The Millennial Bachelor Story (Part 6): Stories to tell!

It was all a blur, it happened so fast, all of it, and never a dull moment. Truth be told, a lot of the stories of the nights out in town involving me actually begin here. Life moves fast and when you are in NYC, it moves a lot faster than it does anywhere else really.

At some point, you start to wonder if life really is a movie. You will read a lot of things in this closing part of the story that make you wonder if I am making it all up but truth be told, there is no benefit in me for doing so. You’ve already cringed in the first five parts more than being amazed, you’ll cringe more and probably cheer a little too.

A scary thing I read a while back.

One book that probably changed my life more than anything was The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How To Make The Most Of Them Now. We often tell young men that they have all the time in the world but truth be told, you really don’t. The author claimed that 80% of life’s defining moments have already happened to you by the time you are 35 as you can see on this link here. If you are in your twenties, this should scare you if you are not on the right track.

After leaving Atlanta, I crashed back home for a couple of weeks, staying with my parents but the mood much more calm this time since my stay was very temporary. I had been a part of an online networking professionals group for months and been chatting with some New Yorkers I had become friends with. My parents and I somehow got along now, I know it was really all fake but we managed to get along for the time being. All of it moved fast and before I knew it, I was at the airport departing for NYC.

As my flight neared the city, I looked out the window to find the view of it. The skyscrapers were beautiful but he weather was cold with minimal sunlight, giving it that grungy feel from the get go. I arrived in the city and attempted to put my bags in my Uber. My driver was this buff Dominican guy and when I struggled to lift one heavy bag with one hand, he grabbed it with both hands and just put it in, welcome to NYC.

A thing I learned about Airbnbs.

I decided to stay in an Airbnb in Midtown and immediately upon arriving, I waited for my host at a Starbucks. Already in the city and there were so many beautiful women around, it was really unlike anything else. My host comes to pick me up, she is this six-feet tall Colombian girl in her mid-twenties with the face of a model and body of a pornstar. Needless to say, a great introduction to a city after a view from the window seat that didn’t seem too promising.

Now I go into the Airbnb, my roommate an Indian guy who went to Stanford and ended up working for Goldman Sachs only to to quit four years later. My roommate looked kind of like Hasan Minhaj but just more muscular, he played football in high school. The eighty-hour workweeks made him quit for good and travel to Europe where he talked about his adventures in Prague, Romania, Sweden, and France; talking about how beautiful the women were in each country.

The next night, as I hear loud music on the block, I realize the place has some decent bars. After eating dinner, I get going and found a bar right across the street loaded with beautiful women. The crowd was right out of college and their twenties, as typical for the area, and I contemplated maybe approaching. The bar had a really good and nice feel to it, like a prototypical post-grad bar. Somehow my head could not get in the mood as easily, new city and so much I had to get done for tasks, yeah I was in my own head until this tall brunette bumps into me. I look back and she smiles, we make small talk in the crowded bar.

I ended up talking to her, she was from Oregon, and then I moved her to another part of  the bar. We made out and I was really into her until I found that her group was looking for her, they pulled her away and I could do little. I have a couple more drinks and go back to the Airbnb empty handed. Meanwhile, I look around in the coming days for available apartments.

So what I learned is that Airbnbs in NYC are illegal and subject to crackdowns. I get a tip off from a neighbor that I better look fast and then a group of cops arrive hours later. Apparently, the property should not have been listed so I ended up in big trouble. The next morning, the owner knocks at my door and tells me I have to be out by the end of the day. By then, I had a few apartments I was finalizing and moved to a month to month lease in the Lower East Side. I had to let other apartments I was looking at know I was not interested and that did not make some of them happy, especially since for a couple of them I gave a verbal offer. The apartment hunt market in NYC is not so straightforward.

Let’s start this life.

I had started my new job and due to the location of the office at the time, walked about thirty minutes to work. Given how new the city was to me at the time, I didn’t really care to walk that long. At work, I started on the same day as this athletic black kid named Terry and we were greeted well by the team. My goal was to focus mainly on work for the first few months at least, being the guy that went to bed early enough and didn’t party at all.

I get a date with this tall raven-haired girl from Brooklyn and we plan to meet at a local cocktail bar. Based on her pics, she is fashionable and I get aroused to the point I beat off at the thoughts of fucking her model-like body. I finally see her and not only is she hot but she has a great sense of fashion. We chat, get on a couch a the bar, and have a great time. We make out but the thought of fucking her is so strong that I came, she somewhat noticed and gave me a look, date over. Well, nice going…..

