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A reflection on my crazy life.

Lately, I have not been able to post as much due to a lot of what has gone on. I am thankful to still have a job and be in a stable situation for the time being but a lot has happened to me involving family, friends, and coworkers to where I need to take a break from blogging. Now that I have that out of the way, I wanted to take a post to kind of reflect on a crazy six part story of my life.

So many details still left out.

That night me and a friend talked to these two hot Swedish girls on an NYC rooftop? Left that detail out.

A wild night spent with a crazy coworker that ends up in us going to Soho house? Left that out.

No matter how much I posted, and it was one really long story,  I still left so many details out. Thankfully, that is what this blog is for and you will get to know me even better in the coming months. I will also be introducing a new team member in the coming weeks who has a great story of his own and pretty soon, we will be adding content to contribute great value to your lives. The best part of this story is that it keeps going on and this time, you all get to be a part of it!

Man, that was wild, I cannot believe I survived!

As I thought back to my past and looked at what was going on, I realized how wild it all was and how much luck was needed at times for me to survive. In some ways, I feel like I did get dealt a somewhat unfavorable hand at life and I cannot believe the amount of fog that clouded my happiness in my teens and early-twenties.

I did not think back then that I would ever end up where I ended up, it was not likely, and it all changed so fast in a matter of about three years. No matter your circumstances, you can always make key decisions to forever alter the trajectory of your life. I could have easily been a guy with an unemployable major working a minimum wage job but life would not allow it from me, it meant for me to do more than just that.

Even now, it seems kinda surreal to look back at it, how I could have easily not been here. The alternatives which were available to me that would have had me wasting years and missing out on great life experiences. What I would have been had I not rebelled and gone along with what my parents wanted from me, which was likely to be their lapdog who lives with them well into their thirties. As tough as it was, I said no and now here I am.

The emotions!

Whether it was a wild one night stand, a sexy hookup that tells me she is leaving, the laughs, the tears, and the wild arousal. The days and nights spent nude in bed with Leigh and just this idea of almost receiving sex as a therapy from a sexy cougar who had picked me up as I was out on a date with a fuckbuddy. The feeling of redemption when the same kids who were condescending and disrespectful for me in college happen to run into at a bar when I am talking to a hot girl, attempt to pick a fight, and then get thrown out as one bouncer knocks one out. Highs, lows, excitement, and the list goes on and on and on, bringing life to the moments.

I mean shit, I could not have imagined this at points in my life where I felt like I was done.

My biggest challenge now is to continue to have that hunger and ambition to keep rising to the top, something I see at times just dying in me. Some days, I feel complacent but I appreciate that I can recognize that and do something about it. From here on out, this is a journey that keeps going. I know I am going to have some amazing highs to share with you guys in the future but also some very difficult lows that will test me. Sometimes, uncertainty is what brings value to life itself. Confidence is knowing that it can all go wrong, like it did for me in my youth, and yet somehow through your actions you’ll be okay.

Nice to be back guys!

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