

I pulled my manager into a meeting, thanked him for the opportunity, and gave him my two weeks notice as his mouth dropped. The pest shook and vibrated, unable to get most of his words out without stumbling over them. I was allowed to work from home for the final two weeks and then on my final day, he grabbed my hand and shook it telling me to come to him if I need anything. I knew better, but here I was unemployed without another job lined up but able to pay about 8 months of rent with what I had left. To this date, I have my manager and teammates blocked from social media with the exception of two of them.

While I did have a few interviews, they were not going where I wanted them to go. I was listening to a podcast where one owner of a recruiting firm talked about the job market and finding new work so I immediately reached out to him after the podcast. We started a conversation with him and his head of recruitment which put me in touch with a lot of companies. I did end up getting an offer from a social media management company in Austin but the pay was too low and I was still up in the air of  my decision, which made the manager pull the offer.

I also applied to this one role which worked with hotels and the manager seemed like a really cool guy, a young handsome Italian kid from Jersey and the two other leaders were also fit men. No doubt I could have learned a lot from them but another company made me an offer doubling what I would make at my previous role.

Coming up in this world. 

I made a good amount of money for the area and after a lot of struggle, there I was. My new workplace was somewhat more relaxed but still, due to a lack of experience, I was put with an overbearing team lead. I ended up doing somewhat decent for the first three months and spent a lot of my weekends going out, quite a lot really. I’d go to the typical Buckhead bars, VA Highlands, and then call it a night.

After actually spending three straight months going out in Atlanta, I started to notice that the city was a lot more social circle based than I realized at first. Virginia Highlands was somewhat more relaxed but Buckhead was exclusively all post-grad social circles of people who knew each other in college and people who knew each other in high school. I thought at first that it was in my head but then talking to other people in the area, this seemed to be a thing.

I hired a really good photographer at the time to take top pics of me, it was a lifestyle photography shoot. After uploading the pics on to dating apps, I managed to get close to a 100 matches on each of the apps, mainly Tinder and Bumble. Now this is what turned around my success with women by a great deal for the city.  Funny to think that no matter how you look, pictures make all the difference on dating apps. I also hit it off well with a hot girl who worked for a company in the neighboring office.

Off the map you fall, the wandering ghost.

I felt like a ghost in Atlanta after a while, things between me and my circle fell off in a big way. Jim was not as friendly towards me and his crew had also become somewhat closed off, maybe I was changing. I’d go out to the same Buckhead bars alone and it rarely amounted to much, rejections somehow piled on more for me.

One night out in the Virginia Highlands, I came across this one kid name Kent, a Florida kid who was as much of a misfit as me. Kent was a stereotypical software programer in every way but we struck up a convo at the bar, became decent buddies and thought we’d hang out. So we go out to the bars, me being happy I had a wingman, butt Kent definitely needed some work done. Kent would do magic tricks by grabbing a girl’s palm and creeping her out. I decided that some wingman is still better than no wingman though so we hit the bars but it was not the same as having Jim help me out.

I went to Music Midtown, supposed to meet with Kent, who told me to come to a certain spot and then just kind of abandoned me. So I wandered through the event alone, largely feeling like a ghost for the most part. Before long, I decided to bounce from it early.

I started to go out to bars alone more, feeling more and more isolated in my head. The game became largely fruitless to me and I found myself trying to be that one guy talking to usually a group at the time. Nothing seemed to socially click for me during that time at all, even in group sports it was playing for the sport and then heading out. In some ways, I feel as if the universe was telling me that it was time to move on.

Around a few months into my job, I get called to a meeting with others who had been called in previous days. I was informed that they are letting me go but they are paying me a severance which was a pretty fat sum. No doubt that it really hurt me since there was a future I wanted to build but deep down, I knew it was time to move on not just from the company but Atlanta.

My new best friends!


Funemployment, a bit too fun.

After getting laid off, I had about 10 months worth of rent I could pay. I would occasionally take interviews but I took most of that time to go on dates, probably went on dates with about 30 different women at that time, all who I met through online dating. On one night, I go out with this Lebanese girl to Dark Horse, we have a great time and I end up making out with her only for her to bounce after the bar. The truth is I got way too drunk on my first date.

One night, I see this tall brunette with a tan, kind of an Olivia Culpo type of look at a local bar, obviously not that level of hot but pretty cute. We were supposed to meet up the week before but life got in the way of us meeting. I ended up meeting her at the bar where I was a regular at this point and it was on a Sunday afternoon.