My boss, Grant, was around my age and also a guy with a somewhat similar experience to me in college. Grant went to a top 20 university and was a very gifted guy, intellectual beyond all measures of doubt and socially well-adjusted. I immediately got a great vibe from Grant, hence why I took the job I took.

I hit it off with one guy at work named Thad, the prototypical frat guy I would have envied. Thad was born and raised in Manhattan itself, went to USC (Southern Cal), rushed a top fraternity, lived the prototypical college experience, and lived well after college too. In many ways, Thad had it all with an apartment in West Village and a membership to Soho House, an exclusive club in NYC.

Meanwhile, I had met up with a guy who lived in Hoboken from a networking professionals group. The guy’s name was Aries and we had gone to the Meatpacking District bars, he had given me the lowdown of the city. We go to a popular nightclub and I approach a couple women nearby the club, they pretend to be with us after we chat and we manage to get into a club that was not letting a lot of people in. Inside, I make out with the tall brunette I had approached but Aries fucks it up with her blonde friend to where they both leave. Regardless, we have a great fun night and would go out many more nights.

A couple months later, the company moves offices and I end up finding an apartment in the nick of time. I found a nice spot in Midtown with supposedly three roommates, it was advertised by this French guy who seemed to think I would be a great fit and the price was very reasonable. My roommates were a Persian guy and a couple Asian guys who were never there since they were Strategy Consultants. Things were relatively tame at work and in life for the time being, no parties or craziness, just up early and focused on work.

Did you really think things would be mundane here you fuck?

After a couple months pass, things changed in ways that would kickstart a change to my NYC experience. The two Asian guys move out and we get their replacement, this Nepali guy with horrible body odor. On top of the bad BO, the guy is also very sketchy, wanting to Airbnb out the empty room even though the Persian guy tells him not to. The whole ordeal has the Persian guy move out and his replacement, some buff Colombian guy from the Bronx named Mark moves in.

At  the time, I hit it off with this tall Syrian girl named Tania, something about me and Middle Eastern  women. We have a couple dates, she is sending me nudes, and then we meet up for her birthday. Tania has her four friends which include a couple and three other women. We get some drinks at a local dive in Hoboken and then head to a nightclub where I danced and made out with her. One of her friends, this tall Italian chick, grinds on me hard and squeezes my shoulder but Tania notices. The ordeal strikes an argument that is about to get heated before I grab Tania’s ass and make out with her. Tania’s eyes are still closed, I look back at her Italian friend and breathe a sigh of relief, she seems livid though. Later on, she ends up going home with some guy that looked like Mario Lopez so I guess she left happy.

A week later, Tania stops by and she is more than ready to fuck. My life was at a crossroads, for some reason it seems like I was still stuck in the past. I guess I was bitter, still, and some of that led to me not enjoying the night as much with Tania as I should have. Maybe it was a health issue but Tania did not leave happy, I felt like shit that night, life had hit me all at once and I could not handle it.

I encounter Mark for the first time after arriving back from work, giving him the lowdown on the apartment and telling him I find the stinky Nepali kid a problem. Mark agrees with me there himself and one morning, I wake up to find some girl who looks underaged in the empty room. The girl tells me it’s an Airbnb and I tell Mark, we are on the ropes if he landlord catches us since it is against the lease to Airbnb a room. Mark is  rather strategic because we get news soon from the landlord that the Nepali kid has until the end of the month to leave.

Don’t worry, for better or worse, we’re just getting started.

Not long after, this one Albanian kid moves in and then a day later, calls in his friend to visit who is this chubby disrespectful Southern guy I got off on he wrong foot with from the get go. A week later, he wants me to show his friend Tim the place and if that name sounds familiar, that is because it should be for my long-time readers. Me and Tim have a nice dinner together and some drinks, he has an interesting story and I thought he be a great fit. Just like that, Tim is now a roommate and it is four of us together.

At work, things are going surprisingly well as my performance is good and so are the performance reviews. Grant is my champion and our VP is taking a liking to me too, in so many ways, things were going good. Given the life I have lived, I knew good times won’t last, it is on me to enjoy them when they are there. After having been scolded relentlessly in my past roles, I finally had a boss who respected me.

