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The Coronavirus was a test, how did you handle it?

So it has been a while since I connected with you guys because, well, a lot has gone on. I am glad to finally be back into it and I wanted to share my thoughts recently on the pandemic.

For those who have been affected by Coronavirus reading this or know those who have, I hope you all a speedy and full recovery. My post is not targeted towards those who actually have coronavirus, for those people, I wish things turn out for the best as I said. The audience this post is targeted towards are people who don’t have coronavirus but have been affected by the lockdown, particularly readers of this blog.

As I walk outside these days, I notice that the coronavirus and the city’s reaction to it has changed. At the start of May, people started to take it all a lot less seriously and I see less masks as I walk around. Mostly everyone still works from home and the lockdowns still continue but people have adjusted.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to talk to those of you sitting at home right now and aren’t sick. For weeks on end, I have heard complaints from my friends and even read a lot from guys complaining about the “lockdown”, how it is such a massive setback. A long time has been spent talking about it and in my view, just whining and complaining about it. 

“I can’t meet women as easily”

“My dating life has gone to shit”

“My friends are more on edge”

“I am not able to go out like I want to fuck this sucks!”

Oh yeah, whine please, please keep whining. I got news for you, you failed this shit test. Instead, a more successful person would have actually taken this time to learn new skills, maybe work on a side project that has been in the wings, reading useful material, and making key use of this. Now you may be thinking, but you don’t have any of that going on? Well, that’s a wake up call, for all of you. I don’t mean to go all “life purpose” crap on you but if you cannot find a way to make good use of this time, you kinda fucked yourself.

This is a unique time, for worse in most cases but in some for better.

Working a hectic office job? You’re saving an hour or so every day at least on commuting back and forth from the office. 

Toxic culture at the workplace? No more having to deal with your coworkers face to face.

You probably have about a good ten or so hours in the week now to invest in developing yourself, why are you not doing so? 

Even in recessions, a lot of successful businesses launch and those businesses go on to become the leaders of their world. Yes, it is an unideal time but the best people meant for success are not wasting it away crying about how sad it is. 

Sure, certain avenues for you as a man such as “daygame” and going out to bars are closed but this was an excellent time for some much needed self-development. If you cannot find a way to pass time right here, there are bigger issues with you and it is time to reflect what kind of a life you are living to where daygame and going out drinking are your only entertainment.

Coronavirus was a test and what men did during this time will be telling of where they go. The guys who invested in learning new skills and put in the development on themselves will be prepared for what is to come and hit the ground running. For guys who just moped around whining about how much it sucks to no go out anymore, this was a huge lost opportunity as that time could have been spent on self-development. 

You will never have a situation like this again in your life where you can invest in yourself while holding down a full-time job. I hope my readers made the best of it. While I have been very busy and had a ton going on, I will be publishing new content soon and introducing you guys to a new team member!


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