She had a beautiful olive tan, brown eyes, and volleyball player’s body. We ended up hitting off right away, she was from Vermont and had moved to Atlanta for work. Just like me, she felt lonely and I wanted to solve that issue for her. I kissed her after the date and told her she should check my place out, she happily complied. We fucked that night and believe it or not, as bad as it sounds, at the age of 26 I officially lost my virginity.

From there, I was on a roll, I had a date the following week with a tall Venezuelan girl who used to play Volleyball for a division 1 school. I took her to the same bar and then I took her home, she has over 100k Instagram followers and regularly posts pics of her in a bikini. A week later, I had a date with this beautiful Indian girl who I also took home the same night. A couple of weeks after that, I went out with this short-haired French girl with a pretty face and nice rack, had the wildest sex ever with her to date. A week after that, I went on a date with this tanned brunette from Texas and took her home too, she was a freak in the sheets. I became a regular at my neighborhood bar by bringing my dates there.

Gonna give that thing a rest kid?

Not long after the Texas girl, I was regularly seeing and fucking this Lebanese girl from Orange County, CA who was a tennis player in college. We matched on Bumble and would see each other up to four times a week sometimes, spending entire Saturdays fucking and then going to a large brewery in Midtown together to chill out. I went out with her once not having showered after a day of sweaty fucking, a pale brunette MILF next to me noticed and said something that makes me laugh to this day. We had been bumping into each other a bit too much with space tight at the bar, even smiling at each other although I was chilling with my date. She had made small talk with me and the Lebanese girl and we entertained it, to be kind really, and she was pretty good looking if you have a thing for cougars with black hair and blue eyes.

“Gonna give that thing a rest kid?” she whispered into my ears, looking at me as I sat at the bar.

“Huh?”, I replied, as the Lebanese girl had left to use the restroom.

“You know what, hey, I have a shower at my place nearby, we can take care of this problem you have because the summer isn’t helpin any,” she said.

“Well I mean I am out with my date,” I replied.

“Oh I get it, are you engaged or something?” she asked.

Pretty close to that look

“Nah, too much going on,” I replied, a bit weirded out. We had some small talk as well, unfortunately my fuckbuddy was taking too long in the bathroom. Leigh was a really successful business owner who made a lot of money online and had retired after a very successful career in sales, making millions.  She was in her forties but looked damn fine for a woman that age.

“That’s what I meant, you’re new to this huh, here,” she said, slipping me her number. A minute later, the Lebanese girl came out while the brunette told us we were a cute couple, saying we should have kids.

Later that night I texted her and a week later, intentionally dropped by after a sweaty workout not having showered. The apartment she lived in was state of the art, we immediately fucked and after I came on her stomach, we cuddled while she talked to a coworker on the phone. Her name was Leigh and she was a recently divorced cougar from Louisiana and let’s just say she more than outdid the Lebanese girl I was doing. At one point or another, the Lebanese girl sort of fell off the map for me.

I knew as much fun as I was having, Atlanta was not the city for me. At the time, it was to a point where I was doing about eight different women on rotation with Leigh making up the bulk of my time, thinking back to it she did kind of have that Courteney Cox look going for her. For a woman in her forties, Leigh was in amazing shape and had great smooth skin. My social life was sex, anything else I was out of the loop on. The friends I could make were so religious that they would not approve of me getting around. Things went south fast with Jim who did not like where I was going in life and that I had picked the job I had. I had joined a soccer league to take up my time playing sports and hit it off alright with a few people.

My weeks consisted of fucking around by going out, drinking, and partying at bars alone really while seeing a fuckbuddy or two every week. For the cougar, it became more of a three to four times a week thing of us fucking. I had to really be careful, she was a nympho and I burned a lot of Saturdays and Sundays fucking her and cuddling. Thankfully, she was a hell of a cook and we ate lunch and dinner together naked as she gave me life advice. I often had to negotiate my way out of her apartment as she was stuck to me like glue. Eventually, it got to the point where I was just fucking her which meant I had to cut off my other matches. As strange as it sounded, I still had wok to do and I know I was not going to be in Atlanta forever.