Back at my place, the party had picked up a great deal. Tim had become the man, going out on weekdays, almost every day to meet women.  Of all of us, Tim actually brought girls back almost every week to where we had to pick up our game. Mark and Tim became very close friends, men love to be friends with men that pull. Aries had become my friend to go out with as my roommates and I were not clicking, I did not like going out on weekdays.

An unfamiliar enemy shows its face.

I was being mentally consumed, still bitter, and a lot of it to do with the past. Why was I not the rich kid raised in good ole suburbia and in a top fraternity in college? Why did I have to deal with the overbearing parents? Why was my youth such trash? Why did my first job out of college suck so bad with a vampire boss? I could not enjoy my current experience and amazing life, so much to be grateful for. Maybe it is because I thought no matter what I did, nothing could rival that experience of going away at eighteen and living it up with thousands of others your age in the same situation. I also had revenge fantasies about my first ever boss out of college who had put me through hell, the thought of him being tortured put a smile on my face at times, he had it coming.

The past, maybe with a light dose of PTSD, had hit me harder than anything. I can’t believe it now looking back, life was at an apex and I just could not enjoy it like I wanted to. I ended up facing a mental crisis in a way but I never trusted “professionals”, too risky I thought. My passion and energy I had for the nightlife back in my college days, gone….

Life goes on and in NYC, at a much faster speed.

I decide to go to a networking event for my career and it included people in my field, exclusively. Overall, there were about thirty total people there but I meet with this one guy named Brent. Brent had a background similar to mines, being from Georgia and wanting to desperately move out except his family was originally from Maine. We end up hanging out a lot after talking about NYC nightlife and what kinds of women are the hottest, my kind of friend! Brent and I headed to the same nightclub I headed to Aries with and using the same bold trick, I got these Norwegian girls to let us pretend like we were with them.

We hang out at the nightclub and have a great time at its rooftop, even getting pics together. Brent and I had a great vibe going but the girls had to leave, no worries for us. We approached a handful of amazing women and Trent hit it off with this MILF. A few minutes later, Brent gets cockblocked by the MILF’s boss who is upset to see her messing around with a young guy. The night was one fun one to remember and will be engrained in my memory.

At work, our workplace had become more fun as we added more fun employees. We add one a girl named Leah, a tall blonde from Florida with an athletic body. Leah hit it off well with the team and we loved her vibe, she was one fun coworker. Leah, Terry, and I had a great team culture going and things were on the upswing there.

Summer means intern season.

What does a coronavirus-free summer in NYC mean? Intern season baby! I slowly start to get out of my head, me and Brent hit up a lot of the bars. One night, I hit up a nearby bar solo and make out with this tall girl who was interning from Alabama, she was in the Alpha Phi sorority and told me crazy stories about that. Somehow, she said, despite the fun they offered she always longed for the big city life in an NYC or a London. The girl’s name was Allie, she had bright blue eyes and jet black hair to compliment her pale smooth shiny skin. We make out some more and she tells me how she wants to be like her sisters who moved to an NYC or London or Los Angeles after college. Well, that started to change my thinking some.

Before I could close the deal, I was too slow to pull her back and her friends drag her away, not even a number close or anything. In the defense of her friends, she was getting thrashed and I have been weary of taking home drunk girls. I went out some more and I guess it expanded my worldview of life.

The same crowds I wanted to be a part of in my college days, as well as the post-grad version of them, crashed in the city to be. When I say same crowds, I don’t mean any sorority or fraternity. I mean the top tier frats and the hottest sororities on campus, all of them, conglomerated in Manhattan. Some say NYC in your twenties is like college is except the girls are hotter an the parties are better, cannot disagree with that but who am I to talk. Me and Brent wasted maybe one too many nights out at rooftops and days drinking White Claws, getting hammered to the point of passing out.

The irony.

So as summer went on, my little past PTSD sort of took a vacation itself. I went out almost every weekend and when I could, almost every Wednesday and Thursday. I was getting a decent amount of success going, dating apps were good but nightlife picking up like none other. One night we get blacked out drunk at the Lower East Side and I end up going back to the place of this Irish girl, who oddly has dark hair and tanned skin. We fucked and had a great time, me hearing her moaning and begging me to fuck her harder in an Irish accent.