After months of fucking around and occasionally job hunting, I finally landed four interviews. One was in Denver and the other three were in Manhattan with much higher pay. I went to the on-sites in Manhattan and one in particular caught my attention, for some reason the manager and I just hit it off and so did other leadership who interviewed me. I decided that after an offer that went for over six figures, it made sense for me to make the move to NYC. My start date would not be until three months out which kind of left me in limbo.

I spent those months looking around at NYC apartments but realized it would be a waste, it would just make sense to get there a couple weeks early in an AirBnB and explore apartments that way. Meanwhile, I looked for a replacement to takeover my lease and broke the news to people at Church who I occasionally hung out with. My preacher and I had a strong friendship going despite me not being fully committed to Christianity. Might as well explore more of Buckhead since there is not a chance I’ll be back here.

I went out one night to a bar and accidentally bumped into this tall skinny brunette with a ponytail, she had a light tan and smiled to apologize as she played with her hair. Am I really that unaware still? Not a chance, so I chatted her up and after about thirty minutes, ended up taking her home. We had some more drinks and then wild unprotected sex, she was visiting from France and had to go back a few days later. Leigh had taught me some tricks for sure because the brunette had an orgasm within minutes of us fucking.

A week later, I break the news to Leigh who isn’t thrilled but gives me life advice. Leigh knew where I lived and I get a surprise visit from her, she brought cookies she baked and we made out, fucking on my bed. The cougar later mocked my apartment for not being as high-end as hers but we just focused on fucking all day, as I wasted time on planning correctly for my NYC move.

“Yeah, those New York girls ain’t gonna do this,” said Leigh, licking my cock as she massaged my balls which was one of the most pleasurable things a woman has done for me. Meanwhile, she had put some icing on her pussy which I ate out like a filthy animal.

I wish I had fucked other girls in my rotation but Leigh was taking up too much of my time and getting way too attached. We fucked over fifty times during that span, wasting many days naked in bed together covered in sweat. Sex with Leigh was turning into one addictive drug, I fucked her more than I had ever fucked any woman in my life.

The final week.

In my final week in Atlanta and a day before I had to move out of my apartment, all I had was my bed with bedsheets. I matched and went on a date with this tall Serbian woman with black hair and blue eyes, we met on Bumble. I’d describe her personality as more reserved at first, somewhat cold as well. After thirty minutes in, I finally break it to her.

“Look, I am leaving Atlanta tomorrow night and I am not sure if we will see each other again but I think you’re cute. I live across the street, we should go somewhere more quiet,” I said.

“Okay fine, I don’t usually do this but don’t try anything funny,” she said.

Needless to say, as soon as she stepped into my apartment we made out and fucked within minutes. Leigh taught me well, I gave the Serbian beauty an orgasm and had her moaning in a high pitch. We went to sleep together naked and sweaty as I drove her back the next morning, packing up the rest of my stuff before I turned in my keys and got in my car. Before I could say goodbye to Atlanta, I dropped by Leigh’s apartment one final time to kiss her goodbye.

“I know you fucked another woman and I am okay with that, but you’re not leaving here without me being the last one,” she said, stuffing her hand in my pants and stroking me.

We made out, fucked hard for about a solid two hours, and then showered together nude. After showering, she laid on my shoulders and started crying, saying I am a “grown man” now. Leigh told me she cannot keep in touch with me and intends to block me on all social media but if she is ever in NYC and finds me, she doesn’t care if I am married with kids, we are fucking that day. I laid in her breasts like a baby as she massaged my head. We fucked again after showering, this time I had her laying flat on the dining table.

The final fuck with Leigh stuck with me for a while, I was in my own head and my own world at the time I guess. I was a mixture of happy to think I had fucked a woman of that quality, sad to think it ended, and a whirlwind of emotions. All that, for the first time in my life really, a woman a decade my elder at least. I had a lot of interesting thoughts on my drive back.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m currently just focusing on building my career in software, working out, and last semester in college. Pretty much have 0 social life and your story is very relatable and inspiring.

    It kind of paid off being a hermit because I’m the only one out of people I know from school who has an internship this summer. Anyway Thank you again!

      1. So I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I remember googling whether “late bloomers” can still experience fun and ‘success’ with woman. So I believe on the front page was a link to your blog post about late bloomers. I guess just the SEO of the title. Anyway take care man out there in New York. 👍🏽💪

      2. I see, well glad to hear my blog is being found right now and yeah things are intense in NYC. I decided to take a temporary break from the city as a result.

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