We also have a company retreat where everyone goes out and we end up near my neighborhood. Thad ends up taking home this tall blonde, Terry is making out with this cute Asian girl, Grant is drunk out of his mind, and I end up making out with a tall brunette MILF I pull back to my place. The artsy lady was one freak in the sack, her skinny frame devouring my cock and she rode it in long strokes. At one point I go harder, surprised I am still erect and haven’t came, and she has an orgasm. The MILF, nude while laying over me and riding in a reverse cowgirl position, looks back and says “naughty little untamed fuck, savage piece of shit, need to be put on a leash as I keep fucking”. Me and the MILF french-kissed as I kept fucking her until I pulled out and came, she went to sleep over me while oddly sticking a nipple in my mouth as she ran her hands through my hair. Intern season, and my best fuck ends up being a hot MILF.

I ended up meeting this one tall girl at a bar while out with my roommate, she was an intern from a Big 10 school and kinda looked like Wonder Woman. We ended up having a great time but she could not top the MILF. Life was picking up and summer slowly nearing its end but not completely yet.

It’s a small small world and an unintended wingman.

I walk to work once and cross paths with a guy who I saw many many times in college at so many events. The kid was a bartender at the most popular bar in college and I swear I saw him in Atlanta too. Even in Atlanta, I noticed I was running into so many familiar faces that I knew in college when I was going out. So I ignore it, at this point, Georgia was slowly in my rear view instead of on my mind (sorry James, RIP).

A couple weeks after that, I go out to a loaded bar where I am a regular who has built good rapport with the staff. The bar has a hell of a party going on and after a couple drinks, I approach this tall lean brunette named Ana who kind of has that Olivia Munn look going for her. We hit it off really well, she is from Croatia, and at one point are close to the point of where I pull her closer as our eyes lock. I feel a tap on my shoulder, I ignore it, the tap happens again and this time I finally look without turning my body because Ana is noticing it. Lo and behold, it’s Abbas the Sharktank kid, but I do not even give him any form of excitement.

“Hey man, don’t I know you from college?” he says.

“I don’t know dude, look we are having a personal conversation, I’ll get back to you in a few,” I reply.

“I know you from college,” he said.

“One second dude,” I reply, turning back to chat with Ana and ignoring him.

“He probably still has no friends!” shouts Abbas, as I look slightly up to see Ina looking in my direction and giving me a thumbs down. No idea what their problem is but seconds later I look at Ana who looks annoyed.

“Fans? Followers?” she asks. We notice some shoving and moving around us, Ina had spilled his drink on this Clay Matthews lookalike, bad bad move Ina.

“Yeah being a celebrity sucks, let’s get you somewhere safe,” I replied, as one of the guys wanted to fight Ina and shouting ensued.

I grab Ana and get her away from the drama but the bouncer had almost shoved all of us. Abbas and Ina were getting thrown out, cursing at the bouncer, and everyone laughing. We step outside, me ready to take Ana home, and then things get even weirder. So these two idiots shouted and tried to fight the bouncer, this is not Georgia amigo, Abbas gets knocked out as Ina runs, like actually runs while Ana laughs.

So I gave Ana a piggyback ride back to my place only a few blocks up then, out of nowhere, as I cross the street an old “friend” approaches me from my college days. An old friend from that group I was barely acquaintances with but lied to me about not drinking, all the while leaving me out to dry in that Sharktank event, treating me as a nuisance. The small nature of this world annoys me more than his lack of social awareness, dude I am trying to take a girl home, fuck off. So the friend calls me by name and tries to catch up on old times, then he asks Ana if she is “okay and needs help” (I kid you not) and then asks us “are you two going to have romance?”. Yeah, Georgia kids, at which point Ana yells “leave us alone, go go go! run! Leave us alone!”.

The rush from it all, as soon I got Ana to my apartment, my roommates were around drinking and having fun. As soon as they talk Ana yells “shut up shut up!”, I take her to my room and we make out. We released our breaths, I went down on her as those legs shot up in the air and then we fucked. Ana let me hit it raw, and we fucked some more in the morning, and then she broke the news.

“Fun night, tough guy, I go back in one week, come visit me in Croatia?” she said, smiling.

“What?” I reply, grabbing her tightly and sucking on her breasts. I wet my finger and put it in her ass as my cock rubbed against her body.

“I go back,” she said, in a weak tone.

“No you’re not, this is home Ana, stop fucking with me,” I said, softly biting her neck and she moaned. We French kissed and then after an hour of more intense fucking, I broke down crying like a bitch. Ana massaged my head, let me suck on her skinny perky breasts and told me we’ll meet again but family calls. Ana says she does not know when she will be back in NYC, and we fucked some more. We connected on IG at which point I tell her I want to see that sexy pussy and ass in my DMs, she laughed and I fingered her ass more intensely as she massaged my head and agreed, locking lips again.

Afternoon turned to night and as night neared, Ana left. So now I was the talk with a couple of my roommates and their friends for a while. I visited Ana every day of the week and fucked her in her apartment. Who knows, maybe I see her again, it’s a small world.

I later come to find that Abbas and Ina were visiting their “friends” in NYC and trying to get jobs in the city but ended up settling back in Atlanta. Abbas and Ina both got fired from what an old friend who ironically saw the encounter that night go down told me, apparently they bullied a young woman into crying and having a mental breakdown to where she quit and told HR about it. Not sure what Abbas and Ina are up to now but hey, I can use unintentional wings that end the night getting knocked out by bouncers. Speaking of karma, I find that the entire team from my first workplace got let go, including my boss, from an old coworker who moved to NYC. Apparently my boss tried to play Game Of Thrones with the wrong person at the company and got a swift exit.

Meanwhile at my apartment, things are getting feisty. Mark and Tim have become the worst of enemies due to Tim being so dirty. We all kind of hate each other but after a couple months, we all move out and I am in even more of a party spot. On to a new apartment in a new part of the city but man oh man were those some memories!

Stories to tell!

My first year flew by like a blur and good times kept getting better. Brent and I continued to explore Manhattan to the point where we knew what bars and nightclubs are good for what. Me, Leah, and Terry became somewhat of a crew but I also split my time with hanging out with my boss and Thad. Terry soon got let go which somehow made our friendship even stronger, through him I met a couple other cool guys.

Me, Terry, and occasionally Brent would go out together to approach women. Terry had such a cool swagger and vibe to him that women were drawn to him and it rubbed off on me too. After a couple months, both me and Terry convince four girls to come out to a nightclub with us. We go out on a Halloween with four girls, two of them really hot, and had a party to remember. Through them, we get a couple more women to join our party and it was social media memories and a night of drinking that was probably the best of my life. If you are someone having issues with past lack of success with women, I highly recommend doing this, it’s like being Dan Bilzerian on a budget (with slightly less attractive girls, slightly).

Most of all now, holidays meant memories to me finally. No more being alone on Halloween or New Years Eve, it was all about amazing memories with great people. Having company and fun in those key holidays where old me was either with parents or alone, that meant a lot to me.

I was not only more familiar with Manhattan but also more at peace internally, my mindset changed. I no longer longed for a beautiful past but rather got excited of what is to come of the future. I realized that the best years of life are really whenever you want  them to be. The thought of going out and experiencing another night in bed with an Ana just uplifted my spirits like none other. My mindset became future thinking, always what is next, not what was left behind.

NYC shows you your weak spots and surfaces them, it is a city where you just cannot run. In some ways, this city makes you confront your weaknesses after surfacing them, it is why it is so tough to survive here. Most people move out after their first year but I knew it, I had found a home.

Confidence is not always thinking you are the shit or that you are unstoppable, it is thinking that no matter what happens, you’re going to be okay. I thought that even if all of my friendships ended and I had to find new ones, quite frankly I would be just fine. Even if I lose my job tomorrow, I will be just fine even after all of that. To some degree, I always lacked that, always fearing the worst but what kind of youth is that?

I spend the next few months getting back on the fitness regiment and going out more on weekdays. One night I bump into this gorgeous blonde with a beautiful dress and her dark haired friend. I am out alone on a Thursday night here and get a good vibe going, chatting with them, and thought I was going to end up with the blonde. The blonde is teasing too much but the dark-haired girl grabs my shoulder as her beautiful blue eyes stare me down.

The girl is really hot, she has that exotic look going for her but her eyes as blue as the fucking sky. I end up making out with her some more, those lips were soft as well as her skin. One guy tried to talk to me that whole time I was with her asking us what the best drink to get is, I feel bad for kind of ignoring him but somehow the girl was hooked on to me. I am not going to let the situation get like it did during intern season so I make a play for pulling her back.

“Hey, come check out the block some,” I said.

“Nah it’s too cold,” she replied.

“We can check out some of the other bars that are empty and more local to the area,” I reply.

“Hey Alex, let’s go,” she said, grabbing the blonde. Obviously I meant just us you fucking idiot.

“No Sara, I need to finish this drink,” said Alex.

“She can join us after she finishes,” I said, to Sara the raven-haired beauty.

“No I am not leaving without my friend,” she replies.

“Do you really think I am that sketchy?” I asked.

“What if I do?”, she asked.

“I’d be flattered, most people think I am too nice,” I said.

“Yeah it’s always the really nice ones,” replied Sara.

“Why do you think I came up to you and started chatting?” I asked.

“If it is what I think it is,” she said.

“It is what you think it is,” I replied.

“I am not going home with you tonight,” she replied, smiling.

“You’re a respectful woman, I admire that, and I am not looking for someone to go home with me tonight, now ever is another story” I said, slowly, as she had that devious smile. Do I go for the kiss, do I not, who knows. At that point, I really got into the idea of game as it is relevant. 

“You’re a nice guy,” she said.

“Here I was thinking I was shady,” I reply.

“That too,” she said.

“The nice shady man at the bar, title of your next novel?” I asked, as she laughed.

“Oh you’re a piece of work,” she said.

“Yeah look, I don’t wanna waste your time. If you ever see us meeting again, put your number in my phone or just tell me you have a boyfriend (“that doesn’t exist” I whispered while leaning in closer) and I’ll take it as a chance to leave you alone,” I said, handing her my phone as she smiled and put the number in.

I text her, not even sure what it was at the time, and she responds. We chat back and forth for a couple days and then on the weekend, I take her out to a date right across the street where I live. After that, I actually end up pulling her back to my place and got her down to her bra and panties.

Ever seen a really sexy woman with perfect proportions but the right kind of curves wearing bra and panties that fit her just right? Well, that was Sara. I kissed her inner thighs and aroused her to the point those legs shot up, pulled those panties down and ate her to an orgasm. I whipped my cock out, Sara wants me to wrap it up so I do but man putting on a condom is tricky for me still. Meanwhile, Sara laughs as I put that condom on.

I ended up finally putting it on and fucked Sara missionary style. Sara ends up riding me cowgirl and I suck those soft succulent breasts of hers, shiny nipples and just the perfect size. Thankfully due to not fapping for weeks, I could provide Sara a lot of good dick and keep it up for a while. Then Sara collapsed on me, smiling while sweating and I continued to suck on those breasts.

Sara and I laid in bed together nude, her head on my shoulder as I put my arm in-between her legs and fingered her while still making out and chatting. Ever notice those scenes in movies that seem so paradise-like? Such as maybe the piano plays and the woman looks like a duchess in medieval times. The background around her is a bit perhaps glittery and everyone in the movie seems rich. I have a tough time really describing it but I felt something like that at the time. Me and Sara could be left in the world alone but sex had that almost ecstasy-like feel to it, so did the cuddles afterwards. 

The day wrapped up, even when Sara got up I saw that perfect ass and then she had to go about her ways, tells me she is free next week. My day picked up as I had drinks with my buddy Brent, we had a couple and after fucking Sara, I got on a roll and talked to these two blondes next to us. I even felt it, my approach was smooth and less forced, they were receptive from the get go. Things ended up happening with them, especially for my buddy Brent.

Life just went through an effective autopilot for me I guess, I knew what to expect while at the same time embracing the unexpected. My weekdays were full of work and investing some time in a side business, usually a couple hours. I’d go out on Thursdays to practice my game and then save one other day a week for networking events in my industry, usually full of people around my age who wanted a lot of the same things I did. Through those, I’d slowly expand my circle of friends but it got to a point where I started being happy with what I did.

Friday nights always had a date in store for me, sometimes I was too tired from the week though. Weekends consisted of drinking with my circle on a Saturday night, we went out. Saturdays themselves were saved for seeing a fling whether it is Sara or another girl on rotation. Sara moved but luckily, there was always a girl up to take her place. Sunday during the day would also be spent seeing a girl on rotation and Sunday night getting ready for the week.

Throughout the time, I lost some friends, which freed up my calendar to talk to more women. One tall slim brunette I met on Bumble was from Slovakia and worked in mental health counseling, her name was Elena, we’d spend Saturdays with me getting therapy. Therapy meant getting blown, fucking, and then getting counseling while laying in bed with her nude. 

Ever had nude sex therapy? I am sure that is not even a thing but I highly recommend it, helped that Elena looked a lot like Anna who I was missing. I’d tell Elena how I missed Anna, particularly bear hugging her slim frame as I sucked on her breasts and vibrated my finger in her butt. Elena was built like Anna and looked a lot like her, so she let me do that to her and asked me intensely what I was loving so much about it, how it all brought me to life.

My life has changed significantly since being in this city, friends have come and gone, and I have become really familiar with the nightlife here. I still hang out with Brent and Terry and we have organized a lot of fun Saturday nights. It’s a great feeling to know that on any night, you can have a large enough crew ready to roll out.

A lot of these days, especially due to Coronavirus but even before then, I spend slightly less time partying. I workout more, do things like yoga for the sake of the hobby, and have taken up photography. The dating apps have treated me well and I have got to a point where I am constantly going through a rotation. I always look forward to something, always, even if it is not specifically dating related.

I am satisfied of the life I live so much that I can live it for quite some time, even after the age of thirty. Most of all, I go out at nights not just on the hunt but for a story to tell, even if it is loaded with rejections. Every night I go out, I am just looking to experience something new and exciting and I usually do, until Coronavirus hit but it’s just been a chance for me to reflect more.

I still see Elena every other week for nude sex therapy, some months every week, to fuck and then get mental help. Somehow I feel like seeking counseling would not have been as good as it is with Elena, having your dick played with and a nice pair of titties to suck on puts your mind at ease already.

A long-term game plan for me is to perhaps move to Miami and live this kind of life there too. Maybe I try to replicate this lifestyle in not just Miami but a few other cities as well. Quite frankly, having a handful of friends to party with, cool people to hang around, hobbies you love, a career you are passionate about, and sex with attractive women in quite a fulfilled life. Some say quite a life is not possible after college, how you will begin to feel like an outcast if you do not get married and have kids. Quite frankly, I don’t care, I am happy to be an outcast than live a life not true to me. I desire living a fulfilling life true to myself than fitting in more, somehow that has made it easier for me to fit in.

Maybe the women I get with are even more attractive, perhaps I meet more great people to party with, perhaps I have more threesomes, maybe the parties are even wilder, and my looks continue to improve. All I know is, as good as it has been, my gut tells me the best is yet to come. When it does, I want to make sure you guys hear about it!

I’ll have stories to tell, let the fun continue!

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  1. Damn man. I actually read the whole thing haha. The story of your journey of finally creating a sense of fulfillment honestly gives me a lot of excitement and hope for myself. I spent my entire college experience working on building my skills in software, (I never went out even once!) and that’s still all I do right now. Finally got an intern position and opportunity for moving to a nice city in LA.

    Once I get my own place and have more stable finances, I would be really interested in paying for online zoom coaching from you. I know there are mountains of free content, but I feel like my story is quite similar to yours and that I would feel better having a paid mentor to help motivate me and provide advice and maybe some encouragement.

    Let me know if you are interested man and take care!

    1. Well respect to you because it was one long long post.

      When you say nice city in LA do you mean Los Angeles as a city itself or do you mean a city in Louisiana?

      While I can see if there is a way to get online coaching, it being free is another story, I need to know where you end up eventually settling. Certain cities have a culture and gender ratio that make it tough to meet new friends and have success with women.

      1. Hey man, I’m not sure if you already wrote a blog article about it but would you say San Diego is preferable to LA. My family is in California, and I feel like it would be kind of alienating to move to New York or Miami even though those places are probably best.

        I’m working in Tech and will NEVER move to SF but I read online that San Diego is best for CA because a lot of women are into fitness there and it doesn’t have the same bs as Hollywood.

        Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

      2. Thanks a lot for the advice.

        I figure I’ll be in LA getting more experience in my career for the next two years. After I get my shit together and keep my expenses low, I plan on moving to New York for three years and just getting it out of my system. After I plan on moving back to LA area to be closer to my family indefinitely.

        Thanks again man, take care, and I look forward to your future articles!

  2. Do you have any recommendations on a good Canadian city to live in? I read your post on Montreal, but I don’t speak French, so it would be hard for me to get a good job there. Thanks in advance… Love your blog!

    1. Vancouver is an amazing city and beautiful but then again, I am not a Canadian so I cannot properly advise you there. I have heard horrible things about Toronto though so maybe avoid there but then again, you should go to a Canadian who has lived in multiple cities and ask them.

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